By what name, under what heading, is it permissible to advocate for the rights of female people?
Is there *any* configuration—no matter how objectionable gender-critical women might find it—that would be tolerable to and respected by trans activists? AFAB rights? Movement for the liberation of the 'transmisogyny-exempt'? Non-males of the world unite?
Or is there truly *no* heading under which The People Formerly Known as Women and Girls can gather that trans activists won't put under siege?

(My guess? There's no acceptable form or frame for a female-centered movement.)
What's unacceptable to trans activists isn't the language we use to refer to women as a sex class. Don't be fooled by how much trans activists focus on policing our language. What's unacceptable is acknowledging women as a sex class, no matter what words we use.
It's drawing boundaries around our bodies and experiences, no matter how we refer to those bodies or experiences. The target of trans activism is any acknowledgement of sex difference.
The split within the left over trans 'rights' ultimately comes down to whether female people are free to organize and be recognized as a sex class—or not.

Trans activism says no.

To those still on the sidelines: that's the conflict.
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