"The CDC also maintains a separate list of conditions that “might” increase a person’s risk of serious illness from the virus — ...asthma, cystic fibrosis, and *immune deficiencies* are among them — but Massachusetts... has opted to leave those out of its eligibility criteria." https://twitter.com/BostonGlobe/status/1360589583478620161
“This has caused inequities even within the disability community because some people are included and others are entirely left out of vaccine allocation plans.” @DrKaraAyers of @ThinkEquitable
I'm glad the @BostonGlobe is covering #HighRiskMa. But it's pretty late compared to the twitter conversations we've been having especially about #HighRiskCA and #HighRiskNY
@SFdirewolf @Aoiferocksitout
Let's keep saying the quiet part out loud. Looking at you Charlie @MassGovernor and Secretary Sudders. @MassHHS Your ridgid rules are leaving so many of #HighRiskMa out of the vaccine discussion. https://twitter.com/MGresko2431/status/1360627132855013378?s=19
I am lucky to be able to take walks in the nature center. I might be the only one on the trail but I still have my mask! Because I'm #HighRiskMA and have to wear a mask every time I leave the house.
Various shades of bad is apt way of describing what we're dealing with (collectively) Excellent thread:
As much as I complain (or try not to) I know I don't have a better solution. I know there are too many of us and not enough vaccines. And I know it's going to be like that for a while.
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Lets add "catastrophic failure" to Baker's resume
To stumble means eventually you right yourself and continue moving. To use "stumbling" as a way to describe #HighRiskMA #Covid19 vaccine rollout in MA is an offense to the word stumble. https://twitter.com/NicholeDWBZ/status/1363921508427563013?s=20
Now that CT has switched to an age based system for #covid19 vaccine distribution I'm paranoid that someone in Baker's task force or the governor himself will just say to hell with MA's system and copy CA and CT. Would screw over so many in the #HighRiskMA category.
But because of the overly narrow MA list I don't think an aged based system would affect my place in the queue much at all. 30 something and perfectly healthy if you don't count my need to routinely inject an immune modulator to keep my crohn's in remission. 🙃
Once again we have words that don't accurately describe the situation. In this case a bad user experience is having an image without alt text. A bad user experience is trying to get concert tickets online (before times). Or taking the T during delays. https://twitter.com/AbbeyNBCBoston/status/1364297204958191617?s=20
I know Boston pols are critical of the state's Covid roll out - but they're also busy with a mayoral race (without the incumbent running).

Go follow the Mayor of Sommerville #HighRiskCovidMA https://twitter.com/JoeCurtatone/status/1364983979179446275?s=20
Business livelihoods over...lives
They say you still need to mask up even after you're lucky enough to get a vaccine... Massachusetts is going to prove that. Heads up #HighRiskMA https://twitter.com/alexjgoldstein/status/1366230715768143872?s=19
Don't need a TARDIS to travel time and space, just log onto our vaccine portal... https://twitter.com/shirazita/status/1366801962461757442?s=19
In which @mattbc does a great job explaining where I am at and why I have such complicated feelings whenever I see friends vaccine posts.

"Everyone" is starting to relax. Or they're so tired they can't take it anymore. Policies are changing, Masks are going away, capacity limits are lifting. But I can't let my guard down. *gestures vaguely in Massachusetts* Thanks Baker #HighRiskMA https://twitter.com/ByMikeBaker/status/1370066235895865346?s=20
When you make cable news but not for a good thing. 🤔 Doesn't Baker care about his "image" https://twitter.com/maddow/status/1370108309966032896?s=19
Impending #mbta service cuts are labeled as "Forging Ahead" because PR Spin but shouldn't we be "Forging Ahead" with our #Covid19 vaccination program instead?
On the 365th day of #Covid19 data, Massachusetts has had 569,620 total confirmed cases.

The last library books I picked up in person @bplboston were ready on March 4, 2020. My last day in the office was March 16, 2020. St. Patrick's day will be 1 year work from home.
At the beginning I was uncertain of how much risk I actually had since I've been taking immunosuppressants for nearly 20 years. My GI's office couldn't articulate my risk level. I've masked and social distanced as much as I can for a whole year. #HighRiskMA #HighRiskCOVID19
And now I'm uncertain when I am eligible for the vaccine, because the CDC drafted 2 lists of conditions, the known risk and the might be at risk. Massachusetts ignores the might be list. I have to keep masking and social distancing. Like my life depends on it. Because it does.
I made this #HighRiskMA thread a month ago... Maybe tomorrow I'll actually know what's going on. https://twitter.com/MassGovernor/status/1371942355377487881?s=19
Today is a year since I started working remote. I haven't been in the office since. Everything is zoom and slack.
Dad gets to go since he's 60+ (and had Covid already) Mom and I are in the last group. She always thought I should go a little before her. But Baker disagrees.
I fully expect to get the vaccine sometime in June and be able to "celebrate" Fourth of July.
I think once I get my full shot I will try a walk in the nature center with a mask in my pocket instead of on my ears or around my neck... No one seems to care if you wear one or not out there *right now* I just am always careful because I have to be.

I expect this will be July
I'm still worried about spending time with dad. The restaurant capacity limits will be loosened. Fatigue is only increasing. Especially with the 💉 dates announced. I feel a little better about boundaries since he was positive...2 months ago. But I don't think his habits changed.
His habits of eating in restaurants (and hanging indoors with friends) led to his exposure imo. His cavailer attitudes put me at risk I just wish I'd been more firm last year. But I wanted to see him so I simply went along with it.
This is what I was worried about. I won't be able to register along with mom and will have to get my own dates booked. No chance of us going together the same time same site... https://twitter.com/kingdomofwench/status/1373774006583762947?s=19
If Baker did consult with "federal health experts", then why did he leave out the 2nd part of the CDC #HighRiskCovid19 list?

Oversight Hearing live tweet: https://twitter.com/stephmsolis/status/1374439749650280449
Got the "are you eligible" email from Partners. Sadly I can't even qualify for the 4/5 group (and be included with mom)


Yes, a flicker of hesitation wondering if I were to fudge the "right" medical condition to get in that group. But a flicker. #HighRiskCovid19
A year ago today getting my first batch of humira during Covid. Thankfully I've been getting 2 months at a time instead of 1 month. https://twitter.com/walshcaitlin/status/1243563902526504975?s=19
*further updates twitter handle* thank you vaccine angel and the many friends who wanted me to get something scheduled asap.
Saturday 4/10 at Reggie Lewis Center.
Just because I'm booked for my 1st dose doesn't mean the system fixed itself overnight. Vaccine access from eligibility to the ability to book online/at the spur of the moment and drop everything to go 💉 is still inequitable.
🧵 https://twitter.com/DorchesterEsq/status/1379457116491165697?s=19
Even with Baker moving up groups once Biden got involved doesn't mean he solved any problems. The eligibility rules in the end should have been there day 1. So many #HighRiskCovid people are trying to book when the floodgates have opened. I don't feel bad for using an 😇.
Don't punch down, punch up. 🗳️ https://twitter.com/walshcaitlin/status/1380162628044136457
This thread is still ongoing at least until May. Might be a little quieter. 💉 1/2 done. https://twitter.com/walshcaitlin/status/1380905343052611584?s=19
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