Lee Hangyul being the biggest social butterfly💓

— a thread of hangyul interaction with other idols
1. Hangyul with SVT Hoshi and Wonwoo

-Hangyul upload the left and right challenge on tiktok with the caption ' #LeftandRightChallenge with soonyoung hyung after work out, it was fun, I love the song!! (wonwoo hyung is the camera man)'
2. Hangyul with SVT Vernon
3. Hangyul with GOT7 Jackson https://twitter.com/4hangyul/status/1184796522367668225/video/1
+ Jackson again
4. Hangyul with GOT7 Yugyeom + Sangyeon

5. Hangyul with GOT7 Yugyeom and JB
6. Hangyul with The Boyz Sangyeon
+ sangyeon again
sangyeon posted a selca with hangyul on twitter https://twitter.com/WE_THE_BOYZ/status/1230457102511964161?s=19
7. Hangyul with The Boyz Juyeon
+ juyeon again
8. Hangyul with WEI Donghan
+ donghan again
9. Hangyul with NCT Dream Renjun
10. Hangyul with AB6IX Woojin

- Woojin nominated hangyul for #ThanksToChallenge on ig
11. Hangyul with TXT Yeonjun
+ yeonjun again
12. Hangyul with MCND Castle J
+ Castle J

A fan asked how Castle J and hangyul get close and he answered they turn out to have the same dance trainer and they get close faster because hangyul talk comfortably with them (+Serim)
13. Hangyul with CRAVITY Serim
+ Serim again
14. Hangyul with Minkyu
15. Hangyul with B.O.Y Yuvin and

Yuvin Instagram update
16. Hangyul with E'last Wonhyuk https://twitter.com/gyulyoo/status/1332728054146220032?s=19
17. Hangyul with Onewe Dongmyeong https://twitter.com/4hangyul/status/1171377107991183365/video/1
18. Hangyul with Feeldog

Feeldog IG Story Update
19. Hangyul with Lee Woo and Timoteo

Lee Woo IG story (Happy Day Fanmeeting)
Lee Woo and Hangyul friendship photoshoot
20. Hangyul, Dohyon with Kanto
21. Hangyul and Jeup

Jeup IG story update
22. Hangyul with Imfact Taeho

Taeho IG Story Update
23. Hangyul and Marco https://twitter.com/googyule/status/1318883260047478787?s=19
24. Hangyul and A.C.E Junhee and Donghun https://twitter.com/bubblyself/status/1258422712109658113?s=19
25. Hangyul and TOO Woonggi

Woonggi know hangyul when he was a trainee and said hangyul help him a lot
26. Hangyul with Onewe Harin
27. Hangyul with Oneus Xion
28. Hangyul with Up10tion Bitto
29. Hangyul with MYst Woncheol https://twitter.com/MYst_member/status/1255881555580317697?s=19
30. Hangyul with Up10tion Hwanhee
31. Hangyul with ONF J-Us and U https://twitter.com/gyulyoo/status/1391720170347847683?s=19
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