What is a common problem for 🧑‍🎨 content creators who are building an audience right now?
My friend @sscotty says: to creators it might seem that people want tidy systems and frameworks, repeated 🔁 endlessly
But, as a creator, we don't start with a neatly laid out finished product

It begins with a ⚡️ bolt of inspiration and some loosely connected 🧠 thoughts
It can become difficult to capture the 💡 idea with all its dimensions before it escapes us

Another common challenge is to power through the brick wall 🧱 that we hit while giving shape to the idea
What to do? Dont worry about all of that; trust the process 🔀

take the idea soup → slowly begin to clarify it → do it in public → somebody will watch → who like it will share → who seek it will come 🌏
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