1. #cdnmedia has a critically dangerous problem with RW propaganda & disinformation posing as “news”. Take “True North Centre” aka tnc. It’s a registered charity brought to you by #PostMedia propagandists. These BS charities are ideal conduits for #DarkMoney, disguising sources.
2. @CanRevAgency is likely overwhelmed by the pandemic & may not have the manpower to audit all of these BS charities. So 🇨🇦 needs a dedicated department within #CRA to investigate what amounts to #DarkMoney influence operations exploiting charitable status. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
3. The Right can’t win on truth or policy. #CPC has nothing but tired failed ideology, in slavish service to private interests of billionaires. So their strategy appears to be: saturate & pollute #cdnmedia & social media landscapes with so much disinformation, truth is drowned.
Let’s take a closer look at “True North Centre” this “charity” supposedly not engaged in political activity.
Before 2018, TNC operated under the name “Independent Immigration Aid Association,” a charity established in 1994 to welcome immigrants from 🇬🇧 to BC. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
6. Take note of the dramatic differences in the finances between the previously named 2017 charity & the 2018 renamed #TrueNorthCentre version. @CanRevAgency, I urge you to audit this so-called “charity”. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
Btw, does this organization look like a non-partisan “charity” to you? Where does their $$ come from? #DarkMoney fossil fuel interests? They post #climatechange “skepticism”, anti-lockdown disinformation, attacks on Liberals, Democrats & environmentalists. #cdnpoli @CanRevAgency
#TrueNorthCentre puts out propaganda daily. Who pays for it? It exclusively benefits the political right & wealthy private interests, particularly fossil fuel interests. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
A few more details on #TrueNorthCentre. Here’s what they claim to @CanRevAgency their “charity” is about. (2019-12-31 is the most up to date available info). Note the jump in revenues & expenditures from 2017-2018, then another jump from 2018-2019.
#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
#TrueNorthCentre is a propaganda/disinformation apparatus. Period. It’s not what it claims to be to @CanRevAgency. Its purpose is to bring down the Trudeau gov’t & install a RW #CPC gov’t. This “charity” somehow had revenues of nearly $1M in 2019. From where? #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
#TrueNorthCentre has a Twitter account since 2015. This organization then acquired a small obscure BC-based charity with low revenues by 2018. By 2019 they had nearly $1M in revenues & moved the address to Calgary (yet says on their Twitter they’re based in Toronto?) 🤔. #cdnpoli
For those wishing to launch a formal complaint with @CanRevAgency about RW operations posing as “charities”, here are some ways to go about it. #cdnpoli #abpoli #onpoli

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