The acting Secretary of Defense appears to have intentionally removed the authority of the D.C. National Guard to leave the Capitol undefended.

Was this coup d'état Trump's plan all throughout the campaign in 2020? Open source evidence suggests it.
This memo, published the same hour as hostile forces gathered in D.C. for the terrorist attack, seems tailor-made to give the insurrectionists an unholy advantage.

No other National Guard has to ask permission to defend us. D.C.'s needed *personal* authorization of the SecDef.
We had already heard that the D.C. National Guard was forbidden from preparing for a violent insurrection, but this jumped out at me: forbidden from using any intelligence, surveillance, or reconnaissance assets.

Not only were they forbidden from moving - they were *blinded.*
This blinding of America's guardians from the onslaught of right-wing terror groups started *early in 2020* just as the Democratic Party selected Joe Biden as a candidate for president.
That is when Trump and his co-conspirators began:
- Hyping a fake left-wing threat
- Deploying "Federal law enforcement" and measures that are against the Geneva convention
- Instructing DHS intelligence to *not* report on right-wing violence
- Justifying vigilante violence
DHS Intelligence & Analysis produced a Homeland Threat Assessment (HTA) that Trump's political appointees covered up because WHITE SUPREMACY and RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE would apparently look bad...for Trump.

(Bending intel analysis is a big no-no, guys.)
For months, Trump's co-conspirators put pressure on the DHS intel agency to not only downplay attacks from the people who *just attacked the Capitol,* but to make the left-wing out to be the real danger.
Chad Wolf himself tried to alter intelligence assessments to include left-wing threats for which there was no credible intel...right during Barr's "Federal law enforcement actions."

Which seem increasingly like the proving ground for January 6.
Brian Murphy blew the whistle and attempted to speak to Congress prior to the election, but Trump's DHS obstructed *that* effort as well. So the hearing came in December.
Federal law enforcement was told to create sympathy around a cold-blooded killer, to make him seem like a positive or even patriotic figure.
Trump's co-conspirators instructed government professionals to push a narrative of Rittenhouse committing murder in self-defense - before the courts had any chance to act as triers of fact.

All this in the face of evidence that paramilitaries were deploying on U.S. soil.
Now let's go back to the SecDef's order that D.C. National Guard couldn't even use ISR assets. Never mind their bullshit about "we didn't like the optics" - this interference directly with DCNG's mission, and for no reason given.
What would Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance do on home soil?

- identify hostiles
- observe behavior
- track movements
- decode communications
- intercept plans
- provide leadership with actionable intel

So to recap:

1. DHS I&A picked up Russian interference and right-wing paramilitary threats to the homeland in March 2020.

2. Trump's political appointees interfered without authority in the production and dissemination of intelligence products.
3. Trump's political appointees specifically ordered the DHS intel agency to not report credible threats from Russia and right-wing paramilitaries and *to* report on China, Iran, and left-wing anarchist groups that were not the same level of imminent threat.
4. In August, right-wing paramilitaries deployed, and when a teenager murdered two Americans, Trump's political appointees instructed DHS officials to downplay any right-wing threat and to generate sympathy for the alleged murderer with propaganda talking points.
5. Trump political appointees at DHS interfered with Congress and specifically with a whistleblower telling the American people that there was an imminent right-wing paramilitary and Russian hostile intelligence threat to the 2020 election by refusing to give access to documents.
6. Before right-wing paramilitaries in D.C. (where Russian-speaking individuals were arrested) attempted to murder elected officials on January 6, the acting Secretary of Defense took back authority common to all other National Guards - and forbid them the use of intelligence.
7. Despite the failed coup attempt, GOP politicians attempted weakly to deploy the talking points that the right-wing paramilitaries were infiltrated with "Antifa" to blame the coup d'état on fictitious left wing groups.

Just from open source information, it appears that there was a year-long conspiracy to hide the threat of violent right-wing paramilitaries while hyping a fake threat from the Left because Trump knew he could never win the election, so a coup d'état was the only answer.
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