...[in Philadelphia], yet the voting machine vendor ES&S said that ‘it was ‘simply inaccurate’ for anyone to imply there were widespread issues.’” 2/
Although the GOP wants everyone focused on Dominion, it is ES&S that for years has arguably caused the most concern among election-integrity advocates and experts. I wrote about these concerns in detail here. 3/ https://link.medium.com/y3LUkCASrdb 
Stacey Abrams’s group, Fair Fight Action, created this document detailing concerns with voting machine vendor ES&S, which had the Georgia contract before Georgia switched to Dominion. 4/ https://fairfight.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Election-Systems-and-Software-ESS-Corruption-07162019.pdf
Democracy requires vigilance. IMO, we have a duty to call out these concerns. Trump supporters chose instead to mix real concerns w/ a firehose of lies, including the big lie that they had proof Trump won. Then they stormed the Capitol & tried 2 execute MOCs like wild animals. 8/
The result of their treasonous misconduct cannot be that the rest of us are cowed into silence about legitimate concerns re: election integrity & transparency. If we don’t address those legitimate concerns, the GOP i& other bad actors cld exploit them in the next election. 10/
Notice how Don did NOT incite violence, while acknowledging concerns w/ the unexplained subtraction of 6k votes from his total behind closed doors (after he was declared to have won AL) & how Rs had blocked a recount in that one precinct. 12/
13/ Note: Although not mentioned in his concession speech, Karl Rove had already radicalized the Alabama Supreme Court with right-wing judges, so a court recount would have had to get past that red wall.
14/ I interviewed @DonSiegelman about the 2002 race and its aftermath here. He was the last Democratic Governor Alabama ever had.
15/ The vendor? ES&S. Here’s a photo of its office in Birmingham, Alabama.
16/ Bill Pryor is the Religious Right (anti-choice & anti-LGBTQ rights) zealot who was Rove’s former client & who, as AG, blocked the recount in the one problematic precinct in AL in 02. In 03, when Congress was in recess, Bush rewarded him w/ a spot on the 11th Circuit.
18/ This is Bob Riley, who supposedly beat Don in 02 in AL. He claimed to be anti-casino, but his campaign was secretly funded in substantial part w/ laundered money from an Indian casino in Mississippi. https://harpers.org/2007/07/noel-hillman-and-the-siegelman-case/
19/ The casino that funded Riley’s 02 campaign was the client of Jack Ambramoff, a GOP lobbyist who later went to prison for corruption & fraud. Abramoff was Karl Rove’s secret weapon. They wld meet outside the White House so that they wouldn’t have to record it on visitor logs.
20/ This is a great and detailed account of what went down on election night in 02 in Alabama. The vote totals were changed twice, the final time was after everyone was told to go home from the courthouse where the central tabulator was kept. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5585dfa8e4b0a99e305ab817/t/59adab82d2b85742f76a0bfa/1504553863628/ChangingofTheGuards.pdf
22/ What Karl Rove goons did to Siegelman after the 2002 election is one of the most appalling examples of abuse of power in the last few decades. It is discussed in the Harper’s article and in the Atticus v the Architect documentary.
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