alright, it's time once again for a game sale rec thread! this will be covering ground from the steam, GOG, and itchio sales. as ever, i focus primarily on more obscure, niche, weirder games. lots of recs of older games too for modern gens who might not have tried 'em.

Umurangi Generation - ($11.24) - my 2020 GOTY. a first person photography game in the "shitty future" of tauranga aotearoa. take pics, complete bounties, and pay attention. the best environmental storytelling i've ever seen in a game.
i also HIGHLY recommend you pick up the Macro DLC ($7.49), which adds new tools, and new levels, including a heartstopping ending. the base game is already complete, but the DLC makes it complete-r, if you get me.
The Flower Collectors ($11.99) - it's 1977 in barcelona. you are an ex-cop who uses a wheelchair - and have witnessed a murder. partnering with a young journalist, you must scan the streets to find truth. Rear Window's ideas turned into game mechanics!
Shadowhand ($7.49) - a great modified and hypercharged form of solitare combines with RPG battle mechanics to bring you the tale of aristocrat turned highwayman Cornelia Darkmoor. cut through deceit - by playing solitare for huge combos to do big damage!
Paratopic ($3.01) - short PS1 styled horror, with an atmosphere that feels feverish. like sweat rolling down your neck, or the uncomfortable churn of stomach acid that makes the world feel dizzy.
Trackless ($6.99) - warmly strange with style to spare, Trackless combines old school text adventure parsers with Myst puzzle solving in a freeroam world. you are a seeker, completing trials to see The Object - whatever The Object might be. you don't know.
Pizza Express ($0.69, nice) - blending Cook, Serve, Delicious and Pizza Tycoon, combining fast paced pizza assembly with restaurant management sim, with a story mode thrown on top! build your own menu, advertise your pizzeria, and don't mess up the order!
Where The Waters Tastes Like Wine ($4.99) - travel depression-era america hearing, telling, re-telling stories, dropping them like seeds to see how they change and grow... to pay off your gambling debt to a wolf who beat you at cards and took your flesh.
The Friends Of Ringo Ishikawa ($7.49) - river city ransom meets shenmue's small town open world exploration with a constantly ticking clock, centering around a teen delinquent having a quiet, moody existential crisis in their last year of high school.
Haunted Cities volume 4 ($PWYW!) - the latest work from Kitty Horrorshow. 4 short experimental games, with horror that builds up slowly like atmospheric pressure around your skull, taking its time in squeezing the life out of you.
Bug Fables: The Everlasting Spring ($14.99) - do you like the Paper Mario games? yes? okay, great.

do you like bugs? yes? at least indifferent? okay. great.

buy this immediately.
10S ($2.50) - wander an alien landscape. battle monsters. fight your way through bullet hells by playing tennis. 
Hypnospace Outlaw ($13.99) - a personal fave. it's 1999: you are a mod for a geocities-esque webspace - one accessed exclusively as people sleep. funny as hell, deeply sincere and vulnerable, with gameplay that's like "Where Online Is Carmen Sandiego?"
Treachery In Beatdown City ($11.99) - a semi-turn based beat 'em up that has expertly studied, dissected, and reassembled what makes beat 'em ups great to build one of the best combat systems i've ever played. fight somebody!
Marenian Tavern Story ($11.99) - a combination of casual restaurant sim and fantasy RPG! gather ingredients and recipes, cook fresh dishes, and assemble a menu to bring customers to your tavern! hunt monsters not for weapons, but for great meals!
Starship Titanic ($2.39) - by Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy creator Douglas Adams, this comedy adventure uses a highly ambitious text parser system to have you solve the mysteries of the titular cruise ship, and try to guide it safely back to earth.
Sunless Skies ($8.49) - captain a steam powered space train, working to survive travel from one port to the next while cosmic horrors tap on the glass of reality itself, and on your cabin window. sail the stars. betray your queen. MURDER A SUN.
Mouth Sweet ($PWYW!) - in this horror title, you're the newest underpaid temp at C.C. & C. as if it's not enough to steal your name and make you fulfill bizarre tasks, invisible monsters wander the halls - and the boss doesn't care if you live or die. 
Caves of Qud ($13.49) - wildly creative roguelike that feels like morrowind in how you can use its systems to approach its world in all new ways, on top of things like "doors can be sentient" and "evil AU of yourself hunts you across time is a stat trait"
alright, that'll do for tonight! i'll have more sales recs tomorrow, and all the way until the sales end - usually i get close to 100 recs or so with each big sale.

if you wanna throw me some bones for the curation, i do have a ko-fi! enjoy video games! 
on twitter on a friday night? i have no judgments about your lifestyle especially given the circumstances. who wants some more lunar new year game sale recs, here they come
The Itchio New Year Sale Bundle ($7.00) - six games for seven bucks - including Baba Is You and Frog Fractions! but i want to give a little extra focus to Frog Detective 2 and 10 Beautiful Postcards there...
Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard - a short (just about an hour+), funny, and charming as hell detective game - great for an afternoon where you just wanna mellow out and have a good, fun time. i'd also recommend picking up the first game for the same reasons
and 10 Beautiful Postcards is a personal favorite - by catamites, the creator of classics like Space Funeral and Goblet Grotto, comes an exploration game unlike pretty much anything else out there. a massive world and worlds within worlds of hotels and hotels in hotels.
The Lion's Song ($3.99) - this episodic point and click is set in 20th century Austria, with beautiful pixel art accompanying tender, taut vignettes of slices of humanity, tying them all back together at the end. 
Neo Cab ($8.99) - Lina is the very last human cab driver in Los Ojos. one of her friends has disappeared, and the only way she'll find out why is by talking to her passengers - while trying to keep her 5 star rating up so she doesn't lose her job.
Later Alligator ($10.79) - part VN, part mini game collection, charming as hell. protect young pat in this lively animated mystery having you solve a conspiracy that could tear apart alligator new york city! features a great soundtrack by 2 mello!
Anodyne 1 + 2 ($20.23) - 1 takes inspo from 2D zeldas, 2 more from 3D N64 ones. both very hard to forget. the first starts as affectionate riffs and turns into something that feels like catharsis by puking. the second feels like birthing your own fate.
Marginalia ($2.88) - a letter from a missing friend beckons you to the isolated valley of Kestlebrook. while you walk through these woods and carry yourself away from civilization, you'll find yourself wondering not only where you are, but when. 
Shadowrun: Dragonfall ($3.74) - one of my fave RPGs of all time. a tightly paced cyberpunk-fantasy RPG where an easy job goes wrong and drops you into the middle of a conspiracy that could destroy the anarchist flux-state of berlin.
a little extra to sell you on Dragonfall - it has Eiger, a combat hardened sniper troll, and Glory, a razor girl decked out deep in old chrome. they're great. if you treat them - or others - like you casually would NPCs in other games, you'll get burned for it. it rules.
Raging Loop ($19.49) - a horror VN set in rural Japan, taking heavy inspiration from Werewolf/Mafia style games. haruaki fusashi has gotten lost in a mist covered settlement, just as people are starting to die - and the killer could be any of them.
killer7 ($7.99) - suda51's very first stateside released title and still nothing quite like it. control the psychic collective of assassins known as the smith syndicate to take down "Heaven Smile" in a truly surreal, dreamlike world that explains little.
it's hard to convey how incredibly and enrapturingly strange killer7 can get through screenshots alone, and honestly even this cutscene won't quite do it, but, uh - it might help.
Heaven Will Be Mine ($7.49) - queer romance + mecha anime smashed into the shitposting, sliding into dms internet as we know it. fight and/or make out as 1 of 3 mecha pilot girls in a struggle that could redefine war - and the concept of Gravity - itself.
Stories Untold ($2.49) - a great way for retro-curious modern gamers who wanna get into old interactive fiction, this anthology of horror stories takes those old parser interfaces and wraps them around 3D environments for you to puzzle and sweat over.
The Secret Of Monkey Island ($3.49) - a wildly influential point and click comedy. guybrush threepwood wants to be a mighty pirate - too bad 1. he's a total dweeb and 2. ghost pirate lechuck will kill him dead. switch to the original graphics IMMEDIATELY
if you want to play Monkey Island with the original graphics AND the new voice acting, some nice people have made it possible to do that in SCUMMVM.
LOOM ($2.09) - an underrated part of Lucasarts' point and click adventure catalog, this is a fantasy musical adventure where you cast spells via music, like using the ocarina in zelda. fairy tale inspired but has great lore of its own. 
Dead Function ($PWYW!) - a short RPG taking inspo from Mother 3, walking it down the intersection of where creepy, goofy, and funny meet. play Lil Brick, a psychically gifted kid using his powers to work on clearing out the haunts in the graveyard. 
MEMENTO ($1.19) - short yet slow burning horror where bright, beautiful skies and blue oceans offer no safety. a school trip to a musuem that is home to the echoes and spirits of war - they have become restless, and refuse to let themselves be forgotten.
Spark The Electric Jester ($3.99) - retro platforming inspired by kirby! and inspired by mega man! and inspired by sonic the hedgehog! stirs them all together in a pot to make a great fast paced title.
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School ($10.49) - hee-min lee has snuck into school after hours to leave a gift for the girl he pines for. but restless spirits are bubbling underneath the floorboards and in the hallways that will trap him in an ethereal maze.
Jazzpunk ($3.74) - a comedy adventure set in a VERY alternate cold war. take your fisher-price toy self around and solve (?) mysteries (???) to do... things? (?????) equally bizarre and memorable. kind of like a (more) surreal lego island.
Yoku's Island Express ($3.99) - a pinball driven metroidvania, featuring you as the cutest dung beetle in the world, delivering mail all over mokumana island! launch yourself all over, help others, deliver the mail, and save the island itself!
alright, gonna take a lil break here for now - probably gonna be back later tonight with more recs, and if not then, then definitely tomorrow! enjoy, hope you found something unexpected to love!
nyohkay i said i might do some more recs tonight annnnnd i'm feeling good enough to do just that. here they come
Creature In The Well ($7.49) - hack and slash dungeon crawling, but instead of killing hundreds of demons and picking up loot... you're playing pinball! smack balls around to activate the mechanical secrets of the last city on earth!
Demon's Tilt ($9.99) - yes i like pinball a lot what of it

video pinball inspired by games like Devil's Crush and Alien Crush, this is high speed, over the top occult pinball that's only possible in digital form.
Conquests of the Longbow ($3.59) - an hidden gem of a Sierra point and click! take on the sherriff of nottingham and far more in this beautiful, ambitious game, written by none other than the creator of Jem and the Holograms, Christy Marx!
The Horror Of Salazar House ($3.16) - retro horror inspired by macventure titles like Uninvited and Shadowgate. as the young journalist Elisa, you have come to the mansion of Jaime Salazar who disappeared in the mid-80s. this, of course, does not go well. 
Butterfly Soup ($PWYW!) - queer asian girls, baseball, and the struggles of queer asian girls who love baseball and are falling in love with each other. just 3-4 hours. worth all of them. 
Pyre ($5.99) - you play a lot of hades? why not try my fave supergiant game? NBA Jam + VN + fantasy gives you the tale of a band of outcasts performing rites - magical dunks, 3 pointers - to earn their right back to civilization. there's a talking air bud.
Dandara ($5.99) - a brazilian metroidvania with grand pixel art and a unique movement system. no walking, no jumping - only flipping from one surface to another. travel the salt to bring balance back to Creation and Intent.
Californium ($1.39) - a radioactively colored and psychedelic homage to philip k. dick, you are a writer with an existential crisis (what's new), but more concerning is the fact that you're being warped back and forth through both space and time.
Tacoma ($7.99) - a sci-fi mystery by the creators of Gone Home. you have been hired to recover an AI from an abandoned space station - but doing that will have you digging through the reasons why it's abandoned, by carefully watching holographic logs.
Gato Roboto ($3.99) - a monochrome metroidlike, right down to the power armor, only instead of a human raised by bird aliens, you're a - mostly! - normal domestic cat! a short title that's great for beating in a weekend.
AI: The Somnium Files ($23.99) - a near future thriller by kotaro uchikoshi, director of the Zero Escape games! investigate a serial killer with the aid of things like 'brain diving' and a mechanical eyeball with a full fledged AI in it.
When The Past Was Around - a short (2+ hours) puzzle point and click about love, letting go, and the joys and pain that roll through the heart all the while. lovingly bittersweet, it's heart is full, open, and vulnerable.
The Zork Anthology ($3.89) - are you an original infocom gamer revisiting old times, or a modern player curious about game history? either way, this collection of interactive fiction is a great deal, giving you the games and their pack ins!
Return To Zork ($1.97) - the lesser remembered 1993 FMV game in the zork series, continuing its blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and midwestern america. it is incredibly, memorably fucking weird, in both style and gameplay, and is worth it for that alone, imo.
and when i say Return to Zork is incredibly fucking weird, i mean it.
"what is E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy ($2.99)"

an ambitious first person game taking inspo from deus ex and system shock that allows you to hack most anything

"does it play well and is easy to understand"


"why recommend it then"

you gain brouzouf
DIVINATION ($0.99) - "The runes have been set. Show them the answer." it's a time of despair and uncertainty in the future - the kind of time made for you, a fortune teller. listen to their stories. read their futures - and perhaps change them.
Myst: Masterpiece Edition ($2.99) - if there's a "no, you really have to try this" classic PC game i'd rec to newer gens, Myst is it. fall into an otherworldly island, and solve puzzles, while two brothers trapped in books bark at you to bring them pages.
okay it's almost 11 pm, so i really am gonna call it a night now for recs! i hope you found something new to love!

and one more time i'll shamelessly throw in my ko-fi link. enjoy video games! 
hiyoooo it's the weekend baby, which means i'm starting my game sale rec thread additions earlier than usual. just counted and there's over 50 in the thread so far! yowza! okay here comes more
Diaries Of A Spaceport Janitor ($2.49) - a personal GOAT. space is full of planet hopping rogues and adventurers. you clean up their trash, while followed by a cursed screaming skull. a beautiful and bittersweet game about shit jobs and dreams of more.
EXAPUNKS ($9.99) - in the dark world of 1997 you're a former hacker who is about to drop the 'former'. you've caught the phage, so you're running hack jobs for treatment. script your own program loops to tear through computer security! survive! read zines!
Minoria ($13.99) - from the creators of the Momodora games (which i'd also highly recommend) comes another title continuing a tradition of appealing to what i'd call the cross section of "loves metroidvanias" and "loves touhou aesthetics/fanart".
Jenny LeClue - Detectivu ($4.99) - a meta-mystery adventure game, where you play Jenny LeClue, a kinda g-rated Nancy Drew - and her creator, author Arthur Finklestein, whose editor insists the series needs to 'mature' in order to sell. great art, VA!
The Swapper ($2.24) - a moody, atmospheric sci-fi puzzler with all handmade environments. dive through an abandoned space station using a device that lets you clone yourself - and erase, kill those clones - over, and over, and...
Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk ($0.59) - a very short horror visual novel where a person has to go to the store to get milk, and talks to you - you, the player - along the way, about the stresses of this 'simple' task, and their life.
Unavowed ($8.99) - point 'n click urban fantasy murder mystery, combined with the best part of mass effect: taking squadmembers with you and chatting them up endlessly! the puzzles solve differently depending on who you bring along!
Quadrilateral Cowboy ($9.99) - self described as 'twentieth century cyberpunk'. commit industrial espionage and sabotage with your high tech 256k ram laptop, 56.6k modem, and the raw power of the command line in this stylish immersive sim.
The Disney Afternoon Collection ($4.99) - 6 NES Capcom Disney games in one cheap package! great for new and old fans of Ducktales and more! tons of extra goodies!

"colin i could just get the roms"

i know. you want the rewind function here, trust me

and i'll stop here for a hot minute! will be back later tonight with more recs. hope you found something unexpected to love!
hiyooooo much later it is 11:35 who wants some more game sale recs [drowns you in them like a grain elevator]
Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within ($3.89) - urban fantasy murder mysteries in munich! clunky FMV at the height of the era! werewolves! homoerotic subtext! homoerotic subtext werewolves! this game has it all, baby!
Dropsy ($2.49) - before Hypnospace Outlaw, jay tholen made this, a point and click HUGventure with no text. dropsy lives in a burned down circus, but he just wants to care for others. but the secrets lurking in the city won't make it easy for him.
Sam and Max Hit the Road ($2.09) - the 1993 point 'n click classic, great for new fans, still holds up for the older ones! go cross country through bizarre tourist traps to find a missing bigfoot, and roughhouse with the biggest jackass in country western.
Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim ($2.00) - what it says, but so much more too. travel with a band of queer orcs on an annual journey to a mythical version of scotland's highlands. explores intimacy, culture, bodies, and one's relation to all of them. 
Deedlit In Wonder Labyrinth ($10.99) - hey were you a 90s anime nerd who bought incredibly expensive record of lodoss war tapes at suncoast


great they've got a (still in dev) metroidvania about deedlit now


Pix the Cat ($1.49) - a fast high speed arcade game that feels like a combination of many at once - Pac-Man, Pac-Man Championship Edition, Snake, and a bit of Chu Chu Rocket??? crank your high score and keep the combo going before time runs out
Hylics ($2.09) - this striking clay assembled game self-describes as "a recreational program with light JRPG elements".

this is not wrong. it's also an undersell.
Dungeon Keeper ($1.49) - the classic bullfrog title lives! instead of pushing into the dungeon to kill the monsters there, you ARE the master of the dungeon, and you're loading it up with everything you've got to kill those bastard heroes coming in.
annnnnd eyes getting heavy, so i'm gonna tap out for the night. more recs to come later!
we're getting into the last 24 hours of the various game sales! so here's some more recs why not!!!!
Heaven's Vault ($14.99) - if you loved The Outer Wilds and need something to scratch that itch, this is your shit. the creators of 80 Days bring you a tale of an archaeologist in space, deciphering the languages of the past to understand the present.
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis ($2.09) - this is what the 4th movie should have been. control both indiana jones and sophia hapgood in a race against time to find the lost city of atlantis before the 3rd reich can in this classic point 'n click.
Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People ($2.99) - dear strong bad,

how do you release a 2008 episodic point and click with boxing gloves on

moreover, holy shit, we're still talking about H*R in 2021

crapfully yours, john, IL
Thimbleweed Park ($11.99) - the creator of Maniac Mansion, Ron Gilbert, returns with a new title that hearkens back to the classics without simply being a nostalgia fest. a mysterious dead body is the least of 5 people's problems in one bizarre town.
Murder by Numbers ($10.04) - you been needing a new picross game? you'd be down for a picross game with a story attached to it? you'd like a picross game with a murder mystery attached to it? well!
Golf Peaks ($1.99) - a card based puzzler themed around golf - using the movement cards you have, work your way to get your ball from the start to the cup. over 100 puzzles to solve! 
Artifact Adventure ($1.39) - if you love old school RPG, and i mean FF1, Dragon Quest 1 kind of old school, then this is a must-have. a much, MUCH bigger world and longer game than you might initially expect.
Yomawari: Night Alone ($3.99) - your older sister has gone out to look for your dog... and she hasn't come back. a gorgeous horror game that blends folk spirits and urban legends as you wander dark, haunted streets with your heart in your throat.
Yomawari: Midnight Shadows ($9.99) - just as tense as the first game. two friends get separated while coming home from a fireworks show when a stranger attacks them. the spirits of the town hunt and haunt them while they try to get back to each other.
Desert Child ($4.79) - as a hoverbike racer who needs to get off planet before everything goes to shit, you need money. get it through any means possible. this racing/shmup is (clearly) influenced by Cowboy Bebop and has a great soundtrack to boot.
Commander Keen Complete Pack ($1.49) - DOPEFISH LIVES

all the classic kid friendly platformers that are also part of DOOM canon (no, really) for one cheap price!
Anachronox ($0.97) - the forgotten Ion Storm title, this game is a sci-fi point and click, but also is an RPG, and also taking influence from Chrono Trigger - and also english comedy like Hitchhiker's Guide. wild, weird, and surprisingly funny even now.
Pathologic 2 ($17.49) - Russian horror that moves like a play, with you as a doctor in a rural town, investigating a plague - and a murder. you have 12 days to save whoever you can, including yourself. resources are scarce. so is time. die, and try again.
Lethal League Blaze ($13.99) - you could see it as a fusion of dodgeball, pong, and fighting games, then cranked to hyperspeed. has a killer soundtrack, including a hideki naganuma song (which you can hear in this video)
annnnd i'll stop here for now! might be one last addition to the rec thread later tonight or so. either way, as ever, hope you found something unexpected to love! enjoy video games!
heyo who wants some VERY last minute additional game sale recs

like last 2 hours is last minute, right? sure
Heart&Slash ($4.94) - a roguelite brawler with megaman legends in its aesthetics DNA. as the freshly awakened robot Heart, tear your way through other machines that'd try to stop you from escaping. tons of weapons and tools to unlock!
Heat Signature ($7.49) - it'd be easy to pitch this as "hotline miami in space" and have that get people on board, but there's much more. do sci-fi Looney Tunes murders and escape by having your ship waiting outside when you depressurize the whole cabin.
Super House Of Dead Ninjas ($1.39) - an arcade style game that's great for when you just wanna kill 15-30 minutes to an hour. descend through hundreds of floors in a race against the clock while chaining as many kills of enemies for high score as you can!
Kingsway ($3.99) - not simply inspired by Windows 95 aesthetics, Kingsway literally uses a knockoff of it as part of the core gameplay. cast magic, defeat monsters, round up loot, all by clicking and managing lots of windows at once in this roguelike.
Pool Panic ($3.74) - billiards, but Not. a puzzler-ish(?) game having you control both the ball and the stick as you wander around trying to get all the goddamn red balls into holes. What The Golf? fans may wanna check this out.
Double Dragon Neon ($2.49) - Wayforward delivers their own goofy take on the Double Dragon series, and i'll admit upfront, it's something of a mixed bag, but still more good than bad and played with a friend it's a BLAST. has a killer soundtrack too!
it's especially worth checking out if you were a fan of River City Girls, as there's a lot of shared blood there, and also if you wondered "is that a buff papyrus" - no, it's Skullmageddon from Double Dragon Neon!
The Fall ($1.99) - you are ARID, the AI that operates a power suit that has crash landed on a planet, leaving the human inside of you unresponsive. push through the rusty, churning gears of a cruel abandoned planet to try and save them in time.
Battle Chef Brigade ($7.99) - brawlers, match three puzzlers, anime, and Iron Chef all come together to bring you this! harvest ingredients by combat and cook to perfection to meet the judge's tastes, fighting your way into the chef brigade!
Ancient Enemy ($8.99) - y'all thought Shadowhand up earlier in the list looked intriguing? why not try the next game by the same devs? a combat solitare RPG set in a world of magic and decay - Slay the Spire and Puzzle Quest fans, check it out!
We Know The Devil ($1.59) - an atmospheric, unnerving VN about 3 teens stuck at a christian summer camp that is deeply familiar and yet completely unreal. choose who stays and who goes. hear the devil. be blessed by the voice in the static.
Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight: ($3.99) - i recommended the Momodora games earlier in the Minoria rec. let me repeat and emphasize that rec here. metroidvania with touhou art inspo and razor sharp controls for a great challenge and atmosphere.
and it's down to the last hour of the steam sale now, so... i think that'll finally finish off this rec thread! i love doing these, and i'll do 'em again the next big sale.

(i'm also not above one more rattling of the ko-fi can) 
i truly hope you found something unexpected to love - it tickles me pink whenever i end up helping someone find a brand new fave game, especially if it's out of their usual wheelhouse of genres or tones.
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