As people are always looking for under the radar #Netflix or #AmazonPrime film tips, thought I'd start a thread. Kicking off with top lockdown discovery - The Platform (2019). Brutal Spanish sci-fi thriller with food porn & superb poisonous dwarf Zorion Eguileor. A must-must-see!
Safety Not Guaranteed (2012): Dickhead journo, intern & geek go on an adventure to find enigmatic time traveller. Offbeat hilarious US indie flick directed by @colintrevorrow which pulls at the heartstrings with *wild* finale. @MarkDuplass and @evilhag are STUNNING. So much fun.
Train To Busan (2016): South Korean zombie chase flick directed by Yeon Sang-Ho. Ridicuously OTT, super-violent, super-fun, all-out-carnage action caper which will have you on the edge of your seat. So good they're remaking it for Western audiences. It won't better the original.
Divines (2016): Two young women strive to escape a Paris slum. Drugs, ballet, guns and lots of teenage mischief.

Protagonists Oulaya Amamra and Déborah Lukumuena are sensational. Laugh out loud funny and a finale which will have you in tears. If you like La Haine - watch this.
Blue Ruin (2013): Menacing revenge thriller written and directed by @saulnier_jeremy (Green Room; also superb).

Brutal but understated. Laced with dark humour & a killer @blairbrosmusic soundtrack. Lead @MaconBlair should be a household name. Fans of Dead Man's Shoes take note.
Good Time (2017): Like having a cocaine-induced heart attack. Robert Pattinson attempts to bust out his bank robbing brother from jail set to the warped soundtrack of @0PN.

By turn nauseating, warm-hearted, thrilling and laugh-out-loud funny. A cinematic panic attack.
Mr Roosevelt (2017): Dead cats and failing stand up comics - modern life is rubbish in downtown Austin.

@RealTomHankz writes, directs & leads as @Maniella steals the show as spunky waitress-musician in this sweet, funny and wistful US indie flick which made my heart swell. 💓
Young Offenders (2016): Two Irish scallywags go on an adventure to escape their rubbish lives. Daft, brash but with a big heart. @Alexmurphy_97, @WalleyChriss, @thehilaryrose & @pjgallagher are boss. Shameless via Inbetweeners meets Trainspotting. I've not LOL this much in ages!
The Night Comes For Us (2018): @Joe_Taslim heads up Indonesian gangster flick directed by @Timobros which makes John Wick look sluggish.

Hyper-kinetic fight scenes, ultra-gore, unreal Gunnar Nimpuno cinematography plus sublime soundtrack by @JoeComposer featuring @lowtheband.💥
Bad Day For The Cut (2017): Blue Ruin goes Emmerdale. Northern Irish farmer goes on revenge rampage after his mother is murdered. @nigelo1p excels melding brutality with bellyaches. Only marred by slightly daft finale. One for Shane Meadows fans. A mini triumph.
The Invitation (2015): The most fucked up episode of Come Dine With Me ever. @TheRealElemgy attends his ex-wife's dinner party unravelling into a malevolent psychological minefield. While the second act isn't as good as the first, director Karyn Kusama unsettles throughout.
I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore (2017): @MaconBlair (Blue Ruin) writes/directs this dark, comic drama Coen Brothers would be proud of. An understated @melanielynskey is tremendous alongside Saxon-loving nunchuck-wielding @elijahwood. Boss soundtrack too ft @Bunnymen.
Calibre (2018): Two mates go the Scottish Highlands and it all goes a bit Wicker Man (minus usual cliches). @JALowden & @martinmccann1 are superb while malevolent @TonyCurran69 and the locals terrifying. Lovely bit of Aztec Camera too. Fans of Ben Wheatley's Kill List dive in. 🦌
Shimmer Lake (2017): Director Oren Uziel & cinematographer Jarin Blaschke ( #TheLighthouse) work wonders in this heist thriller told in reverse. Dark humour, an outstanding @rainnwilson & savage violence blend with small town idiosyncrasies in this Coen Brothers style who dunnit.
Sputnik (2020): Russian sci-fi horror. Tense, taut and when the violence hits, extremely brutal. Lead Oksana Akinshina is superb while the Cold War era setting lends a sinister atmosphere. Oleg Karpachev's droning OST reminiscent of Johan Johansson. Alien fans will lap it up.
The Guilty (2018): Gustav Möller writes/directs edge-of-the-seat Danish thriller set almost entirely in one room. Emergency call cop Jakob Cedergren in a race against time to help kidnapped woman that keeps you guessing. So good, Jake Gyllenhaal is starring in the remake.
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