To reiterate: $1.4k or $2k being promised from the Biden admin is IRRELEVANT, because it's one check, and it's far from enough to cover for the damage that has been caused. Yes, I do think most of the MSM is trying to cover for him, but appearantly even Ossof & Warnock are 1/
secretly going after Biden over this because they're concerned about losing their seats after making those $2k check promises to people, and hearing how much even their door-to-door people were angry about being lied to about what to advertise to voters and feel betrayed too 2/
and yes, the MSN needs their butts fact-checked on this too. That said, the true "stimulus" we all need right now is AT LEAST $1.2k to $2k A MONTH, retroactively going back to March of 2020 [and if it's above $1.2k, the extra money for March 2020 needs to be added in there 3/
as well], and the checks need to last not ONLY until the official end of the pandemic, but up to TWENTY-FIVE percent time PAST the end. So that means if by some miracle the pandemic ends in March 2021, that's a full year or twelve months of the pandemic, and that means at 4/
least an EXTRA THREE MONTHS of payments. However this is likely not going to just end next month with all the new strains. The point is, all the chatter about the stimulus "checks" should be focused on THIS more than just bickering over what value for the single check was 5/
right or wrong. Sure it's fine to call out Biden's defenders in the MSM for this just as we called out Trump's defenders on Fox/OAN/Newsmax/CNN/etc. for his own BS and lies, but even that is secondary to making sure we get the true stimulus we are owed for this pandemic and 6/
address and critique our culture's ridiculous fetish for "hyper-individualism" and the assumption that the "engine" of our economy and market has to run at 98% or more capacity no matter how sick or not ppl are [they'd probably argue you're still not worth it if you don't work 7/
at AT LEAST 125+% capacity though, to be fair]. Pretty much ANY other industrialized first OR second-world country has financially handled this pandemic moderately to FAR better than we ever tried to, while usually trying to reduce transmission risk. I am so FRICKIN TIRED of 8/
our country and its people's automatic assumption that because at one time we were the shining beacon on the hill that we forever and will always be such and cannot be subject to legitimate criticism from others, be it within our own country or from outside. We cannot live 9/
in a "bubble" and drown out what others have to chime in, even if it was true that our actions are really in a vacuum and don't affect the rest of the world as a result, but the fact is, they DO affect the rest of the world, and the world has more than the right to criticize 10/
us even if we want to think it's all empty or pointless. Humanity will never become truly individualistic no matter how much you try to force it or scream otherwise in all caps, and the sooner we all accept that, the better I feel this planet will survive, not just humans, 11/
those humans have to share the world with. I'm sorry about being a bit tangential about this again, but yeah. đź“Ź 12/12
Just to append to this: no cut off points on income either, especially not based on a previous year's income. That's a flawed metric. If you're worried about some people getting "money they don't need" get it back in taxes later, but incomes are not flat groups in our country 13/
since $75k has more worth in some places than in others, etc. 14/14
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