Kidnapped AU -- Part 5
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CW:// rape/non-con, dub-con

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CW://messed up dream shit incoming
His mother hummed at the stove, letting him know she was listening. He was talking about his upcoming episode as he set the table. Izuku was also trying to laugh off of particularly despairing comment he'd gotten. They'd called him a useless fanboy, and that he was wasting his
life as a useless voice on the internet.

“I guess you're nothing but a useless whore now!” His mother cheerfully said.

He froze in shock, “What...what did you say?”

She turned from the meal to smile at him. “You're nothing but a useless whore.”
The building collapsed around them. Dust choked the air and blinded him. He screamed out in pain as bits of wall and the floors above crushed him, mangling his arm. He still had his phone and managed to turn it on. He panned the flashlight around to see. “Mom?!”
He hacked and coughed, panic rising. “Mom where are you?!”

He stopped the light on a familiar slipper. His mother's! He moved the light further just in time to see her leg draw up under some debris. “Mom?” He called out, “Are you okay?”

There was a mournful wail of his name,

The rubble shifted, and he worried they'd be killed by the mass of debris. There'd been five floors above theirs.

A spindly long arm shot out of the pile his mother under. The talons it sported scraped on the beams.

𝘚𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘤𝘩! 𝘚𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘪𝘪𝘪𝘵𝘤𝘩!
Clawing it's way out of the pile was a horrifically bloated amalgamation of body parts. The skin gray and bloody, ebbed and swayed; he recognized pieces of his neighbors. His mother's face stuck out from the middle, faded eyes rolled back, bloody mouth wide and gaping.
The thing was screeching with her voice.

The monstrous thing skittered across the wreckage on seven legs toward him. He screamed and couldn't go anywhere, pinned as he was.

It grabbed onto his face, putrid breath hissing into his ear, “When did you become such a whore?!”
“No, no, I'm not!” He sobbed.

“You spread your legs, let the big bad wolf in, let him crawl in and touch you! You 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦𝘥 it!”


Laughter echoed from the fallen walls. Children's voices sang that he was quirkless, useless, only good for one thing this bunny was.
It devolved into frenzied snarls and howls.

“Here he comes to love you again!” The thing wearing his mother's face jeered. “You can wiggle and whine all you want! The big bad wolf will give you everything!”

A growling beast burst into the small space. It looked like some giant
mutated wolf, it's fur sticking up in all directions like explosions, hundreds of red eyes glowed all over its body. They roved over Izuku's broken form, gleaming with a feral lust. It's great maw dripped drool as it licked it's teeth.
On it's face was the smooth expressionless mask of Menpo.

Izuku was no longer pinned under rubble, but now naked. His arms and legs anchored to the ground by chains.

The beast crawled over his body. Salivating tongue tracing every inch of his body up to his face.
“Stop! Please stop!”

Something hot and sticky bumped against his entrance. He could lift his head just enough to see a monstrous cock rutting against him. It had to be bigger than his forearm. It-it would surely kill him!

He thrashed and fought. “NO! HELP! SOMEONE HELP!”
The beast howled in victory. The sound vibrating deep into his bones. It cocked it's hips back and thrust forward into his body—
--and Izuku was being yanked away. Warm hands pulled him in close, and strong arms held him steady as he was ushered awake from the nightmare. His ear was pressed to a steadily beating heart. Those hands pet up and down his back, grounding him.

He sobbed, his entire body
shuddered with each heave of air he tried to suck in. He buried his face into the fabric of the shirt in front of his nose. The heady smell of caramel brought with it a wave of nostalgia. Kinder memories of a blond haired boy holding him after a nightmare.

Could he pretend?
Just a little bit? Pretend that the gentle hands rubbing circles on his back didn't have ulterior motives. Pretend that he wasn't chained to the bed like a dog.

Shame didn't cross his mind. He just wanted comfort that he hadn't had since his mother died. He wanted the nightmare
soothed away by the deep gentle humming from the chest under his ear. But like many lessons of this world repeated again and again, Midoriya Izuku's life wasn't fair. Kacchan had to open his mouth.

“It's okay, Bunny. I'm here now. I've got you. You're going to be okay.”
Is this how he soothed civilians during a crisis or was it just another trick on Izuku's heart? Why did he have to sound so damn sincere?

He tried to push himself back, but couldn't go anywhere. Kacchan's arms boxed him in like a vice. “C'mon, Deku talk to me. What happened?”
He sniffled, and stuttered out an answer. “Dr-dreamed of mom.” He didn't want to deal with the horrors that came after. The monster and the feral beast.

Kacchan took an inhale, and his fingers started working on the knots in Izuku's shoulders. Damn him. How did he know exactly
where he needed to be rubbed? “I read the report...too many newbies taking on a giant-type in my opinion.” He grumbled into Izuku's hair.

His mother wasn't the only one killed. The villain fight had gone through several blocks. Two apartment complexes had collapsed, including
the Midoriyas'. 120 injured, 53 in critical condition, and 23 people dead. The media had had a feeding frenzy on the agencies responsible for the sector. Several pro heroes retired in embarrassment. The reports said they should've known better and sent more veterans to the fight,
rather than leave it to rookies.

Izuku usually watched hero news and alerts obsessively—tracking the villain fights across the country, analyzing every move. That day he didn't. He'd been upset about a few negative comments he'd gotten. He'd shut off his phone.
He didn't get the forum alert about a giant villain on the run. He would've known the danger to the buildings on the block. He could've pulled the fire alarms, shouted at his neighbors, anything to get an evacuation underway sooner. His mom might still be alive.
“Izuku,” Kacchan lifted his chin and wiped away his tears. “Have you ever heard of 'survivor's guilt'?”

It sounded familiar. However, with his body exhausted from abuse, pleasure, and now sorrow, his mind couldn't keep up. So he shook his head.

“Right.” Kacchan nodded and
maneuvered the two of them so his back was against the headboard and Izuku tucked into his lap. “Well it happens a lot in people who survived a traumatic experience where others died. Hand and hand with PTSD or some shit. You feel guilty just because you got lucky enough to live.
𝘉𝘶𝘵 you shouldn't because there's nothing you could've done different.”


“Deku, you're a fucking quirkless civilian.” He pulled Izuku in close. “You were useless in that situation. Surviving was the best thing you could've done.”

Despite the harsh words, he'd
delivered them gently. Comfortingly. “You...” Izuku tried to reach for what to say. “This-this is wrong.”

“Hah?!” Kacchan barked, “What are you talking about now?”

Izuku was just so tired. “You're not supposed to this...”

“Like what?” At his silence the hero
nudged on. “Come on nerd, I won't get mad.”

𝘐 𝘥𝘰𝘶𝘣𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵. He wanted to say, but instead he muttered, “You...kidnapped me. You're not...not supposed to be...𝘯𝘪𝘤𝘦.” It would have been easier if Kacchan had stayed cruel, it wouldn't be so confusing.
There was a heavy sigh somewhere over his head. “Fuck Deku. I'm not sure what else I can fucking say to get you to believe me. I'm not a middle school asshole anymore. I ain't go to deny my feelings for you anymore. That means no more using you as a punching bag, just cause
I was too chicken shit to admit what I felt.”

Suddenly he was pressed onto his back. Kacchan hovered close to his lips. “'sides, I'm the goddamn #1 hero. I'm fucking Bakugo Katsuki. If I want to be nice and comfort you, I fucking will. And I'll be the best at it!”
Izuku braced himself when the man lurched forward. But his mouth wasn't plundered like he thought would happen. No, Kacchan only gave him a few pecks at the corners of his mouth, before taking his lips gently.
It wasn't a harsh meeting of lips he'd grown accustomed to. It was a dance that he inexplicably danced along to, and it built a warm feeling that spread across his gut.

Kacchan pulled back, a smile some would call sweet played on his lips. He knew in reality it was smug
satisfaction. The one that he got whenever he won something. He tucked Izuku back into the blankets, against his chest. “C'mon, it's late. Let's go back to sleep.”

Izuku was horrified with himself. What had he done?

The Bakusquad was pouting—not that they wanted to! They'd set up a viewing party for Green-Nerd's new video. He was supposed to post one when he returned from his scheduled hiatus.

To everyone's disappointment Green-Nerd put an announcement up on his Squawker. Due to
personal issues the hiatus would be extended. Eijiro hoped everything was alright. The HeroTuber could easily become a target for villains, and he never displayed any sort of defensive quirk.

However, now with a lack of entertainment, and too much beer, a lot of talk flew around
the Bakusquad. Gossip and possible pranks weren't left behind in high school. It was never a good combination of topics with his friends.

“Hey have you all noticed Blasty's been...chiller?” Denki struggled to find the words. “I want to say nicer, but its Bakugo.”
“No! No! I totally get what you're saying!” Mina shouted. “He's been less insulting to the newbies and press.”

The behavior Eijiro had noticed a while back had continued. Katsuki had been less...on edge lately. He thought he'd be totally off the handle angry for 𝘥𝘢𝘺𝘴 after
the quirk incident. But he came back rested, recharged, and dare he say, happy? It only gave more credence to his theory that he'd finally found someone special.

“What about you, Ei?” Sero's voice interrupted his thoughts.

“What? Sorry, zoned out.”
“No problem, dude.” The lanky man laughed and handed him another beer. “We're just taking bets on what's got Bakubro in a better mood.”

“Mina thinks his mom died. Sero think it's because of that scandal Todoroki got caught up in, but the timing doesn't match up.
Since the business with the hooker was only a few days ago.” Denki wrinkled his nose. Poor naive Todoroki thought he was being asked on a date, when really he was being propositioned. Unfortunately, paparazzi had been nearby. Poor guy still didn't quite understand what the big
deal was. “𝘐 think he got himself a fuck-buddy to put up with his garbage personality.”

Eijiro frowned, “Kinda unmanly to make bets about a bro like that.”

“Don't be a buzzkill babe!” Mina slurred, “Mamma needs a new pair of shoes!”
He rolled his eyes fondly. Her side of the closet was already mostly shoes. “Fine, but I'm not betting.”

“OH! Oh! I know!” Denki bounced in spot, Sero moved away in case all the popcorn and beer came up. A lesson hard learned before. “Since you're like really close to Blasty,
you can be our spy!”

“Yeah!” The pink woman squealed. “I know you know his phone code! You could get us the inside scoop. Tell these losers that I'm right!”

He threw his arms up in an 'x', “NOOOO! No! That is a major breach of privacy! Not manly!”

The two hyperactive members
sullenly pouted to eachother, but Sero nudged him. “But, dude, aren't you like, worried?”


“Yeah, man, I mean when has Bakugo ever been this happy outside of battle?”

Eijiro thought hard about it. Katsuki had been getting run down, the life as #1 talking its toll.
A serial killer in their district had not helped. Then it all changed. It was like life was breathed back into he man. He seemed to enjoy living again. Eijiro had possibly blinded himself with the good. Maybe he should be more concerned with the personality shift?
He cleared his throat, “You think it's something...bad? Like a quirk or drugs?”

“Nah, nothing that serious. It's just sometimes you need to look a gift horse in the mouth. I want at least one of us to be able support him. I mean if Mina's right, this is just a temporary high.
If Denki's right, what if he catch's the feels? That never ends good.” Sero snorted, “Imagine how our drama king would be after a break up.”'d be bad. Katsuki had some serious insecurity issues. Therapy helped, but whenever he lost a citizen or fought a particular
fucked up villain, old self-doubts threatened to destroy him. Last time it happened was when All Might passed, his friend had been a wreck. He thought it was his fault for the whole kidnapping thing during UA.
That's why he found himself nodding in agreement. “I'm not making any promises. Especially not to tell you lot what's on there!”

“Agreed!” The other heroes shouted at him.


Eijiro regretted the drunken agreement now as he had a conflict of conscience. Bakubro just went
into the agency's showers. He had some time, as the blond was usually fairly meticulous about his hygiene routine.

He felt like a creep as he entered the pass code—All Might's debut date.

His jaw hit the floor at what he saw.

The phone background was no longer boring black
with a trademark orange x. Now it was a picture.

It was a selfie of Katsuki in bed. The only part of his face visible was his chin, but Eijiro would recognize those pecs anywhere. Nestled into those plush mammaries was a peacefully sleeping man. His freckled check squished
against muscle, pouting pink lips gently parted drooled everywhere. His delicate green lashes were almost as long as Mina's. Katsuki's hand not holding the phone, rested on the man's neck, just south of green curls. A ringlet twirled around his finger.
Eijiro teared up. How could he not?! Ground Zero was known to be a harsh man in the public eye. Everyone assumed he was like that in his private life too. Katsuki certainly made a good show of it. He always knew that it was just that, a show.
But to see him gentle in picture form, 𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘯 by Katsuki? It was a blessing. He wanted to cry with joy. Look how far his bro had come since their first year of UA! He was so proud of him!

Looking at the image, Eijiro could tell, this was no fuck-buddy.
This was someone Katsuki genuinely cared for and treasured. This was a lover.

Mina's nose for gossip had rubbed off on him somewhat and he tried to search for more pictures of the mystery boyfriend. Sadly his bro had everything else fingerprint locked. Oh well. He could only
guess Katsuki didn't want the squad to tease him about it. The other did have a tendency to go overboard.

He'd happily tell them they were all wrong, and keep his bro's secret a bit longer.

Curiously a delivery notice from Jabazon popped up. Looks like Katsuki ordered more
security cameras, night vision ones. He did live up in the mountains, maybe he was having trouble with the wildlife? He heard all the critters are starting to get ready for winter hibernation, and garbage cans were probably tempting to them with how good a cook the man was.
The shower stopped and he quickly returned the phone. He side stepped to his locker and took his costume off slowly.

“Shitty hair,” Katsuki nodded to him as he stepped up to his locker. As the man dressed, he noticed a few scratches on his back that'd been hidden under his
clothing. More evidence!

Eijiro cleared his throat, thinking on the fly. “Hey, Mina and I were going to this fancy resturant on Sunday. You want to join us?”

“And play 3rd wheel to you two sucking face? Fuck no.” He groused.

“Yeah but you could always bring a date.”
He pushed. “I'm sure someone—“

The locker door slamming shut cut him off. Katsuki leveled him with a narrowed eyed glare. Shit, suspicions raised! This is why he never did undercover work. Abort! Abort!

“Or-or not!”

“The idiot squad put you up to something.” He growled,
“What was it?”

“No!” He squeaked before regaining control of his voice. “No, I just feel like the rest of us have been leaving you out lately with all the group dates.”

A strange look crossed the blond's face. Some thought had occurred to him. His glare softened as he looked
away, and the corners of his mouth twitched upward. Eijiro was still waiting for an answer. Katsuki huffed and turned away, he wasn't able to completely hide the blush creeping into his cheeks.

“Ei...” He perked up at the nickname. “I know you assholes are worried about me,
I ain't that emotionally brain dead. Just...just know that I'm good. Really fucking good.”

“Do I get to know why? C'mon bro, spill!” He jumped on his back.

Knock it off, you stink!” He shoved Red Riot off. With a huff he straightened his civilian clothing. “Give me...give me a
few weeks. I ain't ready for the whole fucking world to know yet. This's a fragile situation.”

Eijiro nodded, “I can respect that man. Just let me know if you need anything okay?” Katsuki hesitantly nodded, and he couldn't help but poke some fun. “Like relationship
advice or condoms or—“

A blast to the face cut off his teasing.


“Riot! Red Riot, sir! Wait!”

It was several days later, when he'd just reached the lobby when one of their admin staff, Tanaka, came running up to him. The man was breathing heavy and Eijiro let him catch
his breath.

“Have-have you seen Ground Zero?”

“About...” He glanced at his watch, “Probably 30 minutes ago. He's probably almost home by now.”

Tanaka groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Damn it!”

“Woah, what's wrong?”
The small man held up a bundle of papers. “The commission paper work. Ground Zero was supposed to pick it up a few days ago—but with the Marauder Gang fight and well he's not answering his phone or emails. Like usual!” Shocker. Bakugo avoiding paper work to get home quicker,
total shocker. “But I don't think he understands these need to be filed tomorrow by noon!”

Eijiro patted him on the shoulder. “Hey man, don't worry. I'll take these to him and he can bring them in in the morning. That work?”

His cheeks lit up bright blue, part of his quirk,
as he quickly nodded. “Thank you! He's definitely less likely to explode you!”

He didn't have the heart to tell Tanaka that the opposite was true. It really helped with his reaction time though!

It took him longer than he remembered to get to Katsuki's house. Maybe it was all
the fans stopping him or just that the man lived so deep in the boonies. Although Eijiro couldn't blame him for how peaceful the mountain was. It also made for a protected retreat from the more...insistent fans. Most of their class had dealt with stalkers. Kirishima almost killed
the man he found rooting around Mina's underwear drawer. Mineta sat in jail now for the torture he put Momo through. Katsuki got out of the city before it became an issue for him.

The blond claimed he hated company but was usually the first to offer someone a place to stay when
they need to lay low. “Tch! Just stay in my guest room dumbass!”

He smiled fondly as he got to the door and knocked. He shrugged and dug out the spare key Katsuki had given him once upon a time. His bro was probably in the shower or something. Darn door stuck again,
Turns out Katsuki wasn't in the kitchen or his bedroom. Oddly the gym had some of his basement office items crammed into the corner. He'd mentioned remodeling the area into a movie den...maybe it was done?!
Eijiro would admit he got a little excited about being the first to see it. Bakugo was an absolute genius when it came to interior design. It's why his own living room looked like something from a magazine.

He stopped at the basement door. Did that make him an old man now?
Getting excited about home improvements like Mina's father. Or wait...was this the 'dad' mentality settling in? Fuck...when was Mina's last period?! She was on birth control but—
So caught up in the sudden mid-life crisis he tripped on the stairs.

He yelped and instinct kicked in. He activated his quirk and tucked into a ball, each step cracking against him. He barreled right through the door at the bottom of the stairs.
Eijiro landed hard on his back, sprawled out on the shattered door. He wasn't really hurt, but he could feel a slight ache settling into his head. “Oww...”

A gasp made him open his eyes.
The room was inverted, but it was obviously not a movie room. Instead it was another bedroom.

Peering over the edge of the bed at him was a rather cute face with sparkling green eyes. The freckles and green curls...Katsuki's boyfriend!
They stared at each other, both equally shocked. Eijiro cleared his throat and waved at the man. “Uh...hey?”

To his dismay said man promptly burst into tears.

The depth of Izuku's mistake sunk in over the next few days. Kacchan decided it was now okay to kiss him however and whenever the mood struck. He'd been woken up several times through the night to his mouth being devoured by the monster smothering him.
Like many things in their lives Kacchan had an biased advantage. The man was unfairly good at kissing. Izuku would try to struggle and deny it but soon his body grew accustomed to Kacchan's lips. Izuku felt shamed and betrayed by his own body in that regard.
His own mind played tricks on him. Sometimes he could've sworn Kacchan and Menpo were never the same person or that it was Hero Shouto kissing him instead.

He also craved the sunlight and fresh air. He wanted to see if the skies were blue or the dull gray of fall.
The basement felt stuffy and claustrophobic at times, especially when Kacchan stayed crowded close making sure as much of his body touched Izuku's as possible.

In survival situation people often clung to something that'd give them hope.
Looking out that kitchen window would be Izuku's. He could remind himself there was a world beyond the bed he was chained to. But the image got fuzzier and fuzzier the longer he was stuck in that room. He needed the sun.

The man was idly playing with Izuku's curls. He peeked one eye down at him. “Hmm?”

“Can...can I go upstairs?”

The silence in return was deafening. Both red eyes were on him now—weighing and measuring every bit of him. His heart raced ready for the hero to blow up at the
request, maybe accuse him of trying to escape again already. That was still a goal of Izuku's but he needed to get his mind straight again.

Instead, Kacchan seemed to be actually thinking about it. “You have been rather good...” He hummed. “Why do you want to go up there?
It's dangerous. Planning to run again?”

His hands tightened momentarily until Izuku squawked out. “No-no! I-I was...I wanted to-to see the sun.”

Kacchan relaxed against him. “That's understandable...I have been keeping you cooped up a bit...we are pretty isolated.
Maybe a little bit of fresh air will be okay.” A kiss was placed on his head. “You got to do something for me first, Bunny.”

Izuku paled. He recognized the tone. Recognized the heavy thing grinding against his thigh. “What...what do I need to do?”
A small growl of excitement escaped the larger man. Izuku was suddenly spinning and they ended with him straddling Kacchan's waist. “I want you to get yourself off using me.”

Izuku was going to be sick. “I-I don't understand.”
“Tch! I want you to feel good idiot. Ride my cock. Use it to fuck yourself silly!” His hands ran up and down Izuku's thighs. “I just want to see you feel good. We can have breakfast on the patio afterwards.”

A confusing roller coaster of thoughts and emotions
crashed through Izuku. He'd only thought to be able to look out a window...but to go outside...On the one hand he had to willingly touch Kacchan in such a way. On the other he'd be able to go 𝘰𝘶𝘵𝘴𝘪𝘥𝘦! The desire for fresh air won out.
He trembled as he managed to say, “O-okay. do I...?”

“Turn around and put your ass in my face. I'll open you up and you can wet up my cock with that pretty mouth of yours.”

He could feel the tears welling up as he moved his body. He could do this.
He had to do this. Kacchan's hands immediately found the meat of his behind, and the dangerous hard on strained against the sweats in front of his nose.

His hands shook as he pulled back the waistband. The giant thing sprung up, excited to violate Izuku once more.
He gave the head a little lick. He grimaced at the flavor of the pre-cum, and Kacchan's breath hitched behind him.

𝘖𝘬𝘢𝘺 𝘐𝘻𝘶𝘬𝘶 𝘦𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 𝘴𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘸𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘥, he told himself, 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘰𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘳 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘥𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘰𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘳 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘨𝘦𝘵
𝘰𝘶𝘵𝘴𝘪𝘥𝘦! 𝘛𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬 𝘰𝘧 𝘪𝘵 𝘢𝘴 𝘢 𝘥𝘪𝘭𝘥𝘰. That-that worked somewhat. He imagined the cock as not of flesh and blood but silicone or plastic.

He released the tension he'd been holding. With renewed determination, he darted forward and swallowed as much
of Kacchan as he could.

“Gnk! Fuck! Ah!” His captor shuddered beneath him. “Cock-cocky little shit, ain't you?” There was warm breath tickling his hole. “Die!” Kacchan cried out before burying his tongue deep into Izuku.
He jolted at the sensation, gagging a bit on the mouthful he had. At least it'd helped him spread more spit around. It was a strange sensation feeling that muscle wiggle around in his ass, poking and prodding—sucking on him like some red-eyed kappa.
He didn't want to feel pleasure from it, but his body wouldn't obey. His hips wiggled back into Kacchan's face to chase more of the sensation, and his throat moaned around the cock in his mouth.
After a few moments of that torture, Kacchan smacked his ass cheek. His voice rolled like rocks down a mountain heavy with lust. “Alright, that's enough. Turn around and sit on it, baby.”

All the fear came back as he was forced to look the man in the face.
Hovering over that rod now, he worried his lip. Will it hurt again? How was he supposed to get himself off it hurt?

A warm hand settled on his cheek, and its thumb wiped away his tears. “Just take it slow. You did so good lubing it up and opening on my tongue.
I'm sure it'll be fine.”

With gentle pressure, he guided Izuku to sit down. The blond's head flew back with a groan, while Izuku hissed. It was still a tight fit, yet didn't quite hurt. He felt unbelievably full once his ass rested flush against Kacchan.
“So good, doing so good.” Kacchan was muttering. “Just-just sit a moment, let your body adjust.”

The room filled with the sound of their ragged breaths. Izuku wanted to get up and run. He steeled himself and held the reward at the forefront of his mind.
Soon his body started to relax. Kacchan's cock throbbed and it's fat head rested against that spot which drove him crazy.

“You ready to move Bunny?” His voice was strained, obviously holding himself back.

Izuku nodded shakily and rose up slowly before sinking back down.
The slick penis dragging in and out stimulating himself enough to get hard again. He reached to help himself along bu Kacchan slapped his hands away.

His eyes snapped to the man's face, a dangerous smirk was there. “I said get yourself off on my cock. No touching yours.”
He then leaned back and tucked his hands beneath his head.

Bastard. Izuku's brow twitched in annoyance. He moved himself slowly focusing on what felt good. He had to push away the voice screaming at him to stop. That it was all wrong to feel pleasure like this.
His pace started picking up when he found an angle that made himself gasp.

Kacchan laid still—thankfully making it easy to think of it was a dildo—his face flush, eyes half lidded as he watched Izuku bouncing on his lap.
“That's right, take what you need. Fuck you're beautiful, taking my cock like a champ. Hmm—beautiful!” He murmured out.

𝘋𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘬 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵! He wanted to scream. 𝘋𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘬 𝘴𝘰 𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘭𝘺 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘮!
“Ahn! Ah! Ah!” Was what spilled out instead. His thighs trembled and burned from exertion. He could feel that warmth building up in his loins. He let himself sink into the pleasure. He could pretend this was his first time.
A gentle love-making where he was in control—taking what 𝘩𝘦 wanted for once.

So he rolled his hips and let himself feel. He imagined the warm body under him whispering praises wasn't his kidnapper but the #2 hero Shouto.
The man would be patient, encourage him gently as he built up his orgasm. Call out to him with Izuku's actual name...

His hips stuttered as he ground down on the cock inside him. His body seized up, and he let out a gasping cry.
He let out a gasping cry, his fingernails digging into the hero's chest, where his spend splattered.

“Izuku!” He heard from below, and suddenly his mouth was being ravished and hot cum splashed inside him. “So goddamn fucking 𝘩𝘰𝘵, seeing you cum on my cock.”
The deep raspy voice of Kacchan brought him back to reality. “So beautiful when you go off, fuck!” He rambled between mouthfuls.

Izuku let himself go limp as shame rushed up his throat. He chocked back a gag, luckily Kacchan didn't notice.
Their hearts beat hard against one another for entirely different reasons. Kacchan placed an affectionate kiss on the top of his head. “Why don't you go freshen up. I'll come get you when breakfast is ready.”
He nodded weakly and shuffled his way to the bathroom as soon as Kacchan left. When he felt the dip of cum down his thighs he lurched for the toilet. He threw up everything he had left in his stomach.
He looked at his pale face in the mirror, a necklace of hickies ran around his neck. He certainly made a pathetic picture. Trading sex for small liberties like some sort of slave.
𝘜𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘦. A voice hissed in the recesses of his mind. It had only been a dream but the creature had made its point...and Izuku was proving it right.
Kacchan came back and actually gave him some pants and a coat to wear. “It's a little chilly out.” He grunted. “But I've got one of those patio space heaters set up too. You should be comfortable.”

The man unlocked the ankle cuff and Izuku had to resist the urge to bolt.
His legs still trembled from their...session and Kacchan was faster. Izuku still had an injured foot as well.

The hero's bigger hand gripped his and he was led up the stairs and through a back doorhe didn't notice on his first escape attempt.
It was a simple breakfast of pancakes and eggs. He barely ate. The fresh air was much too distracting. He tried to enjoy it. He was outside!

But Kacchan's heavy gaze rarely left him—maybe because the silverware was in reach. It was too quiet, so despite his reservations about
engaging his kidnapper, he asked. “ long have I been here?”

“With me?” Kacchan leaned back to think, Izuku took the opportunity to stash a butter knife in the pocket of the over-sized sweats he wore. “Probably...shit only three weeks now, maybe less.”
“That-that long?” It didn't feel like such a short time had passed.

“Yeah,” He grinned wolfishly. “Time flies when you're having fun.”

Izuku could only manage a small shaky smile. Even then, that was because he realized that his announced hiatus as 'Green-Nerd' was over.
He had over 2 million subscribers waiting for a video that week. Surely at least one would get suspicious of his disappearance? His viewers didn't know he was quirkless, but a few suspected it. With the Purger out there a few of his loyal fans would be worried.
They'd contact the police or heroes.

...he hoped.

He still worried about whether the authorities would even care if one quirkless janitor went missing. But it was a chance! If he couldn't escape on his own he'd need to bank on rescue.
“We could celebrate if you want...” Kacchan said suddenly.


The blond rolled his eyes and gestured between the two of them. “This—us. We hit some big fucking milestones together. I'll make Katsudon tomorrow for it, yeah? Then we can watch a movie.”
“O-okay Kacchan.” He gripped the knife in his pocket for strength. He could do this, he just needed to play his part until then.


Kacchan had always been a bit of a neat freak. So Izuku took full advantage of that. While the hero scrubbed the bathroom,
he tucked the knife away in one of the bigger books. He had to work a little harder to jam it back into the shelf but he managed. Now he just had to wait for a chance.

The next day while Kacchan was at work, he hurriedly fetched the knife.
He groaned in frustration when he couldn't get the tip to fit into the key hole. Maybe a steak knife but not a dull butter knife. He tried instead to pry at the seams or links in the chain. Nothing worked, and he only ended up with a now deformed knife.
It would need to be a weapon instead then. Izuku had the idea of stabbing anyone, even if it was Kacchan. Deep down he still admired the hero, however that admiration had been tempered by the terror the man caused.
He may be a quirkless civilian but hurting someone even in self-defense just didn't sit right with him.

So with a nervous heart he hid the knife between the wall and bed frame. It'd be quicker to reach that way.

He left the paperclips alone for now, he wasn't sure how much
time had passed. He didn't want to risk Kacchan catching him.

When the blond finally returned, something was off. He could read the signs. Kacchan's mouth was pressed into a tight line. His jaw twitched as he ground his teeth, and his eyes never relaxed
from their furious glare. His grip on Izuku's wrist would likely leave bruises.

Izuku kept his mouth shut. He was placed on the counter and nearly shit himself when Kacchan swung a chef knife in his direction. “Don't move from that spot.” He growled out before going about supper
Izuku sat frozen, holding a white knuckle grip on the hem of the shirt he wore. The counter was cold on his bare skin and he wished for the sweats back, but they disappeared with the laundry.

Cooking had a calming effect on the hero. His methodical movements of prepping rice or
dicing vegetables appeared to help put his mind at ease. The dark cloud hovering around him seemed to dissipate somewhat when they sat to eat at the table.

He jumped when Kacchan broke the silence, a slight sneer on his face, “Food good enough for you?”

“Y-yes. It's delicious.”
He answered truthfully in a small voice. He hated that he was able to make such perfect katsudon.

“Huh.” He watched Izuku eat for a long minute. “How was your day? Do anything interesting?”
He nearly dropped his chopsticks and choked a bit on rice. Why would he ask that? Kacchan knew he was chained to the bed all damn day. He soothed his throat with some water and answered, “ was okay. I just read.” For a horrifying moment, his mind wondered what he could do
to convince Kacchan to give him a pencil or pen to write with. Time flew when he analyzed quirks.

Kacchan's eyes were unreadable before he grunted and finally turned back to his own food.

He said nothing the rest of the meal.
By the time he was dragged to the living room, Kacchan was back in regular spirits. Izuku tried to sit off to the side but was pulled into the hero's lap instead. His voice rumbled through Izuku's chest. “Got a few movies tonight.
We'll start with a horror one I've been wanting to watch, yeah?”

Frankly, Izuku hated horror movies. Kacchan knew this. He hated being scared or seeing gore. He was in no position to refuse.
The movie had a corpse-like creature stalking the back alleys, killing those that went off on their own, tearing them to bits. A hero tracked the gruesome trail or something.

Izuku didn't pay much attention. The screams made him flinch and the jump scares sent him slamming
back into Kacchan's embrace. Those big arms curled around him, and Kacchan chuckled, “Scardey-cat. It's just a movie.” After a brutal death, he scoffed, “Tch, idiot should've just listened and stayed put.”

Kacchan's sharp teeth near his neck did little to dissuade his fears.
Finally, 𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 with the creature dead and the love interest saved the credits rolled. He felt a kiss on top of his head, “There now, wasn't so bad was it?”

“I-I don't like scary movies.”
“I know. I remember you pissing your pants at a sleepover because you thought aliens would get us.” He hummed and kept his grip on Izuku. “Let's lighten the mood. I got a better video for us to watch.”

He pulled out his phone and typed in something.
The TV input changed as it received the signal from his cell. Izuku froze at what he saw. It's horrifying.

It was a side view of the bed he was imprisoned to. The video started with him straddling Kacchan's chest, his mouth stretched around his cock.
The squelching and moans spilled out over the surround sound when video Izuku sits on Kacchan's dick.

He can feel that same cock rutting against his ass. “Isn't this a much better movie?” He rasps and mouths at Izuku's neck. “You look so fucking delicious taking that big cock
for a ride.” Izuku's cries on screen get louder. “Mmm, especially when you take what you want.”

He was panting now as he held Izuku tight against his hard on. “Feels so fucking good in you, I want to be in there all the time.” He paused the video as Izuku's head flew back with
a wanton expression on display. He wanted to die in shame. “Look at you, you fucking love bouncing on my cock. Bet no one else would ever be enough to satisfy you.”

Kacchan was full on dry humping him to Izuku's displeasure. One of his hands slipped around to
coax his cock to life.

“So I gotta ask...” Suddenly Kacchan's grip was bruising. He wiggled in pain, worried that the hero would use his quirk with such a fragile appendage in his hand. “Why you would do something like this?”
Another press on his cell, and a new video popped on screen.

Izuku's blood pooled to the bottom of his feet, his mouth ran dry, and he felt faint. On screen was an extremely clear image of Izuku trying to use the knife on the cuff.

“I thought we had a fucking understanding.”
The man growled. “I'm here to protect you. If you leave you could get hurt. Do we need to do another trust building exercise?”

The last one rose ugly and full in his mind. He trembled violently, “I-I'm sorry...sorry Kacchan.” Tears rolled down his cheeks.
He felt utterly hopeless in the arms of a predator.

“You keep lying to me, Deku. How can I believe you're 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 sorry?”

“I-I don't know.” He whimpered. His mind scrambled for what he could do, “Please...I...”
“Do you trust me?” His touch had become gentle again, soothing away Izuku's fear somewhat. Maybe...maybe he wasn't as mad as he thought he'd be? So he stifled a sob and nodded. “Good...that's good. Look it's been a stressful day.
I've got some reports to go over and you cock-warming me might help me through it.”

He drew a blank on what that was. “I...I don't...”

Kacchan snorted, “You just sit on my dick. Nothing else to it.”
He still didn't understand the point of it. But it didn't sound hard to do. “O-okay.” So he shifted himself and Kacchan's member rested under his butt.

The hero was laughing though. “Hah! Goddamn it-hah-Deku! That's not what I meant. Here lift your ass a bit.”
Hesitantly he did as he was told, embarrassed by his mistake. His eyes went wide when Kacchan pressed his dick against his hole, before yanking Izuku back down on it.

He yelped and immediately tried to squirm away on instinct. This was just sex again!
Those muscular arms wrapped around him, held him in place. “Fuck! Stay still or I won't be able to hold back! Just fucking sit there is all!” Slowly, he relaxed. Kacchan cooed. “There we go, just sit pretty. I just want to feel your warmth.”
The fullness was distracting. He tried not to move too much, he didn't want to be stimulated in any way.

Kacchan kissed the side of his head, “Good boy.”

He leaned back into the couch picking up some reports he had left on the side. Izuku was ready to resign
himself to boredom, but Kacchan clicked the TV over to HNN (Hero Network News).

He normally loved the channel, it always recapped the star fights of the week or scandals. As always Kacchan took center stage as the #1. He displayed a new move, not unlike his Howitzer Impact.
This move produced a thick smoke screen. It proved to be very useful against the villain he fought at the time who had a vision based quirk. He'd need to be careful when and where to deploy the move as it could interfere with other hero's on scene. But if he worked with
Earphone Jack or Invisible Girl, some quick take downs would be possible...

“So fucking cute.” Kacchan nibbled on his neck and thrust up a little into Izuku. “Stop stroking my ego or else I won't be able to concentrate on this paperwork.”

“S-sorry!” He squawked, praying
that the small movement was all that would occur after that.

“Breaking News! We've just received a report that the Purger has struck again! We go live to the scene with our correspondent. Hiro, what's the situation?”

The field reporter appeared in front of a police line.
Several heroes and detectives huddled together. He recognized Mindjack, surprised the underground hero was working on the case. “Hiro here. The victim was found just inside this alley near Aldera Middle School. Police say the victim had been left her no more than a
few hours ago.”

“Now the police are sure it's the Purger?”

“Yes.” He cleared his throat. “ The witness who came across the body recognized the victim as a quirkless neighbor who'd recently married. Along with the usual manifesto of anti-quirkless language, the method of death
had been rather cruel. Initial reports from the medical examiner suggest the victim was alive as his organs—”

The T.V. was turned off.

Kacchan had gone stiff under him, and pulled him in tight to his chest. “That's why.” He muttered into Izuku's back. “I...I can't let the
Purger get a hold of you. He'll hurt you. Hurt you so bad. You don't deserve that, Izuku.”

He stayed silent, afraid he'd snap bitterly that keeping him captive 𝘪𝘴 hurting him.

“No one's supposed to know but the hero commission's seriously considering rounding up all
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