I’m going to summarize what I presented on The XX Factor about the anti-Semitic and violent rhetoric of someone whose ideas now pervade the gender critical movement. If you’re concerned about the movement, especially in the US, please read this. It’s probably worse than you think
The GC movement now widely believes that there is suspicious funding behind the trans movement. Really influential in this is Jennifer Bilek, who wrote the very popular Federalist piece in 2018 and at this point has just done a ton of the “research” GC people cite.
Kara Dansky, formerly of WoLF, now of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign, is maybe the most prominent person on the US side of things. She uses all of her media appearances to promote Bilek’s blog, The 11th Hour.
Basically all the big “gender critical” people follow her. Bilek is well embedded in the movement. She is not some random person on the fringe.
The “incisive investigations” that GC people are so impressed by argue that trans people are a psyop to ready us to put Google in our heads and feed our bodies to the machine. This is Bilek’s whole thing. It’s in the Federalist piece, it’s in everything.
If you’ve noticed gendercrit people increasingly talking about “transhumanism,” “dissociating from our bodies,” “biophobia,”and Martine Rothblatt, that’s Bilek’s influence.
Her rhetoric is extreme.
She thinks David Icke is “onto something.” Icke thinks we are controlled by a reptilian master race, a conspiracy theory he supports with the notorious antisemitic hoax the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
The shadowy cabal Bilek claims is behind the trans movement is particularly Jewish. Nazis have noticed this.
Bilek has also noticed this. She has repeatedly shared a white supremacist’s content on the “Jewish aspect” of the “transgender/transhumanist agenda.” She has told an SS bolt + sun wheel avi guy that she won’t call Jewish people “white” in the future.
Back in 2014, Bilek was a Deep Green Resistance person. DGR is a radical environmental group that aims to inspire global “decisive ecological warfare” to bring down industrial civilization, which they acknowledge would cause a mass human “die-off.”
DGR aims to promote and inspire extreme militancy, not to carry it out themselves. Their apparent openness to targeting civilians is disturbing. They justify it as proportionate to the existential threat of climate collapse.

Today, Bilek almost entirely focused on trans issues. She portrays them as an immediate existential threat. She appears to have retained the militancy, transferred from the actual ecological threat onto trans people.
. @reclaimingtrans and @thatweirdolee have been calling attention to the new “gender mapper” project that aims to “uncover every gender clinic worldwide.” Bilek has repeatedly called clinics the “infrastructure for trans.” https://twitter.com/thatweirdolee/status/1366083012350328832
Targeting and disabling infrastructure is of course the mainstay of militant resistance, including DGR’s model.
I take it we can all see what someone who believed in militancy (even much less extreme than DGR’s) and truly thought “transgenderism” was a mammoth power structure and existential threat, and gender clinics it’s essential infrastructure, would think should be done.
In the gender critical movement, Bilek is extreme but not fringe.
The Economist’s @HJoyceGender was supposed to speak at a conference with Bilek March 8. After the episode aired Bilek developed a sudden family commitment. Shuffling an influential person in your movement off as “busy” because they promote antisemitism & violence is not enough. https://twitter.com/christapeterso/status/1366113196067594240
Her widely shared work purporting to discover this cabal of people, who mostly happen to be Jewish, experimenting on children in pursuit of immortality is not incidental to the antisemitism, it is its groundwork. It is the entry point.
If gender critical people care about antisemitism, it has to be addressed. There is no reason to think there is shadowy money secretly engineering trans people. There is no evidence the trans movement is “coming from the top.” Say so.
Jane Clare Jones’ recent report funded by @Womans_Place_UK and Oxford (via Selina Todd) and sent to every MP puts an authoritative face on Bilek’s bizarre conspiracy theory that “billionaire” (not a billionaire) transhumanist Martine Rothblatt engineered the trans movement https://twitter.com/christapeterso/status/1364038455819264001
Everything in blue is about Rothblatt. She is an extremely marginal figure to anyone but Jennifer Bilek, those who read her stuff, and now Jane Clare Jones.
JCJ has suggested that, unlike everyone else in the movement, her belief that Rothblatt is somehow the originator of the modern trans movement was a unique discovery that has nothing to do with Jennifer Bilek. It is hard to reconcile her new story with things she said in the past https://twitter.com/christapeterso/status/1365520220924780545
When you look at the other gender critical people talking about this, you very quickly see they have been reading Bilek.
It is very disturbing to watch a conspiracy theory originate with someone who shares fascist content on the “Jewish aspect” and then get laundered via repetition and dissemination in the movement into a supposedly serious academic report on the history of an idea.
Bilek is especially practically involved in the US movement. It is hard to know who is involved in what org but their big thing right now is “women picket DC” and it seems like she might be an organizer.
WoLF’s founder, Lierre Keith, was also one of the founders of Deep Green Resistance, so this is probably not so surprising.
if you want to watch it’s here
one of Bilek’s GC fans now linking to an article summarizing Bilek on a Nazi website https://twitter.com/christapeterso/status/1366232502528974852
In conclusion
Nazi stuff continuing to escalate
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