#RunOn nth rewatch: A thread of the things I recently discovered from my rewatch or forgot to mention before
The subtle hint of them being together at the beginning of #RunOnEp1 is already a giveaway of them being together at the end of #RunOnEp16 + them being present in gyeommi's first encounter / first kiss #RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1362023689198268418?s=19
The funniest parallel ever. Seongyeom is thriving on violence/chaos despite being the softest man on fictional world
#RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1362029573760671745?s=19
Just noticing how Woosik tends to awkwardly clap on awkward situations 😂 #RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1362034871183450113?s=19
I just find this "smoking/cigarette" scene funny coincidence or not 😂 #RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1362495807186866176?s=19
The whole "Mays Entertainment"
#RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1362590014303916036?s=19
Gyeommi dated after knowing each other for more or less than 2 months based on their first text message exchange which was recorded on September 11, 2020. They dated on November 8, 2020. #RunOn #런온 https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1362939654283030530?s=19
The use of physical barrier in this scenes to emphasize the wall between them during their arguments #RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1362965445217673218?s=19
I believe this is a secret message from the writer and production team of #RunOn 😂 https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1363044677910286337?s=19
Adding this here because I just find this parallel funny 😂 Why does he blindly follow Mijoo 🤣 #RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1363396353175347211?s=19
Adding more funny gyeommi parallel #RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1364049428152127490?s=19
The suspicious couple 😂 #RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1364060033823113217?s=19
Finally made this thorough commentary about the "fake" things in Mijoo's life and how it played an essential role in #RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1364559126517354498?s=19
Yet another #RunOn parallel that's been on my mind since last week but only decided to tweet today 😂😂😂 https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1367087247099457537?s=19
Another possible #RunOn parallel 😂 https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1367450497251237890?s=19
Not a new discovery, just wanna add this on the thread 😂 #RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1368401710700359685?s=19
Commentary on #RunOn using the song "Movie" as the bgm for the trailer + the lyrics that coincides with some details in the drama https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1368529642290769921?s=19
Idk if this is intentional but this entire sequence is interesting 😆
#RunOn #런온 https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1369621241460449284?s=19
Another thing that I find interesting is how almost everyone around gyeommi was able to tell at first glance that there's something going on between them. #RunOn #런온 https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1369991467347808265?s=19
I'm just wondering if this is a parallel/foreshadowing.. it feels like it is

#RunOn #런온 https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1371310045850267648?s=19
Some thoughts I always ponder: the mirroring/reflecting details in #RunOn https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1374279121899982848?s=19
This is not new knowledge but I just find it mind-blowing how they showed the ending scene first of the movie that Mijoo was offered to translate on ep11. Was it a coincidence? I think not. I believe there's no such thing as coincidence in #RunOn 😂 https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1376162091489366017?s=19
I'm either trippin or this was done on purpose idc I'll add this on this thread 😌 https://twitter.com/Hoyaanae/status/1381874262005346305?s=19
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