“I ❤️ Oil & Gas” is Alberta’s MAGA hat.

Never trust anyone who wears this logo. https://twitter.com/seanchucalgary/status/1367283037944250368
John Battershill started his career as a sports player for a Calgary team now owned by Billionaire N. Murray Edwards.

He quit sports after sustaining several concussions.

Now he claims to be able to help heal traumatic brain damage with chiropractic treatments.
About a year ago, John Battershill sent an email out to his clients downplaying the dangers of #Covid19. He called it "viral pneumonia" & suggested using Olive Leaf Extract--which he sells--to ward off the disease.

Since then 1900 Albertans have died.

This is John Battershill's truck.

He has a habit of parking it illegally.
Canada Action has over 100K likes on their FB page & over 11K followers on Linkedin. They are very active on both sites, as well as here and on IG.

They are also very effective at infiltrating corporate AGMs and conferences.
Canada Action claims to be non-partisan yet they find the most support among Conservatives.
. @TheBreakdownAB had some questions along the same lines too. https://twitter.com/TheBreakdownAB/status/1176563847269740544?s=20
Actually @TheBreakdownAB has covered Canada Action a few times.

(I had remembered seeing somewhere that @LeelaAheer had turned her car into a Canada Action billboard, but I couldn't remember where. It was this segment. https://twitter.com/TheBreakdownAB/status/1188771914942074880?s=20
This connection between Canada Action, @shandro, and @doug_schweitzer, is important.

Again, great investigation by @TheBreakdownAB. https://twitter.com/TheBreakdownAB/status/1189596095854174209?s=20
About a year ago, when @jkenney was on his way to visit @sait, the college pulled down their rainbow flag and replaced it with... an "I ❤️ oil" flag from Canada Action. https://twitter.com/youseepeeYYC/status/1365804588066959362?s=20
In the past couple of years Canada Action has branched out.

Now they claim to support forestry, farmers, and strip mining.
Why do this?

Established brands are durable. It's easier for a politician to hitch their wagon to an existing brand than to trick someone to think that they care about reducing homelessness.

So how does this relate back to Canada Action's marketing?

They do the marketing for an identity that both industry & politicians can hitch on to.

"Look at me doing relatable things" says the politician "don't I look trustable?" https://twitter.com/youseepeeYYC/status/1358615653402374144
Canada Action is basically marketing Conservatism to all the workers in major industries that will be harmed by it.

It pretends to be grassroots, but it's all fake astroturf.

Oil and gas doesn't love you back.
When Trump decided he was going to run for president, people underestimated how good he would be at marketing and branding. He had been doing it all his life.

The symbol became something that voters related to. https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/what-is-a-maga-hat
Conservatives in Canada were quick to jump on an established brand they thought would make them apear relatable.

Some even wore it with “I ❤️ oil” shirts.
The intent of Canada Action's campaigns is to give it's working-class customers as sense of inclusion, while it's corporate customers can buy in to feel relatable to the workers they exploit.

It makes the people on the bottom feel like they can relate to the people at the top.
Oil and gas doesn't love you back.

h/t to @angryablib
Oil and gas doesn’t love you back.
Some day we'll learn to heal.

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