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Kirishima doesn't share.

If he has to fuck Katsuki into the ground to make them realize that, then so be it.
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-Bottom Bakugou
-Top Kirishima
-Jealous Kirishima
-Oblivious Bakugou
-Deku is a "friend"
-Still kinda virgin Bakugou
-Semi-public fucking
-Classroom sex
-Bakugou is learning his kinks FAST

Kirishima might be a delinquent, but he's a delinquent with perfect attendance.

Which means, as /painful/ as it is to do, he wakes up at 6 a.m., leaves Katsuki's place (with a kiss to his still sleeping face), drives the 40 minutes to his place (after picking up a drive thru -
- coffee), showers, gets dressed, and then makes the 15 minute drive to school for his first class at 8.

And he does all this on roughly five hours of sleep.

That's /gotta/ be some kind record.

And yet, not entirely not worth it because first person he sees when he steps out -
- of his car is none other than Katsuki himself.

He's already grinning and opening his mouth to call out, when someone else's voice cuts across the parking lot.


Ah, yes.


Instantly, his grin becomes a subtle sneer of displeasure as he watches a 6 foot -
- and some inches tall beefcake of a football player jog across the grass to /his/ blond, a bright, happy smile, already in place.


Kirishima rolls his eyes, hitching his bag up higher onto his shoulder. Midoriya wasn't a /bad/ guy, per se.
But damned if he wasn't persistent and /open/ about his crush on Katsuki to everyone but him.

Kirishima could respect a lot of things, but seven years of pining on someone without ever making a move wasn't one of them.

So he made his move first.
And since Katsuki had already reciprocated and /followed through/ with that move, Kirishima had no problem brushing by the two with a teasing "Hey, Katsuki", a smirk thrown over his shoulder, and a subtle hand caressing the blond's hip.
For reference:
Katsuki's face /flames/, and Kirishima buries a snort into his new coffee and simultaneously ignores the offended, suspicious look that Midoriya immediately begins to give him as he walks away.

"Katsuki?" He hears Midoriya question, the word sounding foreign and wrong in his -

"Shut the fuck up, Deku," the blond snaps back, but when he passes by Kirishima's locker, his cheeks are still red, and the subtle glance that Katsuki throws him from the corner of his eye is heavy with intent.

Oh, yeah.

He's reciprocating hard.
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The rest of the day, and the week really, is spent just like that, with Kirishima going out of his way to catch Katsuki's attention, greeting him when they pass each other in the hall and smirking at him across the lunch room as they sit at their respective tables, ignoring -
- the way Midoriya's glares are becoming more and more potent with his simmering anger as his green eyes dart suspiciously between Katsuki's beet red face and Kirishima smug, barely there smirk.
The nights are full of Katsuki's cries and moans in his ear as he talks him to orgasm after orgasm, until he can't even touch himself from being too sensitive.

It's not hard to do, with him still being such a quick shot, and Kirishima mourns the future when he'll learn to -
- control himself, because nothing gets him off faster than Katsuki's pitches whines while he tries to be a good boy and cum for him 'just one more time'.
And it's not just sex, either!

Sometimes it's real conversations, both through texts, and on the phone.

All night long, him and Katsuki, talking about everything and nothing at all.

Laughing and joking and sometimes falling asleep together at 2:47 a.m. with the phone still on.

It's /really/ nice.

Katsuki was a conquest, but he was also a /crush/, ever since he'd seen those defiant red eyes glaring at his bullies with his chin raised high on the first day of school.

Kirishima had been gone on him ever since.
He /likes/ Katsuki.

A lot.

And he's pretty sure that Katsuki likes him back.

Which is why when he looks across the lunch room today and sees Katsuki with his /back/ to him, in a too big jacket with the words "MIDORIYA" printed across the back in large, white block letters...
The entire table yells when the juice box in his hands bursts, sending liquid flying in all directions, but mostly onto his shirt and lap.

Thankfully, it's only apply juice, so nothing gets stained, but he does have to throw his entire tray out because its soaked in the stuff.
He doesn't go back to the table, and he /certainly/ doesn't look at Katsuki's table as he leaves, furiously wiping at the mess on his shirt with a paper towel as he walks (stomps) out of the lunch room and back to class, where his used gym clothes are in his bag.
He's only just pulling his soaked shirt over his head when the classroom door opens and closes again behind him.

"Shifty Hair, are you okay? What happened?"

And /fuck/, just the sound of his voice is relaxing as he turns but then he tenses again because Katsuki is still -
- wearing that /fucking jacket/, and Kirishima knows jealously is unmanly as all hell, but fuck if he isn't crowding the small blond back against the door, an angry sneer on his lips and a growl in his voice as he snarls-

"Why the /fuck/ are you wearing that?"
And Katsuki, his Katsuki is so strong and tough, because he doesn't even /flinch/, he just looks confused and adorably small in the too big jacket that's making Kirishima /seethe/-

"What? What do you mean?"

Kirishima reaches out, crumpling the lapel of the jacket in an angry -
- fist, shoving the other male up against the door as he hisses in his face-

"Why are you /wearing/ this, Katsuki?"

The confusion on the blond's face only gets more pronounced.

"I was cold! And my jacket...isn't washed..."

Kirishima pauses.
Katsuki wasn't meeting his eyes anymore.

And the blush crawling up his neck was quick, heated, and so very, /very/ familiar...


The anger in his chest unfurls into something hot and liquid in his veins, and his sneer slowly curls into a smug, teasing grin.

The blush immediately darkens, traveling fast over pale cheeks as the blond pointedly doesn't meet his eyes, instead looking vaguely in an eastern direction.

Kirishima's hand is no longer tight with anger, but loose, traveling from the fold of the jacket to curl around a slim -
- hip bone, tugging him closer as he leans down to murmur into a flushed ear.

"And what exactly did you do to your jacket to make it all /dirty/, pretty thing?"

The click of Katsuki's throat as he swallows is loud in the quiet of the classroom.
And now Kirishima's other hand is coming to play, sliding around and up, underneath his shirt to spread heatedly across his back.

And yes, Katsuki is still wearing the jacket, and yes, Kirishima is still /annoyed/, but he's also hungry for the way the blond shudders and gasps -
- as he arches into his touch until their chests are pressed together.

"Surely a sweet, innocent thing like you wasn't doing anything /naughty/."

"D-don't tease me, you big, shitty haired bastard," Katsuki snaps at him, but there's no heat behind it, and even as he says it, -
- he's reaching out with already shaky hands to curl around Kirishima's waist.

"Oh, trust me. If I was /teasing you/-"

Katsuki lets out a strangled gasp when Kirishima presses their hips together, his dick already hard and getting harder with each tiny noise the blond makes.
"-You'd know it."

He slowly goes to pull back, but Katsuki whimpers, his fingers clenching tight around the top of his pants to stop him.


Kirishima stills, looking down at the blond who's finally looking back at him, his eyes wide and panicked and just this side of -
- needy.

Kirishima isn't weak to many things, but the shy want in Katsuki's pretty red eyes is quickly becoming one of them.

He's immediately pulling him back into his arms, pressing sweet kisses across his cheeks, despite his squawks of rage.

"You're so cute when you're begging for my dick," Kirishima says between kisses.

Katsuki's face flames.


He swallows the rest of the blond's angry shout with a kiss, curling his tongue around the other's with a rumbling groan of pleasure.
Katsuki's knees go weak immediately, his own softer moan following Kirishima's a few seconds later.

He kisses him until the blond goes soft and pliant in his arms, his lips shiny and swollen and eyes misty with lust.

Kirishima grins.

"There's my pretty boy."
Katsuki doesn't reply, just licks his lips and shakily adjusts his glasses on his face.

Kirishima would absolutely /love/ to play with him more, but the lunch period is regretfully almost over, and knowing that the other is still his despite the eyesore of a jacket still -
- wrapped around his shoulders has significantly cooled his anger.


Red eyes flick briefly to the clock hanging on the other side of the room.

15 minutes...

The blond was probably already halfway there anyways...

Without another thought, Kirishima drops to his knees.
"H-hey, wh-!"

"Got 15 minutes to make you cum before lunch lets out," he replies, working open his belt with quick, experienced fingers. "Try not to be too loud, okay?"


Kirishima has never talked with his mouth full before, and he isn't about to start today.
The crack of Katsuki's skull against the door is loud, but his whine of pleasure is even louder, small hands flying up to dig into his red spikes.

"Oh shit, oh fuck, oh fu-UCK-!"

Kirishima doesn't play around. A few quick bobs of his head to get a nice glide going, and then -
- he's burying his nose into soft blond pubic hair, swallowing in a way that has the back of his throat repeatedly squeezing the sensitive head of Katsuki's dick.

Katsuki bites down on his tongue, his eyes crossing.
He doesn't even last a full five minutes.

A few more harsh sucks and a quick, dirty rub of a spit slicked finger across his clenching hole is all it takes for him to cum down his throat with a choked sob, just barely remembering that screaming right now would be a /really/ bad -
- idea.

Kirishima hums in delight at the thick, salty sweetness, swallowing everything the other gives him in three loud gulps before pulling away with a satisfied sigh.

Katsuki all but collapses back against the door, still trying to catch his breath.
"You..." He gasps, staring down at him with accusing, /satisfied/ eyes, "are a menace to fucking society."

"And /you/ are really cute when you're trying not to have a screaming orgasm," Kirishima replies with a teasing grin and a peck on his nose.

"Fuck off."
Kirishima just hums and straightens his clothing before standing with a grunt.

"Also, I'm not interested in fucking society. I just wanna fuck you."

The blond scoffs and looks away, but he can see the small, pleased curl of his mouth.
Kirishima kisses it, and then kisses him when he obligingly turns his head.

"We should fuck in class more often," he murmurs, laughing when Katsuki immediately shoves him away, just in time for the bell to ring.

"Ah! Looks like lunch is over."
"W-wait! What about you...?"

Kirishima loves that sad little pout, he really does.

"Aww. You wanna make me cum too, pretty?" He coos, crowding him up against the door.


He chuckles and kisses a flushed cheek.

"Maybe, huh? Well /maybe/, if you meet me back here -
- after school and your clubs are over, then /maybe/ I'll let you. Sound good?"

Katsuki meets his eyes for all of two seconds before looking away, blushing from his ears all the way down.


"Better get to class now, pretty. People are gonna wonder where you are."
They share one last kiss and then Katsuki opens the door, checking both left and right before slipping out into the hallway.

"Oh, and Katsuki?"


"...Keep the jacket."
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