alright, I'm going to do my Dope Inc. thread finally, wherein I entertain the notion that the real fuckin' drug dealers are the British, and actually, the hippies were invented by the same people, lol
so right out front, this book was put out by members of the LaRouche cult, the US Labor Party and the Executive Intelligence review. to say this is a complicated source would be putting it mildly.
I found a couple glaringly wrong errors when fact checking, and I basically don't endorse a lot of the conclusions the book draws - e.g. that the war on drugs should continue. but several of the main points of contention are very disturbing and real
LaRouche was famous for insisting the Queen was the world's plug, and I'm not really going to defend the man at all; he did seem to be an outright fascist anti-semite. but he was right about the British? it starts with the Opium Wars, of course
while this passage might seem hyperbolic, it was literally true, and there's really no reason to suppose it ever stopped
what's disturbing, of course, is that while the illicit drug trade continues, this same model mirrors what the Sacklers overproduced and dumped on this country
and of course, that's all before the first Opium War, after which the problem got way worse
then we see the British cultivating the Triads to carry out their policies, which doesn't stop at any point, honestly
here's Lord Palmerston, PM, who basically forced opium onto the unwilling Chinese with these demands. I think this is also when Hong Kong was stolen, but I'm not 100% on that
what's interesting is that the British, those sick fucks, got the Scottish to run these trades to make them complicit in the Empire's crimes, to bind them to the Empire, and to use their group cohesion, something they did with all their colonies too
the same people who ran the East India Trading Company are, of course, the same people who set up the banking that launders modern-day drug laundering
then there was a second Opium War to open up all of China to the drug trade, and even the legal drug trade revenues made up the lion's share of total revenue in Far East Crown colonies. this is wealth leeched out of other countries, of course
when Gandhi started agitating against the opium trade, he got in all kinds of trouble
like, of course, this is a crime against humanity, and specifically the Chinese, and even the British people who had to go die as footsoldiers for this bullshit. you can see by the chart that the trade only increased as time went by
so far, all of this is pretty well-documented by mainstream histories, even if Brits don't like to talk about it. where Dope Inc really shines is when they start looking at him as Patriarch of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, hells yeah
it's the book's contention that many of these secret organized crime societies are organized along masonic lines, to do the bidding of the British bankers and industrialists and financiers. this is quite the claim, but the book goes into it in depth
like, I'm aware of LaRouche's pretty wild anti-semitism, but at least within the scope of Dope Inc, the Jews appear as one of many ethnic groups being used by the British, no different from other groups. I'm advancing the book's argument here, not mine
I always used to think the Klan being a basically masonic org was weird, but its not accidental. it was modeled off these groups, and of course the Confederacy had deep ties to these same British elites, who were backing them during the Civil War
the book argues that the British elites ordered Lincoln killed, which I'm sort of ambivalent about it overstating that case vs. it being a plot by ordered by Southern elites. that may ultimately be a semantic argument though
remember the slave trade triangle we learned in school? that's a bit of an oversimplification because you really need to bring in India, and to understand India, you also have to bring in China and opium to really understand how fucked up it was
we're on perilous territory here. Dope Inc does a weird thing where it states that the Protocols were fake in that they were actually from the Sovereign Order of St. John, not for Jews, which is pretty weird and hard to wrap your head around?
so the book ties the first US mafia Mazzini, and to New Orleans, and Albert Pike's klan war, directly to the knights of Malta
what really freaked me the fuck out was finding out about the New Orleans mafia's Strong ties to United Fruit Company, of Dulles-CIA-Guatemalan Coup infamy
the same New Orleans mob that Carlos Marcello inherited, of course, with all the JFK assassination connections and offshore money laundering with Meyer Lansky. it was all forged back in antebellum New Orleans
the book then starts to pivot, going into the US families that forged ties to British drug dealing. SURPRISE, its all the richest families in the country
all the syphilitic, pedophilic, evil Boston Brahmins - what passes for old money here in the US. they all had hands in the slave and opium trade
Morgan did the banking, and they endowed Harvard. a lot of this is known, of course, that all our 'best' schools were funded by literal blood money
the book starts to pivot back to the British, looking at the Cecil Rhodes and the Round Table, and the RIIA's attempts to exert hard and soft power throughout the world
in a stretch, the book argues that the British both funded the push for Prohibition and then profited off the illegal liquor trade. I'm not really sold that the British were secretly behind Prohibition, but that's the argument I won't summarize
I didn't know that Alinsky had ties to the Capone org, which is pretty nuts
however, I fact-checked this nugget and found it to be incorrect; this is actually a totally different Milton Friedman if you can believe that. folks, Dope Inc. is not a perfect book, lol
while I'm not sold that the British Caused Prohibition, the Kennedys and the Bronfmans had strong financial ties to British elites, and made such a killing that we have to deal with their shitty kids to this day
there's a long chapter breaking down the production and distribution of drugs, and then money laundering in offshore banks. I'm not an expert in this topic, but I recently read this book, and Dope Inc's info, while outdated, seems pretty accurate
I'm a big chart enthusiast, and some of these charts are great. as always, the banks seem to win out
there's a chapter on gold as a means of money laundering, mainly on the Chinese smuggling and production end, and the diamond trade as a secondary store of value, both wholesale and retail
the book's argument is that Jews and the Chinese are both used as expatriate ethnic networks for organized crime. of course, both gold and diamonds were heavily controlled by Cecil Rhodes' company - De Beers
then there's a chapter on Hong Kong. Hong Kong's banks all had incredibly high liquidity ratios due to the drug trade, which reminds me of Miami banks, lol
the book is too friendly to types like Harry Anslinger, and I don't endorse the prescriptions, but what I like so far (unlike Anslinger) is the emphasis that everyone in this pipeline is eating from the trough - its not just a Chinese plot or something
that said, the book doesn't not indulge in some blaming the Chinese for the drug trade. as far as I can tell, Zhou Enlai did say that, lol
its probably realistic to acknowledge that the Chinese, expats or not, were involved in the drug trade, and Dope Inc is pretty realistic in gauging their slice of the pie
lol, the book talks about Jiang Qing, just like Adam Curtis's documentary
[more to come later, that's like half the book lol]
so there's several chapters on the Royal Institute of International Affairs and its Round Table / Rhodes connections, Montreal and its banking being sus, chapters on the Kennedys and the Bronfmans, and chapters on Permindex and Intertel that are great
however, I won't summarize them because that info is either better documented elsewhere (like, I'm going to read Quigley who does a better job on the Rhodes stuff) or I'm lazy and I'd rather post on the last section of the book, which I'll do in a new thread
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