To all my fellow countryman dont fall for people like this and their westernized bullsh*t. Since the Kingdome of Jugoslavia there is a agenda to erase the Ottoman past in the heads of Bosniaks so they forget what big they achived as the political elite of a world empire. #Bosna
They treat Bosniaks and them choosing to be Muslims, having a Ottoman leaned Islamic culture as something which happend out of
coincidence. Target is it to erase a glorious past from a proud people and implement inferior complex into the heads of a once strong muslim nation.
Bosniaks didnt only endure a genocide as a people but a genocide of their culture and history too by Croats, Serbs, Austria, Jugoslavia and in modern times Secularists inside Bosnia itself.
Because this Thread cached the attention of some fascists Croats and Bosnians inside Bosnia who spew Orientalist BS against the Ottomans and Ottoman Bosnia i will post some more evidence on Bosnian countering their Orientalist views and claims.
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