*Survival tips that can actually save your life *

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If you ever get caught in a high tide here’s the best way to survive if you can’t swim,

make sure you keep your head above water inhaling too much water can cause you to drown.
If a shark approaches you best way to survive is climb back into your boat

sharks are part of the Elasmobranch family of fish ,they don’t have legs so they wouldn’t be able to climb into your boat .
PIf a polar bear attacks you , you cannot run or hide ,but there’s a weakness of it you can exploit

If you have a chainsaw cut off it’s head , they can’t survive without it and wouldn’t be able to attack
A typan is the most venomous snake in the world the best way to survive its attack is to not get bitten
If an elephant charges at you they best way to not get killed is to take a Gun and shoot your self

technically if you send yourself to heaven the elephant didn’t kill you and you actually survived the attack
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