BTOB Minhyuk's Story of Life Timeline | Part 1: Family, Childhood & Predebut

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On November 29th, 1990, a baby boy was born in Junggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul, South Korea, and later named Lee Minhyuk. And he's the second child for his parents.
"My parents gave me a good name."
- Lee Minhyuk (BTOB Beatcom #39)
Fun fact: Minhyuk was born only a week after Eunkwang who was born on November 22nd in the same year.
Minhyuk has a (deadly handome) brother who's 4 years older than him. His name is Lee Jungmin, also knwon as James, who works in music induatry as well and being active as youtuber lately.
More Pictures of Huta and James 👬
Leebro fly up to the sky! 👀
"There was a time when I felt a little less confident in myself. But, my brother, he constantly boosted my self-esteem. He always supported me and kept encouraging me."
- Lee Minhyuk (Vlive broadcast, eps. Unboxing Hutazone Album)
Anyway, Minhyuk was born in the year of White Horse and he is a Saggitarius. He's a protestant and his blood type is A.
Thanks to Minhyuk's mom for giving birth to a boy who I never thought would saved me. He never changed my life, he helped me to find out my true self. 😊💙
"Minhyuk-ah, why I am like this? I feel nervous and excited at the same time when I'm calling your name. You give me happiness since you were kid. I'm forever grateful that I gave birth to you. You went through the most difficult process until now... (cont.)
...and I'm so proud of your attitude. I always believe that you will be succeed in the future. Your time will come."
- Minhyuk's mom (MTV BTOB Diary)
Q. : One thing that you can say "Only this can't change!"?
MH: Love for family!
- Lee Minhyuk (Haru Hana Interview)
When he was kid, Minhyuk has so many nicknames, such as Acorn, Chestnut and also Black Koala. But among those all,Minhyuk still has known as "Squirrel" even now coz he's known as a boy who quite good at doing acrobatics and sports since he was young.
"In the lower grade of Elementary School, my nickname was squirrel. In the upper grade, it's Black Koala. I was good at pull-up bars and airwalk at school. That's why they called me Koala, and since my skin was dark they called me Black Koala."
- Lee Minhyuk (All That Cube #15)
Minhyuk went to Junggye Elementary School and then continue to Shinsoo Middle School. He was known as a good student even though he had no dream yet. He kept studying because he was told to. At that time, Minhyuk also scouted by many elementary and middle school football team.
"I used to be a good student. I used to be a top student in my class, and once I achieved 12th rank in my school or 18th rank at other time though there were many students who better than me."
- Lee Minhyuk (Vlive broadcast, The Beat Season 4 eps. 6)
At that young age, Minhyuk fell in love with singing and acting as well besides doing all kind of sports he liked. When Minhyuk was in middle school, his brother who was in high school gave him a lot of influence on music interest.
"Long time ago, before there were CDs, I bought all tapes of H.O.T and SHINHWA. I also posted posters of them all over my house. That's what I did. I had i high influence of my older brother. But I was confident as a fan of H.O.T and I really like SHINHWA."
- Lee Minhyuk (Vlive)
By the age of 15/16, Minhyuk got a pet dog named Hamo. She was cute and pretty! Both of Minhyuk and his brother love to post her picts and videos a lot. 💙
Q : "My life's 1st Treasure!"?
MH: It's not a thing but my dog-mate, Hamo. Live for a long time!
- Lee Minhyuk (MBN Interview, Minhyuk A to Z)
More pictures of Hamo 💙💙💙
Hamo, I miss you!
It's cute how Minhyuk and Hamo had couple clothes tho 😆
Who miss her as well? 😢
Hamo and her cutie outfit 😍
I love u my baby!
Not to mention that #Hamo had a really cute tail 💙
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As the time past by, Minhyuk went to Kwangsung High School. But on that puberty period, he was kind of defiant. According to his own story he shared a lot on Vlive broadcast during Hutazone promo, Minhyuk said that he was often being upset and started to againts his parents will.
"In junior high school I was good at studying, but when I was in senior high school I messed up. Whereas, during junior high school I even got 97 points of average for all subjects."
- Lee Minhyuk (BTOB Beatcom #90)
During the 1st grader, Minhyuk actually served as director in his class. He used to served as head of entertaiment departement in high school as well. But when it came to the 2nd grader, Minhyuk couldn't concentrated on studying.
"I was kind of suffering depression. I'm not sure because I wasn't diagnosed with depression, but I always recalled old memories and I wanted to go back to the past. Sometimes I even burst into tears at school. That's why I couldn't focus on studying. I got lower grades... (cont)
...and my dad started to worry about me."
- Lee Minhyuk (LEE MINHYUK X LieV Broadcast)
Until one time, Minhyuk's dad asked him, "Your grades are decreasing. You don't want to study? If there is anything you wante to do, just tell me."
But Minhyuk didn't say anything at all, made his parents more worried about him so they continuesly told him to study harder.
But since Minhyuk didn't listen to his parents, his dad asked him if he wanted to go to Sports University once he graduated later. Minhyuk told his dad he wanted to do so coz he really liked sports. Then his dad started to seek for cram university so Minhyuk cn do Entrance exams.
However, Minhyuk suddenly started to give attention in acting and musicals. It was right after he saw a theater that was organized by his best friend's dad who was also a professor in a theater college. So that was the first time Minhyuk started to dream to be an actor.
Then Minhyuk often became staff for some musical shows eventhough he never directly played a role for them. But since that time, Minhyuk's love for music and acting growing more and more. Minhyuk finally knew what he wanted to be and found out where he'd take his future steps.
I heard that oppa‘s dream was to become a musical actor. If there is a musical casting offer for oppa, what kind of role would be good?

According to when I was young, I'd like to have a role as ‘Roger’ in play such as ‘Rent’ or ‘Nick’ from ‘Fame’. Someday... (cont)
...if I‘m able to have my own experiences pile up, I would like to work on a play such as ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ too! Someday!

- Lee Minhyuk (BTOB Minhyuk's 27th Birthday Interview)
After that, Minhyuk talked to his dad again and told him about his dreams. Minhyuk said he wanted to learn acting and thankfully his dad supported him. Minhyuk's dad really respected his son because of the courage he had on that young age and shared carefully about his passions.
"Sometimes at important moments when it requires determination, I become quite stubborn. Just like when I told my dad that I wanted to be actor -the son who never againts my parents will. But it doesn't mean you have to againts your parents will. It wasn't that big deal. (cont.)
...It was since my scores get worse, so I felt a bit sorry. I had determination."
- Lee Minhyuk (LEE MINHYUK X LieV broadcast)
Again, Minhyuk's dad sought fo other cram schools for him. But before graduating, Minhyuk kept learning rap and did acrobatics excersice 2-3 times a week for 3 months. He was so ready to chase his dreams!
Q : Is there a life goal that you intend on achieving no matter what?

MH: I’ve never thought about it before. But it is probably something like buying a house & car for my parents. (...)

- Lee Minhyuk (Interview in Thailand with Ceci Magazine)
Before I tell about Minhyuk's predebut era, let me share all of his pictures from younger age.
P.s. You might get surprised because hadn't seen some of these picts before. 😁
Q : What would you want to say to the 15th years old Minhyuk?
MH: Sleep early!
- Lee Minhyuk (MBN Interview, Minhyuk A to Z)
I'll put more Minhyuk's quotes about himself and his family before continue to the next part. 😊💙
Q    : What’s your motto?
MH: Be responsible of myself.
- Lee Minhyuk (MBN Interview, Minhyuk A to Z)
Q    : What will you do during your free time?
MH: I will go home and have a good chat with my family!
- Lee Minhyuk (MBN Interview, Minhyuk A to Z)
Q    : Are you satisfied with the Minhyuk now?
MH: Not that bad, but it’s just the start.
- Lee Minhyuk (MBN Interview, Minhyuk A to Z)
Q    : Will you satisfy with Minhyuk in the future?
MH: I’ll be very satisfied!
- Lee Minhyuk (MBN Interview, Minhyuk A to Z)
Q : Use a sentence to describe Minhyuk!
MH: Sturdy with enthusiasm.
- Lee Minhyuk (MBN Interview, Minhyuk A to Z)
Q    : Minhyuk’s dream is...?
MH: Being able to give happiness to the people I love with the things I want to do forever.
- Lee Minhyuk (MBN Interview, Minhyuk A to Z)
Q    : Something you spent the most amount of money for recently?
MH: Expenses of my family. Allowance and gifts for my parents and older brother.
- Lee Minhyuk (BTOB’s Japan 1st Photobook, individual interview)
Q    : If there was a time machine, what era would you like to go back and what would you like to do?
MH: I want to go back to my years in elementary school and started studying music and Japanese a bit earlier.
- Lee Minhyuk (BTOB’s Japan 1st Photobook, individual interview)
Q : Your role in school plays during elementary school and kindergarten?
MH: I don’t remember my roles but I was always the main character. When I was young, I was a popular kid favored by everyone wherever I went.
- Lee Minhyuk (BTOB's Japan 1st Photobook, individual interview)
Q   : If you weren’t a singer, what would you be?
MH: Actor. I was dreaming to become an actor before becoming a singer.
- Lee Minhyuk (BTOB’s Japan 1st Photobook, individual interview)
Q: How'd you decide to be a singer?
MH: It’s bcs I wanted to be a musical actor. Seeing singers perform in musical activities, singing became my dream. When I was a trainee, the charms of singers attracted my attention. Since then I rly wanted to be a singer.
(MH, Jpn 1st Pho...)
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I'm back!! And I'm bringing a video of predebut Minhyuk. Guys, have you seen this video before?
Here’s where I found the video below:
It was Minhyuk singing at Seoul High School Festival in Sept 2007. And, yes! The fanchant for him even existed far before his debut. You can hear clearly he was called as Heota too, which means Minhyuk already had that stage name from that year.
P.s. You'll surely get surprised when Minhyuk started to hit the high notes.
Does anyone know what song he was singing here?
Still at same event, there was another video of Minhyuk b-boying with dancer group called Reflect Crew. Forgive the video's quality since it was taken like 14 years ago. 😊
Here’s the credit for the video above too:
In the next year, Minhyuk’s song titled “June 2008’s Confession” was release on some online community site. Around that time, Minhyuk started to active as underground music artist under the name Heota. There were a lot of songs Minhyuk covering and remixed with his own rap style.
Here's Minhyuk predebut recorded covering 2PM's Only You.
You can also watch some of his predebut playlist here:
Minhyuk also became a part of “Sporty Dogs”, a group that was formed by him and his two best friends, Lee Hong and Joel Park. It’s cute to see Minhyuk’s still in touch with these two even now. I admire how they really made a long time friendship
Not sure when was the first time "Sporty Dogs" made, but the 1st pict below was taken in 2008. Maybe they even became friends before that year. Maybe they were childhood/schools friends. Nothing's confirmed but according to some pics, these two are close to James as well.
Some more photos of the trio 😆
Thankfully Minhyuk always has supportif family, lovely brothers and loyal friends by his side. 😊
If you ever wonder who's the girl, she's Minhyuk cousin. 💙
They're so cute tbh 😊😄😆
Let's move to the year of 2009 where Minhyuk was featured as vocalist in Block B Park Kyung and Zico’s song titled “Still”. Minhyuk met them in an underground rappers online community for the first time. I hope three of them can do a reuni collaboration in the future!
That year too, Minhyuk joined JYPE’s 5th Open Audition, along with Apink Chorong, GOT7 JB, IKON JuNe, and N Vixx. On that audition, Minhyuk once acted as one of F4’s Boys Before Flowers and he made it to the final round, but unfortunately, he failed.
The least from that moment, Minhyuk met Hakyeon who later became his besties. But not sure how they exactly know each other -because of what I've heard, when Minhyuk failed on JYPE's audition that year, that same company was asking Hakyeon to join in but Hakyeon rejected it.
Another story I've heard from Starlight, Hakyeon chose Jellyfish then because they'd let him debut earlier in a vocal group they already planned but it ended up canceled.
While for Minhyuk, after failing JYPE audition, he was called by Cube but decided to join in another agency.
"Hakyeon is my soulmate. We know each other's feeling well."
- Lee Minhyuk (BTOB Cool Man)
Leaving school life, Minhyuk was accepted at Dankook University and Myeongji University by regular applications! Don't know if he entered the college before or after joining JYPE audition, but I can tell it was around that time according to what Minhyuk said on LieV as well.
Minhyuk chose Dankook University since he wanted to major in Musical department, following his dream to become a musical actor. But only after one semester, Minhyuk took a break because he had a hard time. Somehow, his college life was different from what he thought.
"I thought that campus life would be as romantic as something I'd seen in sitcom "Nonstop". But it wasn't. I went through difficult times. Now, 20, 21 and 22 seems really young for me. But back then, I was scared of them. They had power. There was kind of hierarchy. Yes... (cont)
...hierarchy. So I wanted to get away from it. The seniors also helped me. There were some seniors who gave me helpful advice. They said school/college may a place where we study to realize our dreams, but it doesn't the only answer."
- Lee Minhyuk (LEE MINHYUK X LieV broadcast)
This thread takes more times and too long to get done than I actually thought. 😂 Before I continue (again), let me share more pictures of Minhyuk and Hakyeon because I really miss them being in one frame again! 😊💙
Well, while being trained by that unknown company which he never mentioned even once what the name is, Minhyuk tried to go back to university, but he said it was his blank period since he had no time to rap.
Luckily, Minhyuk had a chance to make his acting debut as one of main roles on a superhero-genre series, "SF X Fantasy Rayforce", which the filming was actually started from the end of 2009 and supposed to aired in 2010 but unfortunately, it was canceled and never been air yet.
Here's the full video of the thrailer:
Then after that, Minhyuk was said having attendance issue in university, maybe coz he wanted to balance the college and trainee life or busy with casting and such things. Later it ended up he transfered to Korean Cyber University in the Department of Intergrative Arts Therapy.
A good news for young Minhyuk finally came out! He was reported ready to debut in February 2011 as member of a group called "Korean Youth" with four other boys. In the article, Minhyuk was introduced as 아들 (son) which was his supposed-to-be stage name -it wasn't Heota. 😅
Though Minhyuk was well-prepared to be a vocalist for the group, but somehow this group never debuted. Again, when he was one step closer to his dream, it turned out failed.
"Back then, there're many musical stars like Ok Juhyun, Bada, Daesung who're originally idol stars. That's why I participated at entertaiment companies at first. That's when I went to JYPE audition. i couldn't make it to JYPE, but I became a trainee at another company. ...(cont)
...Then I needed to make a bold decisison to move to Cube. Coz I was preparing for debut, I really felt sorry to my friends who I was supposed to be a team. There were many misunderstanding then, but now it all were gone. I'm still good friends with them."
- Lee Minhyuk (LieV bc)
Once again, Minhyuk was contacted by Cube Ent's scouting team through someone he knew and asked him to give it a try out there. As he started to think about making a bold decision to move, Minhyuk was actually feared that he would regret whatever he chose after.
That's why Minhyuk went to his dad and told him about it to get some advise.
Then his dad asked:
"What if you failed? Will you take responsibility for your decision?"
And Minhyuk said:
"I'd go to the military if I failed. Then I'd start again after coming back from the military."
"Then my dad realized that I was firmly determined. He respected my decision. That's how I participated in Cube Ent's audition, then became a member of BTOB."
- Lee Minhyuk (LEE MINHYUK X LieV broadcast)
Passing the audition, Minhyuk officially became Cube's trainee. He was also introduced as Cube's Ace once he appeared on Kpop Star Hunt S1. After being trained for about 7-8 months, in Sept 2011 Minhyuk's name was on the lined-up team that supposed to debut as fellow BTOB member.
"Although I trained in Cube for only 7-8 months and debuted, I already spent about 2 years getting ready to be a singer. I reached final round of JYPE 5th Audition before but got eliminated. Then I went to other agency and then to Cube at the end."
- MH (BTOB High Cut Japan intv)
Before debuting, at the end of the year 2011, Minhyuk acted as support role in JTBC sitcom "I Live in Cheongdam-deong" as Invicible Cheongdam member. I guess Cube Ent want to to introduced their soon-to-be-debuted group to public that way.
Eunkwang, Hyunsik, Ilhoon, Minhyuk and the youngest Lee Minwoo was supposed to be the members of the group. Maybe Sungjae was a part of them too since he always appeared on some of Cube's variety shows or such things, but he might be the "hidden card."
FYI, Sungjae became Cube's trainee since 2010 after he failed 6th JYPE's Audition. While in the other hand,Changsub once left the agency and gave up to debut before (thankfully) Eunkwang could bring him back and debuted together with them at the end.
Unfortunately, Lee Minwoo was canceled to debut with BTOB due to health issue (and then he debuted as C-Clown member under the stage name T.K). So maybe to replace him, that was the reason Cube added Peniel at last.
"Minhyuk hyung and Peniel trained in other agencies for about 2 years."
- Lee Changsub (BTOB High Cut Japan interview)
Pls correct me if I'm wrong, but what I've learned from BTOB's interviews and such things, these might be the details how BTOB happened:
BTOB predebut's 1st Line up: Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik, Ilhoon.
As we all know, one day Ilhoon went to Cube's CEO and straightforward told ++
++ him that he wanted to become a music producer coz it's been his dream since he was kid, then Cube's CEO liked that passion showed by a middle school kid so he picked him as a trainee without any audition. While around the same time, Eunkwang, Changsub, and Hyunsik were some ++
++ of popular trainee in the company so no wonder then three of them were put on the line-up coz their great talents in singing were shown already since they were really young.
BTOB predebut's 2nd lined-up: Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik, Ilhoon, Sungjae, Minwoo.
I guess Sungjae was supposed to be BTOB's maknae line along with Minwoo. Both of them were born in the same year and Sungjae's still friends with him even until now!
And then, in Sept 2011 as I wrote before, the next name added on the lined-up was Minhyuk. So... ++
BTOB predebut's 3rd lined-up: Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik, Ilhoon, Sungjae, Minwoo, Minhyuk.
But then, Changsub left for some reason, and the lined-up changed again.
BTOB predebut's 4th lined-up: Eunkwang, Hyunsik, Ilhoon, Sungjae, Minwoo, Minhyuk.
(Find Minwoo on these pict!)
If that line was correct, then the question is, why only 5 members appeared on sitcom "I live in Cheongdam-dong"? Where was Sungjae? No one knew, but this is why I think Sungjae was the "hidden card" of the group, till then Eunkwang brought Changsub back to the company! But, ++
++ Minwoo debut was canceled coz of health issue (1st pict was him with EK and CS). Maybe to make BTOB kept contain with 7 mmbrs, Peniel who's still JYPE's trainee transfered to Cube to fill the blank in the group.
So, BTOB p'debut last lined-up became EK, CS, MH, IH, HS, SJ, PN.
"Me, Eunkwang hyung, Hyunsik hyung, Changsub hyung were trainees for the longest. Longest is 3 years."
- Jung Ilhoon (BTOB High Cut Japan interview)
Don't know why I suddenly put the theory of how BTOB was prepared to debut. 😅 Okay, let's go back to Minhyuk's predebut story a bit more after one more quote about how this amazing group happened below.
"Every year, our company holds a trainee showcase called 'Cube Stars Party'. If you get 1st or get a really good score, you have the chance to debut next. The 1st showcase http://G.NA  noona won, the 2nd showcase A Pink recieved the honor. For the 3rd showcase... ++
++ ...our 5 member group was chosen and Minhyuk and Peniel were added later to complete our 7 members."
- Seo Eunkwang (BTOB MSN interview)
Guys, I'm back to finish this thread. 😁 Btw, I can't get over to BTOB's predebut pics where Minwoo was in it. Too cute too handle. 🙈
Preparing his debut with BTOB, Minhyuk learnt acrobatics again for abt 6 months, and at the same time, he studied English for any future overseas activities. But since he'd be a rapper of the group, Minhyuk realized right away that he had to learn Korean words & expressings more.
And a day before his debut date as BTOB member, Minhyuk made his debut as MC first for MTV SBS The Show, along with Sungjae the maknae and Girls Day's Minah. Glad to see Minhyuk and Minah had the same project again and again after that and they even still best friends till now.
And this is where the part 1 of Minhyuk's predebut story ends. I'll try to prepare the next part about Minhyuk's activities after he debuted until he went to military. But before I do that, I think I'll go with MinSik pict/vids collection thread.. 😁 Here's the sneak peak for it.
Before this thread really ends, 1 more Minhyuk's predebut video to take you to sweet dream tonight Mel..💙 Fighting for your dreams. Don't give up. Coz sometimes we may meet failure just like how Minhyuk rejected to be athlete or how his first acting and group debut was canceled.
But at the end, if something's meant to be for you, it'll happened in any other ways. That's how Minhyuk ended up in Cube even he once rejected them, how he debut as BTOB member while he almost debuted in another company, how he finally become actor after waiting a bit more time.
"To make such decisions, you have to think about it over and over again. In my case, I think about decisions and regrets that I would have. Sometimes it turned out okay. But sometimes it might not. So I took into considerations all the possibilities then I made decisions. ++
At last, they were all good decisions. I hate the word 'regret'. So I hope you guys make decision without regret as well."
- Lee Minhyuk, 2019.
(LEE MINHYUK X LieV Broadcast)
Added information:
Minhyuk once studied in Philipines when he was in the middle school for around 2 weeks/months, as he said on his ig live recently.
"I think it was 1st or 2nd grade in middle school when I went to Philipines for language study in Cebu & Bohol."
- Lee Minhyuk
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