Sushant's DEATH,I fear may go WASTE,if we continue to watch ott platforms. We are going towards another disaster of a generational level by doing so. OTT'S are far more dangerous to our society than b'wood ever could be (2)
Now we don't have to go to theatres to bear the torture, they bring the destruction, vulgarity straight to our phones and living rooms now, and you fund your own destruction so easily with a single tap and swipe. they bring the filth directly right inside our homes (3)
filled with communist, anti india/ h!ndu agendas and literal pornography. and It's the women who are their biggest victims yet they don't realise it. Feminism/secularism,atheism etc are another set of tools of this brainwashing (4)
IN MY OPINION, The youth needs to understands that CHANGE in films won't happen until we boycott web series too and stop hailing them as the better alternative to bullywood. Just my opinion. Those so called outsiders are not talented (5)
Just C-grade pornography is going on openly in the name of freedom of expression on ott platforms. WAKE UP AND ATOP BEING A ZOMBIE. inki filmo ke trailers ko dislike karne se kuch nahi hoga views toh phir bhi milte hain. (6)
YOU, I, WE MUST START TOTALLY IGNORING THESE PEOPLE. NOT JUST BOLLYWOOD, THE WHOLE ACTING INDUSTRY be it TV , OTT or anything. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. Some recent examples from last year as as follows..(7)
comedy couple by zee 5 (gaumutra and navratri jibe), dolly kitty by netflix, four more shots please, breathe S1&2, mastram, aashram 1&2 (by naxal supporter comrade prakash jha whose villians always wear bhagwa for some reason), (8)
all anti national and hinduphobic series with crass language and forced nudity. not that nudity with "context" and when it's not forced is any better but some big brain people like to believe, or have been brainwashed into thinking on the same line of thought (9)
as these very directors who keep parroting "are ye toh story plot ki demand hai" toh bhai story aisi hi kyun hai? yahi kyun dikhana hai? I'm telling you all these so called new gen actors that you call outsiders are no different than those people like d!sha ravi imo (10)
just take a look at the twitter timeline of people like alankrita shrivastav, Konkona Sen, bhumi pednekar, vikrant Massey, Jim sarbh, shobhita dhulipala, kalki, kiara advani, radhika Vaz, Kenny Sebastian, kunal kamra, abhish mathew, mee too accused Tanmay bhatt (11)
Ravi Raj, nawazudin sidiqui(both child molestation and love j!#@d accused) ,they wear a mask of innocence that's all chahe ye nepotism se aye hon, ya nahi, all web series are just the same crime drama with filthy foul mouthed actors (12)
(oh but they're artsy farsty if they're outsiders) packaged in nudity, abuses, violence, a lot of "red color my comrade" & I thought bollywood was mediocre. Seriously we indian people are so stupid when we call just about any actor/ new face these days "underrated" (13)
and just because they had a flop career in b'wood, it's as if these ott's now are some sort of a Rajiv gandhi rozgar opportunity, these platform and hype them, and when these same pathetic losers come on ott platform, they now are labelled "talented but underused by b'wood". (14)
For example bobby deol😑Boycott Netflix (paava kaldghai another forced commie lgbt agenda bashing indian society agenda, sacred games 1&, ludo, dolly kitty, tasher desh, leila, bulbbul, krishna and his Leila) boycott mxplayer (ashram, mastram, (15)
bull of dalal Street, kasak, hello mini s1&2, class of 2020 all are khule-aam pornography) Boycott amazon (TANDAV, patallok,rasbhari,a family man) aarya Boycott altbalaji, viu, Sony LIV( undekhi, and latest "welcome home" filled with gore and excessive explict sex scenes (16)
also they show a cow burning and hindu hatred in all their series portraying them as villians, can anyone tell me how can a person who worship,does pooja, chants peaceful mantras also even thinks of killing a cow,what is the director trying to tell us there?)next. hotstar (17)
(city of dreams, again filled with "forced" lgbt agenda and lesbian kissing with lots of coerced sex scenes) Boycott zee5 (naxalbadi, churails maafia, undekhi, sex drugs and theatre, kaaley dhande etc. a BLATANT COMMUNIST propaganda with so much nudity), (18)
Eros now (swara bhasker's b grade film- flesh) etc. boycott all porn ott's like ullu, alt balaji, kooku, fliz etc. all these have headquarters in Bengal kolkata and most ceo's names of these apps are ...frm a particular communists,well, you'll know if you google although yes (19)
Obviously as always a lot !d!ots from majority community as well. We are blind afterall.Bollywood Ko gaali Dena, khan's and nepotism ko target krna easy hai, asli dushman ye nai generation ke actors hi hain, these urban naxals, Netflix- amazon wale. (20)
Ye bollywood se kuch alag nahi hai. This whole acting industry is a p o r n and drug cartel. actors like swara, Vikrant Massey, arjun Mathur, maanvi gagroo, Zeeshan, Rasika dugal, Pankaj Tripathi, kalki, sayani gupta, majority of communist ruled BENGAL actresses (21)
like Paoli dam, rii-sen(both worked in pornographic filmmaker communist/ anarchist called Qaushik Mukherjee whose film brahman naman was screened by Aamir Khan's wife at mami filmfest which was netflix India's first film & Vicky kaushal, our nationalist hero was there too (22)
along with AIB team), riya sen etc ( Naseeruddin, nawazudin, Vicky Kaushal, Ayushman khurana ( he's a total sjw article 15, SMZS), rajkumar rao (was seen with qaushik Mukherjee & vikramaditya motwane)this is qaushik's picture btw with shashank Arora, try not to puke(23)
This fellow was in his brahman naman movie which crudely mocks Brahmins not even in a funny way but very crass, belittling way. The film also starred the biggest socialist, Siddharth Mallya lol, and Biswa kalyan rath who also does his own propaganda on caste issue by (24)
Painting indian society in his own communist whimsical narratives. Shashank & qaushik were also present at anti caa rallies without having any clue as to what the bill actually was. Just like farha akhtar. Both have been seen in communists rallies as seen on their of post (25)
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