for my last semester of grad school, im taking a class called 100 days of making. i’ll be working on a zine archiving project which includes studying & making new zines everyday starting jan 28. if u want u can follow along on fedgram 
this project is important to me because i've been reading & making zines for years and would love to be more intentional in archiving the zines that mean so much to me. it'll be a learning process, but eventually will become an archive 
also im in the mood to collect new zines! what zines are y’all reading? send them my way:)
started off on day 1 of 100 days of zines with a paper study and meditation on jazz pianist and composer Mary Lou Williams
day 2 i made a zine from a poem i wrote called “one box two another” w a year of virtual still life from the pandemic including my first funeral overall zoom. rip to my uncle Fred 🤎
day 3 is a zine about the parts of building basic circuits
day 4 is a one for the alter: a zine meditation for our new ancestor, Cicely Tyson. a few black and white images of Cicely Tyson on cream, pink and orange vellum sheets bound together with waxed black thread using a japanese binding technique.
day 5 is a special one from my personal archive which i return to often, Black Women and Self Defense written and published by @naomimmoyer #bhm
day 6 is a one page zine featuring a photocopied spread from Zong!, a critically fabulated series of poems by M. NourbeSe Philip reflecting on the fragmented history of slavery, paired with images from various documented slave ship diagrams #bhm
day 8 is zine paper circuit collage of Invisible Man Retreat, a photo by Gordon Parks taken for Ralph Ellison’s book the Invisible Man in 1952 that i was mesmerized by on @careforgotten’s Southern Electronics @AREdotNA channel.
day 9 is a selection of fbi documents of Trayvon Martin, Prince, MOVE, Fannie Lou Hamer and Toni Morrison kettle stitched together on pastel yellow paper. happy birthday Trayvon. he would have been 26 years old today if the police hadn’t murdered him.
day 10 is an algorithmically generated fan zine of Fred Moten in conversation with Transformer, a “modern neural network” programmed w the function to complete text prompts. i asked Transformer questions scraped from Moten’s book the Universal Machine
day 11 is a remix of a zine i made with @prisonculture @ashapashaaaaa @Arrianna_Planey years ago, Radical Black Woman of Harlem: a walking tour. feeling very reflective of some of the first zines i made & how i’d rework them with everything i’ve learned.
day 12 is a zine made w 1 sheet of paper to help me learn how to manually impose pages. content is a photo essay by photographer Marilyn Nance originally published on  as a hypertext lecture about african spirituality in birmingham
day 13 is a zine of 5 random search results after scraping the @NMAAHC for “african american” under the “labor” topic. printed on pastel yellow paper and sewing machine bound in a star pattern in thin black thread
day 13 is a zine inspired by @LeftSentThis posting the Black Panther Party’s 10 Point Program and reminding us to familiarize ourselves not only with the points, but the BPP’s thinking behind them.
day 14 is a video zine using @p5xjs. the poem Black Art by Amiri Baraka plays as my hand scrolls thru a video of free jazz musician Milford Graves moving thru praying mantis style kong fu gestures. the zine displays one word from Baraka’s poem per frame.
day 16 is an accordion fold zine meditation on African Fractals by Ron Eglash. burgundy, orange and seafoam colored embroidery thread collaged over black images and diagrams of fractal patterns found throughout the African diaspora on pastel purple paper.
day 17 is FIRE!!, a cherished zine from my archive organized by Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Wallace Thurman, Aaron Douglas, Richard Bruce Nugent, Gwendolyn Bennett and John P. Davis during the Harlem Renaissance in 1926
day 18 is a zine about loving Black people of oppressed gendered persons, bodies and experiences for valentine’s day. DM if u are Black and want a pdf :)
day 19 is a classic full 8.5 x 11 size zine bound with three staples on the left edge on pastel pink color sheets titled “Black Barbie.” based on research by @JulianAbagond of black barbie dolls from 1967-2019
day 20 is a tiny zine w a cardboard hardcover adorned with black & white headshots on vibrant teal paper of Audre Lorde and Pat Parker two black lesbian women with short afros who exchanged love letters to each other in 1985 and 1986
day 21 is a zine on Amiri Baraka’s Technology and Ethos featuring figure studies of onyx a.son-aut-[i/0], Maureen Yancey, J Dilla, Sun Ra, black people on use tik tok, black children playing double dutch, Ifá divination tray and Soulja Boy
day 22 is a zine for Harriet Ann Jacobs made with lime green vellum and newsprint. 3 nested layers of cover sheets piece together an image of a black woman and child. inside is a letter Jacobs wrote in 1867 reflecting on freedom & children
day 23 is a zine w pockets on green paper featuring images of black people wearing afro hairstyles paired with collaged patent documents of various afro combs and cut outs of different styles of afro combs throughout history
day 24 is a pop up zine featuring black skateboarders Beatrice Domond, Briana King, Derrell Carey, Na-Kel Smith & Samarria Brevard on hot pink paper set in a thick sans serif font in all caps
day 25 is an accordion fold zine on yellow construction paper typeset in monospace font encased in a hardcover made of cardboard featuring the Panther 21. the confession of agent Ray Wood confirmed the NYPD & FBI killed Malcolm X & framed the Panther 21
day 26 is a a pointy star-shaped zine on vibrant orange paper featuring a monochrome portrait of Sonia Sanchez and three excerpts from Sonia Sanchez: A Sun Woman for All Seasons Reads Her Poetry, a poetry album and chapbook released in 1971
day 27 is a zine sculpture on grey construction and vellum paper featuring “Madonna” by Elizabeth Catlett (1987)
day 28 is a zine meditation in response to Alice Walker’s In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens, a book filled with prose, essays, short stories and reflections. image description at the link
day 29 is a zine called looking for langston featuring some of my favorite selections from the Langston Hughes papers 1962-1980 collection organized by yale library @beineckelibrary
day 30 is a drum leaf bound zine on grey construction paper as the cover and newsprint as the inside pages about May Jemison, the first black woman to travel into space in 1992.
31/100 since my copies printed by @irrelevantpress on riso are stuck in the mail, i reprinted Resurrecting Ruby on newsprint paper. research and writings by @prisonculture @LVikkiml, Kayla LeGrand and Zora Neale Hurston tell the story of Ruby McCollum
day 32 is a zine on vibrant aqua paper and black ink about W.E.B. Du Bois’s 25th birthday program. “even as a young man, Du Bois was meticulous in his habits. while in berlin, he observed his 25th birthday with a carefully drawn schedule of activities.”
content inspired by @UpFromTheCracks and @ddhewty
day 33: #bhm might have ended but black women’s history month just started! get into it with PHONE BOOK a zine on yellow sheets of paper loosely signature bound with yellow thread featuring some of our favorite images of black women on the phone
day 34 is a zine featuring the Combahee River Collective Statement on red paper, hand bound with black embroidery thread woven through hole punched spaces
day 35 is a zine on pink construction paper and newsprint featuring “Until Black Women Are Free, None of Us Will Be Free” by @KeeangaYamahtta. the essay was originally published in the @newyorker where Taylor wrote about the Combahee River Collective
day 36 is a fanzine called BLACK? WOMAN? PUNK? featuring black women icons in the us/uk punk scene @kelis, Jasmine Nyende, FUPU, @afroxvx, Ramdasha Bikceem, Poly Styrene, Osa Atoe, Adee Roberson, New Bloods, Tamar-Kali, @ilyhook, @Rico_nastyy and Skin
day 37 is a zine on bright pink paper featuring cartes de visites of Sojourner Truth from the smithsonian archive.
day 38 is a zine on newsprint featuring ephemera of Billie Holiday from the Smithsonian and Yale Library archives respectively. the zine is square shaped and asymmetrically bound with 2-color stitching in blue thread on the outside and red on the inside.
day 39 is a fan zine about Tina Bell on mint green paper hand bound with black embroidery thread on the outside and green on the inside with a diagonal fold on square sheets which gives the zine a diamond shape
day 40 is a fan zine featuring a selection of women artists, writers and community organizers who were integral to the harlem renaissance on metallic gold vellum and yellow paper, stab bound in black thread in a mountain peak pattern.
day 41 is a fan zine about Octavia E. Butler on green, aqua, neon green, and pastel blue paper hand bound with dark blue embroidery thread using a japanese binding technique in a variation of the hemp leaf pattern.
a fan zine about Ida B. Wells-Barnett on red and orange vellum; pink, orange and red paper; stab bound using the noble japanese binding technique. Ida B. Wells was an educator, journalist and anti-lynching organizer.
day 43 is a zine called SH!T featuring black women sitting on the toilet on newsprint sheets glue bound to a recycled toilet paper roll. the zine features Millie Jackson, @rihanna @NaomiCampbell and @halleberry
day 44 is a zine featuring Two Sisters Two Tongues (1991) by photographer Lorna Simpson. the zine is designed as a tiny square foldable portfolio on purple paper with Simpson’s Wigs II (1994) work as an interior pattern.
a folio fan zine on blue paper with images & facts about @JanetJackson. love & light to her for her music spanning all forms of love from political affinity to friendship loss & grief
day 46 is a tiny zine in the format of a library checkout pocket on yellow paper and card stack in newsprint featuring black women librarians including Eliza Atkins Gleason, Virginia Lacy Jones, Doris Hargrett Clack and Elfreda A. Chatman.
day 47 is a zine sculpture on yellow, green and purple construction paper featuring color photographs of @Venuseswilliams playing tennis wearing braids adorned in plastic beads of various colors including white, neon green, yellow, blue, green and purple.
day 48 is a small square two-page zine on orange construction paper which expands and collapses into a larger and smaller square featuring Mary Lee Bendolph, a textile artist from Gee’s Bend, and her work “Strip Quilt.”
day 49 is a flipbook zine shaped like a rectangular envelope featuring black women who were featured on official stamps by the united states postal service including Ella Baker, Dinah Washington, Zora Neale Hurtson, Ethel Payne, Ida B. Wells and more
day 50 is a folder zine featuring “Now You Cookin’ With Gas” a short story by Zora Neale Hurston from @BeineckeLibrary
day 51 is a zine on hot pink paper & black ink made with @bareconductive touchboard featuring Pamela Z. when tabs labeled with the names of some of my favorite songs from "Pamela Z: A Delay Is Better” touch the electrodes on the touchboard, the song plays.
day 52 is a folder zine on yellow construction paper & newsprint featuring ephemera from Assata Shakur’s living archive including portraits, mugshot from her 1973 arrest, FBI wanted poster, “Assata is Welcome Here” poster & opening statement from her trial
day 53 is an accordion zine on pink cardstock featuring a quote from Toni Cade Bambara “sister is a verb.”
day 54 is zine with a black hardcover on perfect, drum leaf bound seafoam green paper and newsprint featuring “The Plot of Her Undoing” by Saidiya Hartman, an essay published in the Notes of Feminisms issue by the @feministartco
day 55 is a zine on newsprint featuring a conversation between Angela Yvonne Davis and Grace Lee Boggs which took place on march 2, 2012 at the university of california berkley. Davis and Boggs discussed topics surrounding afro-asian solidarity.
day 56 is a circle shaped zine on multicolor paper made for pastels featuring illustrations of notable black women from @nypl’s “Noted Negro women” (1893) collection.
day 57 is a zine on transparency, grid, craft and handmade lotka paper hole punch bound with a small silver d-ring featuring portraits of and sketches by Lorraine Hansberry from the @nypl digital collections.
day 58 is an accordion fold zine on yellow construction paper die cut in abstract shapes featuring illustrations by a black woman printmaker named Dorothy Charter Higginson for Radical America
day 59 is a stan zine on green and neon green paper, green printed circuit board with silver silkscreen about @keiyaa_ a musician and composer. sheets are assymetrically stacked, arranged and bound with a single silver rivet and green alligator clips. 🖤
day 60 is a tiny fan zine on neon pink and orange cardstock bound with gold earring hook featuring  black women computer scientists who worked for NASA including Annie Easely, Mary W. Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughn.
(day 60 continued) the zine can be worn as earrings or read like a typical zine. headshots of each woman and a photograph of them working adorn the pages 🖤🦋
day 61 is a tiny accordion fan zine ring on handmade lotka paper featuring portraits of black gender nonconforming, nonbinary and/or women scholars, theorists and philosophers who have influenced me significantly
day 62 is die cut zine earrings in the shape of a flower on orange pastel paper bound with gold posts featuring news clippings of articles written by Alice Childress and Lorraine Hansberry for Freedom, a leftist newspaper founded by Paul Robeson in 1951.
content suggested by @prisonculture 🖤🖤🖤
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