🤢🤮 https://twitter.com/TappinGrassley/status/1364771669408059392
True. Though they're also fairly Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to arresting cops committing sex crimes with children – turns out there are a *lot* of them https://twitter.com/Andy_Olsen/status/1364946518239809550
Cops committing sex crimes involving children is common

You get the idea

That's just from a quick skim of @fsckemall show notes going back to 2018

Many more missed during that period since the podcast was off the air

Many, many, many more happening pre-2018
True. But if I included the adult cop rapes among the children cop rapes we'd be here all day https://twitter.com/potaterator/status/1364964849202192393
It's a common theme through most of the articles

Sadly, reporters make cops sound sympathetic af when they're raping kids https://twitter.com/LesserFrederick/status/1364965305039138825
If the QAnon nuts were serious about "saving the children," they'd be pushing to abolish cops in schools ASAP
Cops committing sex crimes involving children is common

Child molestation, at least 6x, while on the force working child sex crime cases: https://twitter.com/BostonGlobe/status/1381001539033174020
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