This was my pops jacket with his company logo on it he was a Master Electrician he was licensed in 3 states I miss you everyday pops ❤🙏💪
My pops dog buddy 💙 ❤ he was a beautiful dog ..
Me a long long long time ago ..hairs a mess haha 😄..I will tell you about this day momma or someone brought a wig & it was short & very old fashioned haha 😄 & I put it on when I seen my husband pulling in from work & I was sitting on the porch ..this was way before we
& anyway I put that goofy 🤪 🤣 wig on and he came walking up the grass from our house the trailer & he seen that wig on me & he thought i had cut my hair off & styled it in this old fashioned hair haha 😄 he turned around & left haha got in the car & drove off 😄
& his baby brother had moved to where we lived so he could become an Electrician like his brother my husband & he is so funny always laughing 😆 being goofy like me & he cracked up laughing when he seen his brother turn & leave haha he had to go by a 🍺 🍻..haha 😄 to funny.
I was holding our daughter so even though she is not a baby it isn't my right to share her baby pictures..💘❣💫🙏
Babe picture of me ..see the big tree across the street? With the white door? That where my friend Ruby took her own life..I would look over there everyday & never forgot her & her family.
I guess I wasn't in the middle of the table 😕 🤷 🙃 😅..
The Judge house was the one behind my head..not a real Judge that was just their last name .
I never noticed the ducks or bird to the left on the grass 🤔..
My/ our sister ❤ she was a daughter a wife & mother & grandmother & she was only 51 years old when she passed away & she was a Journeyman Electrician 😭❤💫🙏
Horse Shoe we got at a yard sale..along time ago .Probably our daughter seen it at a yard sale ..she loves Horses .
Its seen better days the dream catcher ..
Pops & mommas trailer space # for of 25 or 30 Years.. when momma sold the trailer a few months back I took my pops & momma numbers. 🥰💟
So this photo of my pops & momma ..I am only showing him..well when he did this stunt 😳 & shaved off his beard 😳 🙄 😏 😒 haha scared me to death haha 😄..yeah not a good look for him haha ..& who said a man can't wear pink/ red? ..🥰🤣😂😱
As u can see he had no neck haha his bones were thick ..he fell 18ft backwards & landed on concrete bearly missing some rebar that was coming up out of the concrete..
His walking stick he used after the first stroke..will get better pics tomorrow of it
He put his name on it ..he put his name on everything haha tools & what not..
It started to split so he put leather bands around it ..its in the closet for now ..💘❣💫🙏
I coverd our granddaughter thats why its white ..This is me & my pops about 1 week before I brought him home from rehab the 3rd time in the fall of 2019 ..
Yeah I know who I am ..
My sister Mindy found this along time ago & gave it to me ..she had found more than 1 & I am trying remember where she found them?
So my momma wrote this a very very long time ago & her & pops& 2 of my sisters were living in Green River at the time she wrote this ..I am taking a leap of faith here so please don't leave me hanging..
Did someone say Kennedy Sunday? 🥰💘❣💫🙏 ...oh a P.S to my very best friend ❤ I am sorry & I am so thankful for You .💘❣
My momma got this when she was bowling 🎳 she loved to bowl back in the day 🥰
This card was in the box of baseball cards that I had in my boxes of stuff ..this 1 is for you ..I have never known trust like the the 9 🥰💘❣🙏💥💫
I caught this card ? Haha 😄 please have a little patience with me I love 💘 you so very much ❤ 💖 💕 💗
This is my grandmother my father, daddy , dad, pops 💙 😢 ❤ momma. Passed away long ago on our corner ..I didn't get the chance to know her very well ..what do I remember about her? Well I had a bird 🐦 I don't remember what kind ? But I had wanted a bird & so my parents got
Me one & I had it in a cage & my grandmother Ruby told me birds are bad luck to have in the house 🏠 & I remember the ambulance coming to our house my grandmother had died & I remember looking out the window & the lights were flashing from the ambulance & my bird 🐦 died the
Same day ..I learned a very important lesson that day about putting birds in cages 😭💘❣💫🙏
Can u imagine my shock when I seen this 💀 ? very overwhelmed right now .
This was my grandfathers pops father's 💙 I never had the chance to meet him he died the year I was born & my momma was to far along with me to travel & go to his funeral..& I don't remember who took pictures of him & my grandmother Ruby in their casket..but ya they were
Our pictures boxs & it really kinda creepy me out ..
I hear he was a wonderful man & father &'s to grandpa 💘❣🙏💫 thank you so so very much for raising my pops .I wished I had had the chance to know you .😭💥💘❣🙏💫
This is the back side .
This is the note on the inside..that he put in this box. I am sure he was a remarkable man .Thank You So Much for all of your sacrifice for us .💘❣💫💥💯🙏👊
Gone but never ever forgotten 😢 💔
This was my pops & its a sticker & I found this this morning 🌄 & he always stuck them on his 41 ford its a bit of a shock that he never stuck this one on his dash like he did the others 🤔
This is my grandmother Rubys Death Certificate. 💘❣💫🙏
This was her father's I think..There is so much I don't know about her or how she grew up ..😭💘❣💫🙏
I didn't even know his name her father or her mother..I think we used to take flowers to there graves ? But it was very very long ago.
This is my mommas & pops ..when I was a kid they had a little box full of them ..I don't know how many of them 😕 but this is the only 1 left because they sold them to help out their grandson .🥰❣💘💫🙏
This is the other side..🥰
Sorry picture flip..this are mommas too & I used to have 1 of each ? I think its been along time ago 16 ? Years ..I pawned them in a pawn shop don't remember which 1 because I / we pawned a bunch of stuff back then & yes I accept responsibility for pawning alot of stuff..
Other side of it ...some stuff was my own stuff that I pawned & some was my parents..yes I accept that I done that & I forgave myself for doing it ..there was so so so much stuff 😫 it was the only way we could leave..
& some stuff was our kids & yes it was so wrong& I know this ..LOVE is more powerful & important than stuff ..💘❣💫🙏
& I have done everything to correct what I had done & I accept responsibility.
My pops..💘🙏
Backside of it..😭❤🙏
A more current 1 & its been changed ..his birth time has been changed from the time on the 1 above it...forgot to do the back but I looked at it a nothing has been marked on it ..will do the back tomorrow.
My momma ..She is sleeping right now I will ask her when she wakes up where it was has numbers on the picture..
Close up of the picture..fame is beautiful & see The Chief? See the other Chief? & the colors of there feathers..beautiful 😍 😘 😍
Backside of the frame..I think momma got this frame & she put the picture in it I think..
Picture of my pops a very very long time ago..the walls are in panel..BROWN & the stove was a put out lots of heat..small yodel..kettle to put moisture in the air during the winter months..My / our pops would get up early to get our fire 🔥 started so we wouldn't be
Be cold 🥶 🤧..the snow in the winter back then got really deep ..played in it all the time & when your shoes got wet or boots & our feet would get cold we always would lay down on the floor & slide our cold feet under the yodel..😁🥰
U can see he was tried from a long day at work probably in very cold weather.
Oops must not have been cold because I see a plastic cup on it ..
This is my information..yes its a true fact that there is no name on it..🤣🤔🤪
Backside 🤓
Yes no name & no it never bothered me when I found this out all those years ago..I am shocked looking at the # ...😭💘❣💫🙏
Affidavit To Amend A Record ...yes this is me & my husband getting the Affidavit To Amend A signature & his. 🙏💕💘
Yes my Doctor who delivered me his name was Doc.Brown ..💘❣💫💥🙏
Here is some more of my records..It a wonder I still have this information. Blessings I received a very very long time ago..My uncle Bud was a Bishop for a very long time & I loved him very much.💘❣💫🙏
Here up close the picture before was how I pulled it out of my boxs..
What did I notice? The spelling of my name is wrong..a extra E was added to Kimberly....
This paper was with the one above..💘❣💫🙏
I am what you would call a Jack Mormon..even through my Uncle was a Bishop I didn't attend church very often 😕..why called Jack Mormon? Well I always assumed because we didn't attend Church much hardly ever ..& well My pops was a drinker & momma a smoker & well the Church ..
Looked down on us is why know our clothes smelled like smoke & ..I have had great experience & good experiences & bad experiences with Church PEOPLE..some of the Church like to be judgmental & others were / are great My Uncle Bud 🥰 he was a good man in my
& Bishop in my eyes & he & momma when they talked of Church he would say if I new smokers didn't didn't attend or Church because they smoked I would have put a astray in the Hall for them to feel comfortable & put out there smokes on the way in the Door & when they talked
about people & how momma felt about some members judging her for smoking 🚬 & how it made her feel & her children feel..& he told her not to judge the Church because of some people you don't like how they make you feel..because the Church of God is for everyone. 🙏
She said it really made her do alot of thinking upon what he had said ..I loved him very much & enjoyed when we had a chance to go see them all on the pig 🐖 farm 🚜..Yes he was a pig farmer & so was his father & mommas father ..they run the farm together..Uncle Bud & Grandpa
Next information on me my Baptism..miss spelling of my name has an extra E..
My Uncle was named after his father..Bud was his middle name 🤣 🥰🤩💫🙏💘❣..
Next information on me..Marriage Certificate. & yes we are still married 💘❣💫🙏
On my Baptism my Uncle came to our town to do the Baptism..I thought I had a picture but have not located it yet could be gone ..its a picture of me & my Uncle. ❣💘💫🙏
Uncle Bud once saved me because I was stuck in the pig shit hahaha 😂 & my boots were stuck haha I probably was yelling for help & he came & got me out of it hahaha. Brings a smile 😃 thinking about it haha Uncle Bud to the rescue 😄 😊.
My / our pops loved to put his name on all his tools 🔧 😀 hahaha
Haha 😄 🤣 😂 ok pops loud and clear 👌 haha 😄
He had tools of every kind ..& he always said you don't hock / pawn your tools ever ..because you need them to earn a wage..& they cost to dam much !! ..a lot of his tools have ended up in the pawn shop ..not by him ..haha 😄 I am sure I pawn some / others did to..but we loved
Each other so very much we survived it ..& Love will always be more important than even tools 🔧..I loved him so so very much & I new he loved me too..I miss him everyday 😢..
He forgave me & I forgave him ..& just like the symbol says everything will ok ..LOVE 💘 is the Cure ..Everything is forgiven 😌 ✨ 💘❣💫🙏
This leather jacket my dad gave to me along time ago..the other one is my husband..💘❣🙏
This is the back of it ..I could not wear it for years ...I can now ..🥰😭💘❣💫🙏 I love you ..
This was my pops car he was just starting to restore it before things started go down looked better 20 years ago when he was going to restore it than it does now ..This car is just a car and will never replace family..I know it looks ruff but hey it is what is..this
Car was purchased by my cousin around 2012 ..? I have the paperwork was purchased because of back taxes my parents owned to the state for one of there was the propertie next to the corner lot of our old save the propertie
From being Parents owned that was the taxes on that property that had falling behind because of his/ theirb financial situation at that time..this property was where his big shop was for his Business..Electricial Contractor..Atlas Electric..was the
Name of his Company & he had been in business for 36 years before he closed back to the car... I contacted my cousin the only person I new to turn to so they didn't loose their property ..he came and help them/ us and purchased this car to cover the back
Taxes In the State of Ut..We love him so much and he always loved my pops because he admire his dedication to his work ..In 2017 my cousin returned the title to ME..& only use it if I had to at some point needed to sale it again for medical reasons with my elderly
Parents ...& if I never need to use it for their care the car was mine..I said to no return it to my pops not me & he said no because I was the one taking care of them ..I told him that day don't curse me with this car & he said its not Kimmy & he said he already had to many
Cars himself & that it was now in my care ..I offen wonder how someone can work so hard there whole life & everything he owned my paid for yet it was not his because of the taxes ..what kinda system is this? I ask again what kinda system is this? It bullshit 😒
Front of the car now..flat ties & tilting..& rustic..after the return of the title that month in Oct..2017 I found out Q started posting but I did not stumble upon Q until the next year in 2018 I believe..& the old family War from years ago in 1999 started back up because of
This car ...& so once again I tell you material things will never replace FAMILY.
This was my pops...sometimes I call him pops & sometimes I would call him Dad ..I can't recall if I ever called him daddy or not ..but I called him Dad most of my life until he became pops know snap crackel & pops ?..why ? Because thats why I am trying to remember
Where he said he got it from ..I always thought it was one of his family members but my momma said he got it from somewhere I will have to ask momma again & about the picture of her with the chiefs in the above photo was taken in Montana..& they were at a reenactment of
A war the Indian wars ..I will find out more about that trip her & my pops took with a group of friends of their along time ago..ok back to the picture of this Antique Black Powered 🔫 ..a few months back I discovered the numbers on it 😀 but still didn't understand what it
was about the number on it ..I don't know much about 🔫 really at all...but my pops did & he always kept them locked up when I was a kid ..which is the right thing to do with kids pops had many different 🔫 & he gave them to his grandsons ..& few got stolen & I
Think those were his dads ..some got pawned not by me..& some were retrieved from the pawn shop. It is very cool looking this antique 1 & so don't know how old this is ..hahaha this 1 ..The grandsons know more about pops 🔫 s than I do..& I can tell you he was so excited to
Finally have some grandsons to share his enthusiasm about 🔫s. My pops hunted every chance he could when it was hunting season & if he drew out a tag to hunt..he never hunted for a trophy buck because he was just thankful for the meat to feed his children in the winter months.
We grew up hunting even though I never got a license I still went hunting with him & we were always thankful for the meat & thanked the buck to for his offering 🙏..yes I have made jerkey before in a little Indian smoker ..& I even showed my kids & for class projects of native
Indian life ..and when I was a kid going to school the Navaho would come to our school & make homemade fry bread..yummy yummy ..& We always were thankful for the Divines if our hunters came home with something to feed us with..& it was so much more healthy for our bodys than
Shit we eat now..
Oh & yes he was a skilled archer 🏹 🤣 😄 😆 yes he was & i remember a hunting trip & I followed my pops in his foot steps through mountain a few miles 😄 😀 & the reason I followed his foot steps on that trip was because of the snow ❄ 😀 😄.. & it was not easy 😀 why?
Because his feet went out ya know I can't think what its called at the moment but his feet turned out not straight hahah & me being little with little legs was like jumping 😅 on a angle out haha his stride was a man's stride not a little girls haha 😅 we went over the hill
& down through the forest to the cabin on the mountain at rainbow 🌈 meadows ..awe great memories of the mountain cabin & my pops ❤..he wanted me to follow so my feet didn't get as wet that way so thats what I done I followed his foot steps & it was like jumping to reach each
Step & steps by feet that went out not straight hahaha 😅 In rehab they tried to teach him how to walk straight 😂 haha 😄..wasn't happening he still walked our till then he started to drag them because of HIS STROKEs ..most will never ever understand what he / we went through .
Unbelievable suffering 😪 & lots of pain & heartbreaking & bloody situation 💔 😢
I will not be drug into anymore wars ..I repete i will not be drug into anymore WARS..
Ok so I don't like pictures 😐 I only have a few with my pops 🙃 😕 this 1 here we were in the Sun 🌞 on porch. Ugg ..I do have like to take pictures if I am dressed up for Halloween 🎃 🙃 🤪.
I don't do bras haha 😅 so ...
Haha 😄 🤣 can't help it i love dressing up for Halloween..this is from long long ago..🤣
Oh & another thing when we dressed up even when I was a kid we would dare the boys in the neighborhood to dress up like girls haha 😄 sometimes we double dog dared them hahah ..I can let everyone be themselves & stop judging one another..
That year was the above picture.
Our oldest was in the picture & until I talk to him I can't share his pictures.
Another very very old 1 of me with our daughter along time ago..we were playing. My hair was very long back then..
Another one haha 😄 only half of me in it haha ...this is 1 from long ago gathered at at the house before I/ we bought it from my parents & they had just returned from a trip with their friends & had brought us all gifts 🎁..u can see a set of the gifts on the counter & yes I
To sometimes where socks with my sandals haha 😄
Thier is kids in that picture & even though they were kids it not my right to share kid pictures..I learned that a few years back when I got a fb page ..
This is another great costume 👏 🤣 black widow spider 🕷 haha . I worked hard on making it ..
Another old one of me when I played a trick on my husband & pretend that I cut my hair off hahha...yeah he needed a beer 🍺 for that haha 😄
Hahah its still funny 😆 😄
What a trip that shirt haha 😄..
This one is long long ago before I had our daughter & this baby was / is my best friends who I haven't seen for 25 years ❤..we still talk once in a while ..he little sister killed herself along time ago ...It has to stop I have to many friends & family member killing themselves
Because of scares they carry on the inside..& outside.
Oops forgot the picture haha 😄 that was my Bronco from long ago..
These ceramic dog & pig our daughter painted a very very long time ago..the dalmatians dogs she absolutely loved..she still loves dogs she has? 5 hahaha 😆 🤣 I am not joking..well when she was run over in the backyard she was wearing a green shirt with dalmatians on it..&
She had something in her pocket that day..I know what it was & do miracles happen? OH ABSOLUTELY THEY DO & I WILL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL & THANKFUL & HUMBLE & I NEVER FORGET TO TALK WITH THE DIVINES EVERYDAY. 🙏🙏❣
.I have a letter from a young girl who i love so much. ..I love them all so very much & this letter gives her account of what happened that day so so long ago & she was but a young kid at the time herself & she has lost both of her dads to suicides the past 15 years..
Like to share her view of what happened that day ..I am trying to decide if I should share the letter tonight or tomorrow ..
She wrote about what happened that day & shared it at school & she gave me a copy & I have not read it in many years until yesterday..😭❣
Again I was shocked at what she wrote of that day so long ago..
I am going to share her account of what she rememberd of that day so long ago....
Peace Love & Light Everyone..Good night..Love is & always will be the cure if you just believe...💘❣💫🙏 miracles Happenen everyday ..Never lose Faith in the Divines because they listen 🎶 💯 🙏..
Hello everyone good morning 🙏..this is my mommas & she got it from her father when her momma died along time ago ..and her momma got it from what I understand at a family reunion.
I am going to share a few pages from it ..I haven't had the chance myself to read it all ..
This is my Great Great Great? Grandfather. 😅
So I don't know if I need to share the whole book or not haha ..not much sleep last night haha so I might be jumping everywhere today ..all I can say is my kids have gotten used to me jumping from 1 thing to the next while talking with them haha 😄
This is my Uncle on the pops brother Robert..we called him Uncle Bob..yeah my momma had this clip she cut out of the newspaper long long long ago..yeah this seems shady deal right here 🙄 😒
And those # ..????
I loved my Uncle very much & miss him still..
This was my pops ruler 📏 for work ..he took off many many many Jobs with this right here & yes its MINE 🥰😭💘❣💫🙏
Ok this are different side of it..
Oops 😬
The other angle..
This is my Uncle my mommas brother he was killed in the Police Station at his desk a very very long time ago ..I never got to meet him but I hear is was so awesome..he was even in the Navy I think I 🤔 I will double check with momma when she wakes up from her nap.
This is a page of fallen officers & you can write a message on the page...I screen shot this in January..he was killed on the January 5th 1961 ..with a 38 ? Something..
Gone but never forgotten..he was so so young 😢..thank you to all of the fallen ..God Bless You for your service 🙏 ❤
There has been more deaths of officers on that same day over the years & his whole name was August Lloyd Larsen 💔 u know my pops died in August of 2020 ..August 5th. Nothing is random he was & he just happens to pass away on that day of August & his brother in laws name was
August? Yeah nothing is random & on the same # ?...yeah absolutely nothing is random ..😭❣💘🙏
This is my pops about a week or 2 before he passed away 😪..his poor body 😢 & scares everywhere..I miss you pops 🙏💕
Here is 1 when he was younger..look at the color of shirt he is wearing. ❣💫🙏
It took me a few hours ..sorry ..this where my grandparents on my momma side is buried..I don't know yet if I have my grandfathers Memoriam paper still or not but here is my grandmother Pearl's. 💗🙏
O My Father..this is really shocking to see this song on the inside .😭💘❣🙏
And the Opening Hymn .." In the Garden" "..😭😵💘❣💗🙏
All the songs 🎵 that were sang all those years ago..Really is Amazing. 😘💘❣🙏
This is my grandmother Pearl & grandfather Cliff & their children except August Lloyd ..he died before this grandmother is the one in the southwestern grandpa behind her ... I will start from the left..Uncle Bud, Uncle Raymond (we called him Uncle Ray)..
grandpa Cliff & grandma Pearl , My aunt LaDean (Deanne )thats what we call her, my momma Alice Quetta, my Aunt Bonnie..this is a great picture I just screen shot it last night from our family page we have for the Larsen..And when I seen my grandmother jacket I was like wow..
It looks like a X on it ..😁❣🙏😵😘💘
& it looks like a ribbon 🎀 like on the coins the JFK coins..🤩😵🙏💘
I found this picture of me a few weeks back & to say I was shocked 😲 😳 is putting it mildly..age 9..1/1/79 ..New Years Day I had not turned 10 yet not until July 31st ..& once again I am reflecting in a mirror & that hair hahah 😅 & foot PJs. Hahaha it kept my feet warm 😅 🤣
& the way I wrote it on the picture wowza..91179 .....I will explain as best I pops was 79 when he passed away 😢 & 911? Wowza & if its written 119 .. corona 19 ..& if you write it like this 11/9 that my husband Joseph birthday..& then 711 ..7-Eleven. I think 🤔 Noah !!
& that pandas 🐼 in the picture kinda did blow me away 😳 💀..
I have a photo of our daughter that she is holding a panda 🐼..she was about 1 or 1 & half years ago..its adorable 😍 ☺ 💕 💖
Us kids at our Grandparents house in Fruita Colorado..this picture is very very old..I am the one in the red Atlas Electric shirt ..& the 1 in the white tee shirt is my sister Kristy ..the 1 sitting next to me is my/ our cousin Shawn who passed away 17 years ago ..she was the ..
Who became parlayed in a car accident & was parlayed from the neck was so so sad I have her memorial in my boxes & it happens to be in a green folder that I put it in when I was in the basement in 2004..I was at the hospital the night she died I was left alone with her
For a little bit while the family talked or something..I can't recall all of why I was left in the room that night?..I felt? Um...they were with us ?..& had come to take her home..😭😭
I had grown up with Shawn my whole life..her parents lived in the basement on the corner for awhile was a split home at that time with a kitchen in the basement & living room & 2 bedrooms ..We lived upstairs or ?I am not sure if I was born yet 🤔 & if she was even born yet?
At some point in time her parents did live in the basement & I think we both were born..we were very very little if me & her were born at that time..Shawn was with me the day I crashed my bike on our way to Westside to buy a push up ice cream..I wanted a orange 🍊 one that day ,
It was my favorite kind ..still is when I have 1 but I don't have them very often anymore..they costed 25 cents..1 quarter..I had the quarter in my hand riding my 🚵‍♀️ that day & out of nowhere I was flipped over my handbars & landed in the road..yeah my head hurt..
I was in a white shirt & I was bleeding...Shawn was a head of me & stopped her bike & turned to look at me..& a lady in a white truck going down the road stopped to help me ..we were by the North Elementary School 🏫 the School we both went to school at..the lady
Was a Avon lady I can't remember her name but she sold Avon to my momma & so she new me & she put me in her truck to help get me to my momma & she put my bike into & she told Shawn to get in but Shawn was scared 😨 because of the blood I think coming from my head..
Shawn said no I will peddle home the lady drove me to my momma & when momma seen the lady lift me out of the truck my momma thought I had been hit by a car because of the bleeding from my head 😐 & I remember Shawn peddled fast because she was there at about the same time
Me & the lady got there in her truck..My momma cleaned up my head to see how bad I was white shirt was covered in blood & as it turned out my head was ok just lots of little cuts in my head..that bled hard stitches were needed just bang up & bruised & little cuts..
After momma cleaned me up she took me & Shawn back to Westside to get our push ups.. We even stop at the spot I crashed & found my quarter momma had given had dried blood all over it..later we laughed about how fast Shawn peddle her bike home that day ..haha 😄 🤣 she was
Fast very very fast hahah 😆..Like lightning McQueen haha 😄 😆.
We did almost everything together she was a year older than me & her Dad my Uncle Jimmy is what we called him worked for my pops he is a Electrician to trained by my pops ..& yes it caused friction between him & pops ..but they still worked it out in the end..but it did cause?..
Jealous I think between them...part of the older family do with the Company..
This is Shawns book ..that I put some things in in 2004..& yes it is green..this is so bazaar..
This is my cousin, my friend ,my sister..our whole lives growing up together ❤ 😢..& yes she is named after my momma ..Quetta..
This is the first page of Shawns book..not to many pages have been filled ..
This is page 2 of Shawn book that I did so so long ago..
The letters I dont think I have read them since long ago & were just tucked it the book ..
Page 3 in the book of Shawn..
I will have to take a min to open her memory from the service ..its tape shut so I wouldn't loss it..
She passed away on the # 23 ..of January..that # 23 is my momma birthday # July..named after momma & passed away on mommas birth # 23..
...these next ones inside this oldest sons name is on the inside & 3 nephews that i babysit a very long time ago & other family names..this is very tough stuff I am sharing...
Here goes..
..this is my family not all of them but some of them..I am taking a leap of faith here..😭💘❣💞🙏
My Child my parents & nephews some of them & cousins & Uncles & Aunts..are in this ..
There are no more pages in this book of Shawn..3 is all that is filled in this book..
Shawn brother is no longer with us either ..he committed suicide in December..his birthday is / was 11/3 / 1966 I will double check the year he was born..he died on December 18/ 2020..His Name was James Ray cousins who I grew up with everyday..Gone But Never Forgott
I could not make it to his funeral so I don't have the memorial paper but I can find & have it in 1 of these phones..might take a min to locate it..
We called him Jimmer..not James..hahaha ..
On a lighter note this is so funny this news paper clipping that pur oldest Son cut out for me ..I think 🤔 haha 😄 yes I think he gave it to me long long ago..this is so bazaar..I have screen shot it & the backside of it hahah my phone is glitching..😆😛💘❣💞🙏 Enjoy 😉..our
Son is very funny like me haha 😄
Oops posted 2 times haha ...double the laugh haha ..this is the backside of it..haha 😄
Now I will share another picture of my pops & momma ..& that shirt she is wearing hahaha 😆 😂 🤪😜😎❣🙏 hahaha
Boy if that isn't the truth I don't know what is ..😁🤣🙏🤪🤪🤪🤪
Hahah the stuff I save is amazing..our oldest loves to read ..he would read all the time growing of books come from me hahah 💕 💛 Godfathers? Hahaha so bazaar in a crazy 😜 🤪 beautiful way ..haha 😄
5-9- 97 ...haha 😄 his dad is 59 write now& hi grandpa was 79 when he passed away 😢..& that # 9 🥰😎 well after all my life path number is 9 💋💌💘🤪💫🙏
Those time stamp are cracking me up haha 😄
Bag i have been gathering in all my boxs & putting into bags..this 1 here has alot in it ..our family ..
Awe my sweet cousin ❤ he died along time ago ona bullet bike motorcycle just like his Uncle did years & years before..Uncle Jim ..we never new him because her died before we were born & he was in the military..Chynns momma & my pops were twins ..1 of each a boy & girl twins..
Uncle Jim was riding a motorcycle to when he was killed & it was around Christmas..I will have to find out his birthday & year he was born & death....
Switching gears here..will come back to our cousin Clynn..this is my pops & mommas Anniversary news paper clip for their 50th wedding 💒 anniversary..front side of the clipping..
Backside of of my family will not be happy with me sharing this ..this information..
Backside of pops & mommas headstone..
Lighting..2 bolts ⚡⚡
My heart is racing..frontside of the headstone..😭❤🙏
This is my sister..I thought I shared it a few minutes ago but my phone is glitching..I miss you everyday 😢..gone but Never Forgotten. 🙏❤
Backside of big friend & family. 💟
It looks on the front like its say 2017 but it was 2013..probably a glitch in the camera..
Here is my/ our pops 💙 paper..😭💘❣💫🙏
Inside of it.. 😭💘❣💫🙏
Other page on the inside..💘💘
Gone BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN..I love you pops ❤ 🙏👊
Now back to my/ our cousin Clynn 😭🙏❤
Inside of it..
Other side on the inside..
Back of it...🙏❤
Now I will add his Dad to this thread..🙏❤
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