It is time to call out bluff on this nonsense that West/America is invested in India’s rise. Or to put it more palatably as DC think tankers do ‘America wants India to rise and be successful because why wouldn’t they’. Let’s analyze this in detail.
Which countries has America ‘allowed’ to rise? China?Because they love Chinese? No.Because at one point they thought it was in their interest to send all manufacturing along with pollutants to China so that little Jack and Little Jill in Montana and Nebraska can breathe clean air
Of course China was allowed in WTO. Of course China was given a free pass on ‘human rights’ as defined by the US. Of course China was a friend. Well that lasted till the dragon actually started breathing fire and then America did not know what to do.
No DC think tank will write what a disaster it was to allow China to rise even when China never gave up on economic imperialism/acquisition of territory.Besides when China was allowed to rise & was a direct threat to India why did we not read about strengthening Indian democracy
So it is time to reject the BS that America has altruistic interests in any Country’s rise.Of course it doesn’t. And why should it?Foreign Policy is governed by national interests. Charity has no place in Foreign Policy. I mean it does but again if motivated by national interests
So coming back to the original question. Which countries has America ‘allowed’ to rise? Or let’s keep DC circuit happy- Rise of which countries has been ‘facilitated’ by America? :) The answer is - Either American military outposts or Larger market for America’s goods.Fair enough
India is an anomaly for America.Even when India was not as stable politically or economically,it refused to be America’s military outpost.And as far as economic cooperation is concerned, India (that was colonized by a trading company)has been cautious & has asked for reciprocity
Of course America does not like this. They want India to fall in ‘ally or enemy’ trap. India steadfastly has refused. America cannot dismiss India because well India is too big to be ignored and India now is a rising economic superpower.
So what can America do now to bully India into submission? Their familiar trope of being the vanguards of democracy and human rights. Remember America was exporting democracy to Middle East? What happened to that? Well.. Never mind :)
So the point here is America may perhaps want to facilitate India’s rise, but at what cost to India? India will rise because her people are fueled by ambition and desire to rise. India will also rise because it has a vibrant democracy that has all the safeguards built in.
It is in America’s interest to reach out to India as much as it is in India’s interests to cooperate with America. Net Net America is a positive force in the world. But this relation has to be of equals.This game of good cop, bad cop where DC think tankers are bad cops is amusing
India is equally worried of health of American democracy given the race riots and Capitol insurrection. But India trusts American institutions. As a fellow democratic nation, America should learn to trust India’s institutions and Indian people who have the power of vote.
Let this be a relationship of mutual respect and trust. It is okay to play games with your allies and enemies but with a vibrant and civilizational democracy like India, America should reset her Foreign Policy paradigm. Good for the US, India and rest of the planet - End.
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