Those who can communicate their thoughts clearly and precisely will forever have an unfair advantage over those who can't.

And it doesn't matter who is better at something, those who can communicate in words and in writing will always find it easier.
I'm sorry if it's unfair, but that the way of the world. The storyteller always win.
Everytime you say something in words or in writing, you are telling the world who you are.

Social media amplifies that.
A good communication skill and a dilligent work are two forces of nature that are unstoppable and would ultimately bring you before Kings.
And don't be small-minded. Communication skill has ramifications.

You are an employee, you need it to convince your employer. You are an employer you need it to attract the best talent.
You have a side hustle you need it to convince your customer. You are a customer, you need it to get the best deal.
You are a founder, you need it to convince investors, early employees, customers, regulators and more. Whatever you are, you need it.
You can neglect it though if you don't mind settling on whatever comes your way. But if you want to fight for what is yours and not just what's handed over to you, you have to develop this skill.
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