Part of me thinks we should ignore the kerfuffle around the royal family. Not dignify it with comment. Except for one thing. The monarchy is the cornerstone of the class system and British society. Everything else that follows is a consequence of this system
The idea of 'commoners' is insane. The notion that the aristocracy have a 'duty' to those 'below' them is a myth they spread. The Queen believes she is carrying out duties. What are they? Being born. Being superior. Being regal. Visiting, waving, pretending to look interested
If there was a real duty, it would be to make the lives of their 'subjects' better. There is nothing of that in this monarchy. Supporting the odd charity or two is not enough. The reality is the Queen is a rallying point for nationalism and a symbol of the Empire
Of course, Empire has been recast as Commonwealth. Think about that word. There's that common thing again. It should be an insult to every nation that was ever part of the empire. Nothing about it before, or since, was about common wealth
Shocked at racism at the 'top' of British society? You haven't been paying attention. The country is rancid with it. And the idea of monarchy and empire underpins it. The class system feeds down. So let's talk about the 'working class'
The lowest social stratas in the empire's homeland doff their cap to those above but their self worth comes from lording it over others: Irish, Indians, West Indians, Africans, Malays, etc. Their forebearers ran the empire and their identity comes from that superiority
The English (in particular) aren't working class. They are the foreman class. Happy to defer to their superiors as long as there are people they can look down on. Nigel Farage is the ultimate foreman
People like Farage look up to those who they believe were born to top the social scale. The madness of it is people like that never consider from one moment that they can be equal to the royals. Their subservience is innate. It's their birthright
But shouldn't everyone be allowed to climb as high as their talent allows? Nah, you're a commoner, mate
And they wanted to make a Prince's baby a commoner because of his black heritage. That's so, so, British. And you might squeal NO!, YOU'RE WRONG! But if you support the monarchy you're complicit
Every royal trip to a non-white country is an exercise in patronising racism. The scenes of dancing kids in traditional clothes is nothing but PR for an ugly class system. I'm sure lots of people will cite charities but it's drop in the ocean
And guess what? The interview with Oprah triggered the foreman class. They were triggered before. They can't look up to someone who is a person of colour. If they had to do that, what was the point of the empire?
So don't pretend to support the monarchy and claim to believe in equality and social justice. You are lying to yourself. God save the queen, we mean it man...
An addendum. There is a working class in the UK but it's mainly on the Celtic fringe. In parts of Wales, Scotland, Liverpool and obviously Northern Ireland. And in anti-establishment cities like Manchester
And wherever there are non-white and mixed communities
So large parts of London, despite what people in the regions think
Final tweet in this thread. There is not a day that goes by that I'm relieved that I'm white. The way I have been treated by the foreman class for being Scouse over the years has been bad enough. Christ, what must it like to be black? Think about that
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