Jung Ilhoon 💙
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Peniel Shin 💙
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Yook Sungjae 💙
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Im Hyunsik 💙
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Lee Changsub 💙
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Ex-100% Sanghoon
These duo were always tight rivals on Dream Team yet such cute bromance for real tho 😆
B1A4 Baro
One of those ISAC buddies. 😍
(ft. Twice Sana)
B1A4 Gongchan
My most favorite moments of these two. They really look like brothers!
Minhyuk once said, when he was trainee many people told him that he looked like Gongchan.
Can't get over these cuteness 🙈
Minhyuk with 👇👉
B1A4 Gongchan B1A4 Sandeul
VIXX Hongbin VIXX Hongbin Hyuk Ken
+ Sungjae & Eunkwang
Minhyuk with B.A.P Daehyun + Himchan Jongup Youngjae & Peniel
B.A.P Jongup
Minhyuk is B.A.P's number one fan! 😁
B.A.P Zelo
B.A.P Youngjae
Block B Park Kyung & Zico
Their featuring predebut song STILL one of my favorites!
Boyfriend Youngmin Kwangmin + Sungjae & Hyunsik
Minhyuk is the eldest but get along well with Sungjae's friends 😳
Minwoo (T.K C-Clown)
They seem so close during trainee days (with Sungjae too)
JBJ Sanggyun & Elris Sohee
Stream their song Childlike that Minhyuk produced here 👇
Boy's Day & Girl's Day with Eric Nam
Boy's Day please come back! 😆
UNB Jun + Actor Jung Gyu Woon
Thanks to LOTJ made these two get close. I still remember how Minhyuk suddenly came to Jun's IG live and comment such things.
Song Yuvin
They worked together for Yuvin's debut song👇
SpeXial Ian Yi + Eunkwang
This might be a coincidence but I need to post it 😁
Pentagon Wooseok, Hongseok, Yeo One, Hui 💙
Na Inwoo 💙
NCT Jeno
After MMC, they meet again on ISAC Legend recently but seems no close interaction. 😢
NCT / SuperM Mark Lee
Mark is so cute anyway 😃
"When I came to Cube's audition, i said (to staff) that I like (Minhyuk) hyung the most."
- Lai Guanlin, 2018 (BTOB Beatcom #39)
Yoo Seonho 🐥
Minhyuk once mentioned Seonho on his live because it was Seonho 3 years debut anniv & Seonho on his own live congrats Minhyuk discharged and said he'll call him.
++ Seonho cuteness when he listened to Minhyuk's Purple Rain right after the song released. 💙 https://twitter.com/cubeunited/status/895895371276091392?s=19
Infinite Woohyun & Sungjong
They might be younger than Minhyukie but still both are sunbaenim. 😇
Infinite L / Kim Myungsoo + EXO Tao
I need to see them interact more 😆
More Minhyuk x Tao + 100% Changbum
EXO Chen & Sehun + Shinee Taemin
The interactions of two precious men everyone needed. 😌
VIXX Hyuk ✨
VIXX Ravi (with Hakyeon, Sungjae & Peniel)
Good old days 💙
VIXX Ken (ft. Hakyeon, Namjoon & Seokjin)
Minhyuk and Ken with BTS Jungkook, Jimin, Jin
Minhyuk with BTS J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin, RM
Minhyuk + Seokjin = 💙💜
Minhyuk and Ilhoon in one frame with RM and Jin
Ex-Infinite Hoya
Minhyuk with Madtown Jota + Teentop Ricky
U-Kiss Hoon
UNB Feeldog
I miss Minhyuk and Feeldog interaction tbh 💙
Minhyuk with Hongseok and Wooseok ft. Peniel. 💙
Just realized I haven't post this HD pic of Minhyuk and B.A.P Zelo. 😅
Sorry but I gotta continue this thread tomorrow so here I share the hint for who's the next. 😅
Good night, mels~ 💙
Random bonus.
Monsta X Shownu (and Lee Yul Eum)
They worked together for Dae Jang Geum is Watching drama.
BTOB Minhyuk + Monsta X Minhyuk = 🔥😍
Duo 2 Minhyuk
They were also parts of Miss A 's boys version along with GOT7 BamBam and B.A.P Youngjae too. Can we call this group Miss B? 😃😅
Minhyuk with GOT7 Jay B and Jinyoung + Sungjae
As we all know, Minhyuk and Jeabeom first time met on JYP Audition. And anyway Jinyoung x Minhyuk visuals is just amazing 😳
From this To this
GOT7 Mark
I always love how Minhyuk being soft with this bestie of Peniel 💙
Also found this precious moment when Minhyuk came to each and every GOT7 member without missing anyone of them to say congrats before they sing Fly for encore stage. Sadly I can't post the video but you can see it here 👇😭💙
GOT7 members are the sweetest as well. They even play and jump around with Minhyuk when BTOB's Remember That got first win 💙
Here's the full video👇
Aki a.k.a BTOB's 8th member 😄
For Minhyuk's Japan Album Summer Diary, Aki helped him to translate the songs onto Japanese.
(Aki is one of Sungjae's 95 liner friends)
TXT Soobin a.k.a Minhyuk's twin 👬
I love seeing these two together! Please interact more my boys! 😆
Hong Eunki (Rainz)
Eunki was sweetest when he sent this hyung a video message to give support during Minhyuk's Japan Solo Promotion 💙
P.s. They selca together is still on waiting list 😜 @btob2mh
Oneus Ravn
Recently Youngjo said that Minhyuk is his mental support. Melody will also support you dear Youngjo. 💙
P.s. They selca together is still on waiting list (part 2) 😜 @btob2mh
This thread will still continue for sure since Minhyuk love to collect dongsaeng especially in Kingdom he might will meet the youngers and show us some more interactions or even selcas 😜 Let's wait and see and keep supporting BTOB everyone! 💙
Another HD pict of Minhyuk and BTS Jin 💙💜
Minhyuk & Stray Kids Bang Chan
On his VLive few days ago, Chan mentioned Minhyuk saying, "I've watched a lot of Minhyuk sunbaenim's sports videos since I was younger because I'm a huge fan, and being able to do sports event with him was an honor. Minhyuk hyung, I love you."
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