in my final thread on Dope Inc, I'm gonna cover the book's section on how the dirty hippies are actually a creation of the British elites to sell more dope and undermine civilization
the book insists that the Royals are adherents to an Egyptian drug cult based on Isis, which is a contention I'm not entirely sold on, but we'll explore the idea
like, its weird that the Royals are (maybe) adherents to an Isis cult and later, ISIS comes about, but what's even more disturbing is the Royals' usage and interest in Nazi symbolism before Nazism's rise, too. we'll get into that.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton was a very interesting author. he's not read as much today, but the book looks to him to explain the British elites' Isis cult
He coined the phrases "the great unwashed", "pursuit of the almighty dollar", "the pen is mightier than the sword", and "dweller on the threshold", and the opening phrase "It was a dark and stormy night."
one of his novels supposedly goes into this Isis cult - the Last Days of Pompeii. the cult is not depicted as a positive thing in the novel, however.
he wrote all kinds of other weird things, including an occult Rosicrucian novel called Zanoni which uses a cipher, and also Vril, which he published anonymously
Vril, the Power of the Coming Race talks about an energy-form called "Vril" and a subterranean master race, and made use of theosophical elements. a lot of esoteric nazism goes into Vril
a French book, the Morning of the Magicians, suggests that there was a Vril Society (Vril Gesellschaft) in Weimar Germany which fed into Nazism proper, but this is not like, well-established. postwar Nazis got into this shit heavily as well
anyway, to bring it back, Edward Bulwer-Lytton was a baron and politician, and one of his kids was Governor-General and Viceroy of British India, so he wasn't a marginal figure. if nothing else, he reflected the ruling class's weird interests
Thomas Paine called King George III the Pharaoh of England, which fits for all kinds of reasons, not least of which that they're fucking inbred
the book spends a lot of time talking about Her Majesty's Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem
who are they? basically, the Protestant version of the Knights of Malta
there's a lot to the SOSJJ, and I really like Recluse's work on it at his VISUP blog and the Farm podcast, but yeah, basically there's literally a secret society that the British elites have which helps cement their control over things like the drug trade
without overstating it, I'd say that there's an occult stew that makes up the precursor for Nazism, and its theosophy and rosicrucianism, which the ruling class was just soaking in
again, a lot of this is esoteric nazi shit, but a Lot of the New Age shit is also heavily theosophical, which is why I'm deeply suspicious of hippies
this idea gets more legs when we look at the Isis-Urania temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
of course, there are many, many, many ties between British elites and the Nazis
the British heavily financed Hitler's rise, and there was the pro-appeasement Cliveden set, and there was that similar stew of occultism that is conducive to fascism
this is from a speech by Cecil Rhodes. of course Nazism isn't that foreign to them; its literally not that different from outright colonialism which they practiced for hundreds of years
what's more, arch-imperialist Rudyard Kipling used to use a swastika as a personal mystic symbol and monograph. lots of people explain that away, and of course it was before the Nazis, but it underscores the elites' ties to these occult interests
they were getting this stuff from India, where the British ruled. there's a throughline through all of this stuff
Kipling had ties to the Propaganda Ministry, the SOE, the Rhodes Trust, and his cousin groomed Hitler as a leader. the Royal Family are fucking Germans themselves, after all. it all links together, maaan
so the book argues that, aside from imperial domination of the world, the elites are into a drug cult, which brings up hippies
the book further argues that the hippie counterculture essentially IS this same Isis drug cult
an element of the drug cult is the pacification of the population through drugs
according to the book, true religion would be something like Hegelian dialectics or something idfk. this, and the prescriptions on how to handle the drug trade, are where you're reminded that this book was written by a fascist cult lol, I don't endorse it all
the book basically argues that the British are trying to undermine the US, as like a fifth column, which I'm also not entirely sold on either, but let's see where the book goes
Aldous Huxley's dad being on the Rhodes Round Table, that's uh, not nothing
high literature, as well as Oswald Mosley, of the old British Union of Fascists - "cool"
I do agree with them that Brave New World, Animal Farm, 1984, and A Clockwork Orange are not really the paragons of antifascism or "totalitarianism" that people like to pretend they are
supposedly, it was Crowley that introduced Huxley to psychedelic drugs
everyone reads Brave New World, but nobody ever really follows Huxley's life or interrogates his ties
you heard it here first, folks. Ojai is a nest of Isis drug cults
as a side note for fellow Pynchonheads, the Chryskylodon Institute in Inherent Vice is in Ojai, hahahah
as the story goes, Huxley and Thomas Mann were setting up these cults in California in the '30s and '40s in preparation for the counterculture
everyone knows the story of the discovery of LSD - what I like about this history is looking at who actually owned Sandoz A.G. - S.G. Warburg, a very important banker
the narrative is strengthened, here, because Huxley really was one of the first to turn on to LSD, and he did traffic with people exploring the idea that these drugs harked back to Egyptian and Indian rites
here, it would take a whole other thread to get into the Ford Foundation and how they've been a major player in all kinds of cultural orgs as well as liberal/leftist groups
here we see the RAND Corporation getting in on the action. I'm not really sold on the book's conclusion that LSD CANNOT have a positive impact, but I'm certainly still skeptical about the uncritical acceptance of acid at this point
Alan Watts was so influential, and Gregory Bateson attended the Macy Conferences, which should push you into real tinfoil hat territory re cybernetics and the idea of controlling entire societies
both of these dudes were indisputably major in the counterculture
I love the term "fascist-psychotic "punk rock", but more importantly, understanding the scope of the Pacifica radio network also gives you a clue as to why what passes for "the Left" in the US is hopelessly neutered
no seriously, Pacifica Radio is an obsession of mine, because they run Democracy Now! and that whole field of squishy lib-left stuff. from start to finish, its controlled opposition, man, using Ford Foundation and JP Morgan money
Huxley really does start to look like a recruiter/organizer as he moves to the east coast at MIT and Harvard, hooking up with Leary and those guys
the two tracks - the counterculture and the military-industrial research into LSD - were never really separate
another piece of evidence that the Isis cult is related to the counterculture is that Leary's Psychedelic Experience book is modeled after the Tibetan Book of the Dead
so Huxley recruits Bateson, and Bateson recruits Kesey. who does Kesey recruit? the Merry Pranksters
Bateson also set up the Haight-Ashbury free clinic, which, for those who read CHAOS, know was basically heavily involved with Charlie Manson
the book asserts that this parallels the Tavistock Institute, which might be true, but I wish this was more fleshed out because I know Tavistock looms large in the conspiracy world, but the book doesn't really have any evidence
now we arrive in truly crank territory: calling the British Invasion "homicidal punk rock maniacs", and the book starts to lose me a bit
fortunately, the book calls upon Thomas Adorno to make you feel bad about liking pop music, and idk folks, he might be right lol
pop music is fascist, sorry folks I don't make the rules
like, to anyone who's ever felt alienated from top 40 radio and mass culture, this is an alluring if disturbing conclusion. pop music is like opium in that it whips ass but its also kind of soulless and bad for you, lol
I already posted this, but Andrew Mellon is a spooky fucking dude. he was involved in the Profumo affair as well as Leary and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love
Owsley Stanley invented the Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound, but was also a major LSD trafficker. his banking ties show that his operation was major and spooked up
like, this is basically a totally new illicit drug trade, and wouldn't you know it, its still the same bankers and spies as the old illegal drug trade. also wtf is that swastika-ish logo
so that's about it. there's a lot of threads to tie together, but basically it DOES seem like the British ruling class has occult beliefs and a desire to seize and maintain power, has been involved in the drug and slave trades in the past,
continue to have (at a minimum) banking interests in the current drug trade, and that much of the counterculture wasn't entirely a random development, but was perhaps an effort to control the population?
anyone who spends any time studying the New Left can come to the conclusion that the hippies were nothing but absolute fucking bullshit on the movement at a crucial time in America, and its not much of a stretch to conclude that they were counterproductive
in the word of my favorite movie, "Was it possible that at every gathering, concert, peace rally, love-in, be-in, freak-in, here up north, back east, where ever, some dark crews had been busy all along reclaiming the music, the resistance to power..."
"the sexual desire from epic to everyday? All they could sweep up for the ancient forces of greed and fear? Gee he thought... I don't know" - that's my conclusion too. maybe?
also, lest I be accused of fascism or being a killjoy, when making this thread, I was listening to the 13th Floor Elevators while compromised, in true Dionysian fashion
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