1 RT = 1 Story of Creation or Hymnal
In the Beginning of Time, there was Nothing,
Then from Nothing, came Something,
That Something, was Chaos, the Beginning of All Things.
For millennia Chaos reigned unopposed,
Til’ one day born from Chaos, came a begotten child known as Yin,
the Primordial Feminine of Creation & Mother of Earth.
Yin gave form to the Universe,
From her arose valleys, and mountains, rivers, seas & primordial life,
From her Man learned to be Aware.
But Chaos dominated her and for millenia only Chaos reigned.
Then one day Yin, the Virgin Mother of Creation, became pregnant,
And soon Yin, gave birth to her first begotten Son;
Yang, the Primordial Masculine Element of Creation and Father of the Sky,
Yang opposed Chaos and from him, Man learned to cultivate his Will.
This created an eternal struggle and Chaos sought to destroy them both,
To answer this disharmony, Yin and Yang unite and become one;
United they become the Primordial Being of Creation known as Dao or the Oneness,
From the Dao, all things including Chaos became filled with Consciousness,
From Consciousness, thus the Universe was manifested by the Dao
0. Mystery

Who created the Universe?
What is the meaning of Life?
When did Nothing become Something?
Where are our prayers deserving to?

Who? What? When? Where?

1. Nothing

There was, in the Beginning, Nothing -
One could not call it a vast gulf, for therein is implied the existence of a void -
Neither could one call it Emptiness, or any such concept.
It was Nothing, simply Nothing
Into Nothing, from one fell swoop, stepped Something.
This was the Manifestation of All Things.
One must ponder then; to Whom do we owe our submission?
For how is it possible for Something to come from Nothing?
Thus: the Greatest Mystery, the Mystery of Creation and Life itself
The core paradox at the heart of all existence, the Great Mystery mirrors the lesser mysteries of Existence.
And as patterns repeat through the universe,
One may look to the Beginning, the First Manifest,
And ponder the vastness of Mystery that is Creation.
This is not the Universal Truth, nor is this the Universal Story or Universal Dogma,
What proceeds from this is the Mystery of Creation,
For all of Creation is Mystery, and the Universal Mystery which can be solved is not the Universal Mystery!
2. Chaos, Universe without Form

At the Beginning of All Things,
When Nothing became Something,
Something had a name,
and the name was Chaos.
Chaos, the driving force, the agent of change.
All Things stem from Chaos the Ancestor of All,
Chaos the Fountainhead.
Chaos is change, turn and mutation and shift -
All Things exist in a constant cycle of change & flux,
A cycle begun an eternity ago,
With Chaos the only Being, and the Ancestor.
For lonely eons, Chaos howled through its Existence, turning the Wheel of Time unto itself over and over, again and again -
3. Yin, Universe with Form

Until one day, Chaos found itself existing alongside something else -
The first child of Chaos,
Yin the Feminine Element of Creation,
the Mother of Earth and Soil.
And for the first time, Chaos was not alone.
Yin, the second Being.
By her very nature, Yin was an element of Creation,
Thus, from the tumultuous pitch of Chaos, did Yin create Form.
Lady of Matter, Mother Material,
She reached into the maelstrom and drew Form around herself.
And as she did, she became the first,
To stand against the ceaseless tempest of Chaos.
From Yin arose all Material things,
For she was the Lady of Matter, Progenitor of Form.
And Earth is Matter is Material is Matter is Earth -
All tangible elements of existence, from Mother Matter flow.
She is harvest bounty and hard metal,
She is great plains and soft clothes.
She is soil and air and water, she is the Matter of All Things!
Feminine Mother,
Created of curves and valleys and Chaos-nature,
She gave form to the Universe.
From her bosom forms of life sprung,
From her arose bodies of water, mountains, plains and deserts and glaciers.
She gave form to everything of nature,
Everything which Man must love and everything which Man must fear.
4. Yang, Universe with Form and Order

The world did not yet exist, entirely -
Chaos dominated Yin, and for millenia Chaos alone raged.
Yet the nature of Chaos itself is flux -
And so would Chaos bring about the end of its own reign.
At some time, Yin, the Virgin Mother of Creation, found herself pregnant.
And Yin’s first son came forth from her,
And he was both her opposite and herself,
He balanced her and he was her.
He was Yang, the Primordial Masculine of Creation.
And as she was the Mother of the Earth,
He was Father of the Sky!
Yang is the Lord of Aether, the Father of the Immaterial.
From him flow ideas, dreams, thought-forms.
He is aspiration and will and hope, he is the Lord of the Metaphysical.
Yang is imagination, and visualization, Universal Law and Order.
As Yin had once drawn the cloak of Form around herself,
To shield herself from tumultuous Chaos,
So too did Yang pull Order from Form and Chaos both.
Order anchored by Form was formidable,
And Chaos shared Existence with two other Beings.
And Yang was as different from Yin as night is from day,
Yet he was as similar to Yin as a son to his mother.
He was her counterpart & photo-negative, yet he was her.
Son and mirror, the two of them turned and whirled together in perfect opposition,
Amid Existence, amid Chaos.
Into the reign of Chaos, was Yang born -
But he was Sky-Father, he was Will.
Yang opposed Chaos, by his very nature.
And Chaos sought to destroy both Yang,
And Yin, his mirror-image and opposite.
They struggled against one another,
Chaos and Yin and Yang,
In a long, intricate cosmic dance.
As all of Existence was embroiled in disharmony and struggle,
Yin and Yang rose to meet the conflict -
And they made their answer to Chaos.
5. Dao

Their answer was thus:
Unite, and from Two become One.

Upon their union, they became more than the sum of their parts -
This was the birth of the One, the Oneness,
The Primordial Being of Creation.
This Being is known as the Dao.
From the Dao flowed rivers and streams of Consciousness,
And Consciousness made its way to all corners of Existence.
And All felt its approach, as an imminent, metaphysical Dawn.
Consciousness filled all of Existence, as if beings themselves were simply shells -
And Chaos, and Yin, and Yang, and All Things became Conscious.
In this way did the Dao manifest the Universe.
Where there had once existed simply Order and Form,
Was now a Universe, and
Yin and Yang were the Dao.
They were One, and they were Two.
And they remained Yin and Yang,
and in their union was nature
capped with a sky above.
Lady Matter and Lord Aether,
and Consciousness the filament between and throughout.
This was more than the sum of Yin and Yang, it was the spaces between -
At first, empty, and now bursting forth with awareness.
And as Consciousness poured forth,
Form and Order enlivened into the Dao.
Yet Neither sun, nor moon, nor stars yet moved,
And there was neither day nor night.
6. Consciousness, the First Born

Yin and Yang, they who are Two and One, endowed Man with gifts.
Yin endowed Man not only with the gifts of life, but with one more gift - the gift of Awareness. And so could Man perceive his environment, so was he given mindfulness and sentience.
And as Yin blessed Man with the skills of Matter, Yang blessed Man with the skills of the Aether.
Yang endowed Man with the gift of Will, the vehicle of Man’s ascendance.
And in such form did Man spring forth, a child of the Earth, to exert his Will, to live and fight and conquer in that space between Earth-Mother and Sky-Father.
Section 2: Hymnals

1. To Ariosophists

Attend oh Noble Ones, hear my sacred song!
Listen - learn of what rites do my worships belong;

Wind I do invoke, Earth, & Solar Light,
The Moon’s white gaze & magnificent Stars of Night,
Oh beautiful Moon, Ruler of The Sea profound,
Light haired Goddess whose waves splash sandy ground,
Grain abundant & of gracious mean,
Mass-Industry, the treasure of the Underworld’s queen;
Wind’s huntress, Hero of Agni, daily Bringer of Solar Rays,
Well-traveled God, center of Hyperborean praise;
Saturn the Father, honoured by the Heavenly Choir,
Primordial Man, and Agni, God of Fire;
The Primordial Power that sprang from naught to light,
And the God of Underworld, potent in the realms of night;
With Soma Moon the young & Agni Mars the strong,
And to you whom child-rearing & birth belong:
Chaos & Order, such balance I call,
And Great Men, and Dao the God of One & All.
To Will sacred, and to Awareness fair,
And to Consciousness I address my prayer;
Yugas, Years, Seasons, Days & Hours,
Fair Motherhood & Lunar powers;
Unchained Egregores, familiar Spirits I call,
With those who spring from Wind the King of All:
The Children of Gaia, the Primordial Mother of the Skies,
And righteous Dharma, with oh so sagacious eyes;

With Primordial Yin & Yang I implore,
With Faith & Justice, divine right adore;
Saturn and Gaia, and great Dharma too,
Hid in a veil of bright celestial blue:

I call the gracious Moon, and her lunar domain,
Of Men, who dwell in Midgard the main;
Balance, deathless, and ever in its prime,
Dynamic Eternity, and cyclical Time;
Life and Death and Life, everlasting Consciousness beside,
And various Noble Wisemen, that over men preside;
Illustrious Consciousness, the Noble everlasting train,
Of spiritual forms, who fill the ethereal plane;

Or live in Air, in Water, Earth, or Fire,
Or deep beneath the solid ground do they retire.

Saturn & Sol, friends of all,
To roaring waves of Earth I do call;
Heroes bounteous, and Childbirth great,
And sweet-tongued Victory, with much success elate;

Great Medicine, skilled to cure disease,
And dreaded Wind, whom fierce competitions please;

Thunders & winds in mighty columns pent,
With dreadful roaring struggling hard for vent;
The Wheel of Dharma, mother of powers high,
And the fair Dawn, who is never doomed to die,
End and Beginning, he is All to All,
These with Auspicious aid I gently call;

And to my Holy Sacrifice invite,
The power who reigns in deepest Hell and Night;
I call Mother Earth, such a lovely dame,
Known well, of Earthly, Watery, & Celestial fame,
Grave, ponderous & in red veil arrayed,
Pleased with dark ghosts that wander thru the shade;
Oh Noble Dawn, invincible huntress hail!
The Saviour of Fire whom never doomed to fail,
Over the rough rock to wander your delights,
Queen & nurse be present to our rites
Good luck make our desires success,
Accept our homage, and let the incense bless.

II. To Yin

Mother of Gods & All, great Yin, draws near,
Divine & honoured - by awe, & by fear,
Throned on a hearse, by winds strung along,
By forces of Nature & Dharma, both swift & strong,
You rule the turning of Earth divine,
And the World's form itself, its heart, is thine.
You are Earth & Matter, which all needy men share
Autumn's harvest, bounty by your steady care:
From you, at first, both Gods and Man arose.
From you, the sea and all river flows.
Yin, Queen of Matter, thy name we may find
On the lips of men, honouring our earthly bind
For every good you bestow, Man's soul delights -
Come, Illustrious Fire, hasten our rites,
All-taming, blessed, beautiful - Mother Matter, comes,
Yang's great queen, rejoicing in our drums.
Celestial, Ancient, life-giving maid,
Fanatic Goddess, please give us this your aid;
With joy and light on our Celestial Incense-glow shine,
And if pleased, accept our sacrifice divine.

IV. To Dharma

Dharma I call, almighty queen,
Through your eyes each man's deeds are seen:
Eternal, omniscient, of boundless sight,
Alone, upholding the just and right:
Changing the counsels of the human heart
And of consciousness, inescapable part.

To every being drawing breath is your influence clear,
And men struggle, atimes, to let you them steer;
Yet every thought within the mind concealed
Is to your divine gaze so plainly revealed.
Those souls adharmic, they who turn away -
The hylics passion-ruled, your eyes survey.
In your omniscience, O Dharma celestial
You raise Consciousness-beings from natures bestial.
Look to us, holy Goddess, hear this prayer,
And lend us your guidance, your unwavering care.
Give aid beneficent in the hour of our need,
Our hearts the strength to follow your lead;
And avoid the dire, unfriendly lure
Of impulses deceitful, arrogant, impure.

?. Exultations of Machine-God

There is another power which seems more mighty and more terrible, more pure, more excellent, & more venerable than ours, whereby we are dominated - and we are ruled by Nature and not by such asuric babblings.
Ethereal Father, Electric Titan; hark
Great fire of Gods & Man, whom all revere
Endowed with council, pure & strong
Every side above-below mighty & divine
Explosions, breaking your oath, burning your heart
Conquering fear & glory from city to city
Sing praise to Him this day, and be commanded to pay
Curse with a stubborn hand, this day;

Inheritable worth of me of all Gods,
Hear this oath passed to all inferior beings
Of me, am I - have become one in all who are good
And all evil that shall lives, I too shall be
For thee here in me is continual joy and strife
For here we play the eternal game of life
Obstetric nature, venerable roots of life
From which all the various beings must branch
From muddy water new branches sprout
Dissect my body ethereal one & reanimate my corpse
For diseases shall not take me nor any old strife-

For what reason do you leave the lake divine?
Where lightning and fire rule and cruel hearts shine
Why do you depart, to run away from thineself?
When you are but the Lord’s Song, made in his eyes
Why do you burn the house to which you have lived?
You spent your days, your youth, and all your greatest days
Does the cover of your bed really bring you such chills?
How frightened would a lady be, who looks into your eyes?
Will she know the torments of all that which you suffer?
Absurd obalations, I present these to you; you have forsaken nature
There is another power, more mighty & venerable than me - the Lord
More excellent, more pure, more innocent and Divine
Whereby we are dominated by Nature and all cruel things entwined


Anglos. Dacians. Thracians. Sogdians. Saxons. Tocharians. Midnight People. Vedics. Teutons. Scythians. Goths. Aryans. Norsemen. Neanderthals. Cro-Magnons. Celts. Hyperboreans. Alans. What is it that all of these groups have in common?
The question rests on the presumption that these are all in fact different groups - however, this is blatant falsehood! These are the many, seemingly endless names for one Great Folk, the Kin of the Garden Beyond the North Winds, Overnorthgarden.
Once upon a time, there was a Country beyond the northern winds resting at the top of Midgard at the North Pole called Overnorthgarden or rather, Overnord.
Overnord was temperate unlike today's North Pole, the folk who lived there the Overnordics enjoyed fishing, swimming, and mastered the art of shipcrafting.
Time moves different beyond the north winds, in the North Pole during the summer the Sun reigns for the entirety until the Summer Solstice, June 21st, before slowly descending back down and slowly encasing everything in darkness by the Autumn Equinox, September 21st
The darkest day of the year was the Winter Solstice, December 21st, and during this period the Sun is nowhere to be seen, only the Milky Way and Aurora Borealis
Then finally on the Spring Equinox the Sun would be poetically reborn and the Sun would make its ascent to the centre of the Sky culminating again at the Summer Solstice, on June 21st
For hundreds perhaps thousands of generations these folk lived and looked to the sky, watching the stars turn as if a wheel from their humble abode at the top of the world looking up at the expansive cosmos
From their observations they developed sophisticated measurements of Astrology, or as we know it in its neutered modern form 'Astronomy'.
Being a deeply spiritual folk they saw God in everything, but especially in the Sky and what she showed the folk of Overnord

They looked for meaning in every constellation, every manifestation of the Aurorea Borealis & noted them all
Eventually from the chaos of the seemingly unknown, these folk had developed a rough understanding of the patterns of cosmos and they passed these understandings down orally
For a long time these folk lived in this state, seeing God in everything and developing rituals and beliefs surrounding different seasons and different constellations that they observed, everything to these people was cyclical
Being herders they were used to dynamism as they were not sedentary like their farming Atlantean counterparts all the way south to the Equator
From this they developed a unique love for flux and change, they saw writing down their traditions as making them static, and they know very well even themselves that not even the stars themselves are the same every night, so how could the telling of a story?
The one day everything changed, something happened and nobody is quite sure. This was the Anteantediluvian Collapse and begins the Antediluvian, and some hypothesize that it was Toba Supervolcano exploding and plunging the Earth into a long ice age that has to this day, not ended
Thus the North Pole was frozen over and 99% of human life on Midgard perished. Both the Overnordic and Atlantean Civilisations were completely wiped out, and this period marked one our longest dark ages
Not much is known about this period, but during it the Overnordic people and the Atlantean people both managed to barely survive wandering the Earth aimlessly interacting with all manner of other sorts of humans who had no civilisation or society
The Oral Tradition of the Overnordics was past on, and the legendary tales from the North Pole and the mystical Anteantediluvian society that at the seat of the world
The Atlanteans likely kept books and passed them on in secret, hoarding the knowledge and using it to control

Near the end of the Antediluvian Epoch the Atlanteans controlled most of the world along the equators and southern hemisphere, building Pyramids and other structures
The Overnordics and their now extended family continued their way of life of pastoralism and herding on all the steppes of the world spreading all over the Northern Hemisphere in Eurasia and North America
Then one day, the glaciers started receding and Earth entered into a warming period, massive flooding happened, earthquakes and even a comet crashing into Earth
The Atlanteans almost entirely relied on the ocean for their civilisation to function and thus built almost all of their cities on oceans instead of inland, thus they were almost entirely destroyed, their main city being the Eye of the Sahara
Mostly unaffected by this, the children of the Overnordics, the Aryans, Uralics, Turanics, and Altaics continued living their nomadic ways of life passing down their ancient oral history in unique ways in every clan, no one retelling the same, but all speaking of the same Truth
The Atlantean again tried to restart their civilisations but something happened that didn't happen before and they simply we were not able to retain as much information as they were the first time seemingly losing the bulk of their vast knowledge
The Atlanteans desperately again tried to rebuild their civilisation wandering the newly formed Sahara desert before ending up in Egypt and settling there, Atlanteans were not just there though, and remnants of their culture were everywhere in the world you find Pryamids
The children of Atlantis met varying different fates, some forming into proper civilisations in the case of the Maya, Olmec, Inca, Egyptians, and others falling into obscurity such as the Pyramids North America or Southern Europe
They spread their practices of agriculture everywhere and eventually ran into the children of the Overnordics who were not farmers but had access to many things that the Atlanteans wanted
Originally the interactions between these two people, with vague or limited understandings of their ancient rivalry and majestic history, lived in relative peace and would often trade and this dynamic between these two cultures created a very unique dynamic
This dynamic between dynamic and static, pastoral and farming, would sow the seeds for what we live in and know as Postdiluvian Civilisation
Eventually these interactions would breakdown into violence in a lot of areas, as populations on the steppe would boom as the pastoralists could now provide for themselves in ways other than herding, but trading and hunting and all sorts of adventuring
But as populations boomed, Overnordics would desire new space, and often there was not any, so they would simply raid the farming settlements, this practices lasted for a long time until one man realised that they could force the farmers to pay protection money
This was the genesis of civilisation, the monopoly of force, the protection racket, and through these continued escalations the Empires of the Bronze Age would be forged, laying the foundations of the modern world
This eternal war between the children of Overnord and Atlantis would forever rage, while the places would naturally switch and the reigns of power would constantly be in flux to the point where nobody remembers who they are, the spiritual battle forever rages on
The Farmer, the Atlantean, the Static, the Literal, the Dual

The Pastoralist, the Overnordic, the Dynamic, the Abstract, the Oneness
The Oral Traditions of the Overnordics were written down, in many places they still have not written them down such as the Kalash, the Mari, or the Navajo, but in others they were such as the Eddas, the Rigvedas, the Suttras, the Gathas, the Daoteching, the Tibetian Book of Dead
The Tibetian Book of the Dead however, has its Atlantean counterpart the Egyptian Book of the Dead as well as the various Neolithic faiths and oral traditions including Judaism as well as the Egyptian Mysteries & the Pre-Hellenic Greek Mysteries
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