[ give you my heart ]
#bkdk omegaverse au

It started with a stupid idea. Katsuki knew it was a stupid idea. His brain had been yelling at him to not go, to not do it, but then he let his so called friends coaxed him.

And now he's fucked. He's really fucked.
Okay, in order to understand the whole situation we have two go back three weeks ago when him and his idiotic friends just finished one of the biggest and longest exams of their lives after days of studying and all nighters.

"I demand we celebrate!" Denki exclaimed.
Right there, that was Katsuki's first red flag. You just never trust whatever shit spills out Denki's mouth.

"Yes! Oh my god, now that you mention Kyouka is hosting a huge party with a live band!" Mina chimed in.

That was his second red flag.
Any party that Mina goes to involves an insane amount of alcohol, a questionable crowd, and sometimes uppers. As if she needed one when his veins cary an infinite amount of energy.

"I'd rather sleep," He told them rolling his eyes, massaging his nape.
"Yeah, of course," Sero sighed dramatically. "Give it up for the grandpa of the year, Bakugou Katsuki."

He knew the guy was just teasing him but when the rest of his friends, even Kirishima taunted him about his grandpa tendencies, his fuse blew.
It was the lack of sleep he theorized.

But before his mind could function normally he had already yelled, "Fuck you! I could be fun! I will go to that party and fucking have fun!"

It would have been better if he was given some time to cool down and think but of course it was —
— apparently too much to ask when his friends grabbed his hand to pull him inside Sero's SUV. Next thing he knew they were driving to the party.

When they got there the first thing Katsuki noticed was the scent neutralizer and the lastest model to boot.
Latest model of scent neutralizer are so damn powerful that they could jam an incopious amount of alpha, beta, and omega in one room and you won't smell a single scent.

It was like a fucking miracle but Katsuki was thankful for it because the amount of people in the party —
— would definitely had him knocked out if there wasn't any scent neutralizer.

Without the scent the only indicator he had with people's secondary gender were their physique. People who towers like him and had a naturally huge built would definitely be alpha.
Katsuki always had a hard time identifying omega apart from beta without the scent. Omegas are so painfully rare anyway that people would always be floored when they learn someone is an omega.

Alphas were also dwindling in numbers as Betas kept growing.
It was even theorized that in the next hundred or so years, maybe less, Alphas and Omegas will go extinct.

That's why they're always put in some pedestal just because they're Alpha and Omega.

Katsuki, of course, thinks it's fucking bullshit.
Alpha, beta, omega, or whatthefuckever doesn't matter as long as you are a decent human being.

But we are not here to talk about his principles and morality. We are gathered here to talk about when he fucked up his life.

Katsuki pulled his hair with both his hands when he —
— remembered the amount of alcohol he let in his system. The blond was determined to keep his consumption to one red cup but because of his temper and competitive nature, he got into a drinking game where he was required to drink 20 shots and not fall flat on his face.
For the record he did won while his opponent passed out at his 7th shot.

The night had blurred after the game. He remembered singing on the top of his lungs, jumping, and dancing all over the place.

He remembered letting extras ran their hands over his abs.
Katsuki shut his eyes tightly at the mere thought of all the idiocy he did that night.

Let's just say it wasn't his proudest.

But what he could not remember was the event that lead him to wake up alone in a hotel room that smell strongly of sex.
The next scent he noticed was a scent of wood sage and sea salt.

Which was very much enticing, relaxing, and something Katsuki didn't expect he'd like.

The alpha gathered his clothes, pulled himself together, and left.

When he got to the reception to pay, it was paid—
— already.

Katsuki quickly went home to his apartment, drank some tea before he started trying to trace back everything he did that night. He remembered most of it but nothing came when he was trying to remember the hotel.

He spent three hours thinking and got fucking nothing.
Okay, he tried again, so Bakugou Katsuki, 19 years old, first year at UA National University taking double degree in Fashion Merchandising and Communications Art, aiming to be one of the biggest Fashion Magazine Editor -in-Chiefs, had a one night stand with someone.
And he can't remember the rest.

He had a one night stand. That's for sure. To who that he doesn't know. He doesn't have a face, a gender, a secondary gender. There was none the only thing he had was the scent of wood sage and sea salt.

That's it. That's all he had.
After spending a pointless afternoon scouring his brain for a clue, he gave up. He stood up, began his research work, write on his schedule, and red the life of Yves Saint Laurent.

The alpha realized there was zero point in trying to recall things.

He had sex, that's it.
If only he knew what would happen next, he would have thought harder.

Three weeks after the said party and after he swore to never attend one or let alone put alcohol in him unless it's one of his father's expensive old wines, he was now sitting in front of his parents.
The thing was, it was their break so he went home to stay at their main house. That's when it started him suddenly being anxious, his mood swings going up and down like it was some exciting amusement park ride, weight gain, body pains, and the worse one was nausea.
He remembered how he was woken up by the sheer need to vomit. To empty his stomach out and it had always been like that since it started. Every friggin six thirty in the morning he got to get up and throw up to his toilet bowl.

"I think I am sick with something," he told his —
— parents one morning while they were waiting for their house staff to bring breakfast.

"What do you mean?" His father who is one of the greatest doctors asked.

Katsuki began explaining, his parents just looked at each other worriedly.
And when one of their house staff brought over Katsuki's favorite miso soup, the alpha quickly felt his stomach churned, covering his mouth he stood up to run to the nearest bathroom.

His parents followed him, helping him with his vomiting afterwards they are now sitting back.
Million lf worst case scenario ran in his mind.

Was he bitched?

No, bitching takes time and there was a study that proved it was impossible in the first place.

Does he have some rare disease and is dying?

No, he knew he was one of the healthiest person alive.
Mitsuki, his mother who was an obgg6 as well, gave a exhausted sigh. "Brat," she started. "Tell us the truth are you in a relationship right now?"

Katsuki furrowed his eyebrows, "No, what the fuck?"

The two older Bakugous glanced at each other.
"Okay, let's just say you are not in a relationship," Mitsuki said.

"I am fucking not! I don't have the time when I am doing a double fucking degree!" Katsuki rolled his eyes.

"Okay," Mitsuki raised both her hands, gesturing him to calm the fuck down.
"Why the fuck are you asking me that shit?"

Masaru sighed, pushing his glasses in place, "We think it's Couvade Syndrome."

"Cou—what?" The alpha's brows furrowed deeper.

"Or Sympathetic Pregnancy." Mitsuki added. Katsuki just stared at her stupidly not understanding a thing
The older Bakugou rolled her eyes and began explaining on how there were times in which the male or the Alpha were the ones who feel the symptoms of pregnancy instead of their partners.

Katsuki just blinked at his mother's explanation.

"Okay... This is fucking stupid."
Masaru gave a small smile, "That's why sometimes people say 'we're pregnant'."

Katsuki slumped down suddenly the party, the hotel room, the scent invaded his mind in full force.

Okay, he's fucked.

"So, just tell the truth, brat." Mitsuki crossed her arms over her chest.
He's fucked, Katsuki thought. He's really fucked.

His parents won't get mad, he knew that much. They'd even be thrilled by the idea of a grandchild but Katsuki on the other hand wasn't ready to be a dad and he had plans! He has goals he wanted to reach!
"Katsuki, son, we're not gonna get mad." Masaru assured the younger Bakugou. Katsuki just looked at him.

He knew they won't get mad but how in the world was he to tell them that it was a drunk one night stand with someone he couldn't remember.
Katsuki could fucking let it go and jot find this person but his inner alpha won't let him. Right now at the thought of his pup out there it was snarling at him to find it. To keep it safe.

And Katsuki maybe an asshole, and overly pragmatic but he's not heartless.
Even when he's just 19 and he could say out loud that he wasn't ready for a pup, he would want to be part of the little one's life no matter what.

He swallowed hard, "It's a one night stand." His voice was low. Katsuki clasped his hands together. "I can't remember anything."
"What?!" Mitsuki shouted, standing up from her seat.

"I can't remember a face, not even a voice! All I know was the scent! That's it." Katsuki snarled back, running his palm over his face.

Mitsuki pinched the bridge of her nose sitting down.
They were enveloped by silence.

Masaru stoo up and sat next to Katsuki, he gently rubbed the back of his son. Despite how it looks and sounds like, Katsuki had been a good son who brought them joy and pride.

He always gives his best even in small things.
"What's your plan, Katsuki?" The guy gently asked.

"Well, if he or she or whatever is really pregnant, I have to find the person." Katsuki sighed, explaining how he couldn't just leave them on their own and how he wanted to part of the pup's life mo matter what.
"As you should!" Mitsuki huffed. "I want my grandchild."

Katsuki rolled his eyes. "Maybe you misdiagnosed me," the blond tried to argue but both his parents shook their head, telling him that it is what it is.

The blond buried his face over his palms.
He doesn't know where to start or what to do but he somehow needed to figure out something.

After talking to his parents, his daily life continued with all the symptoms as the morning sickness gets worst and his fucking appetite for oranges was just insane.
Never would he thought that him, a 6 foot 3 Alpha would be reduced into a crying mess just because his orange ran out. After that, his parents made sure there were enough orange in their house for Katsuki to eat whenever he felt like it.
Last day before he leave to stay in his apartment because classes would be starting, he accompanied his parents to meet one of his mother's old friend who was celebrating her birthday.

Katsuki wanted to stay at home but they forced him because he had been holed inside since —
— the beginning of his break.

Grumbling curses, he got dressed and went with them. His mother's friend wasn't like the ones Katsuki knew who was in the same circle as his family was.

Rather, this friend had a small lovely very homey place with a huge garden of flowers.
When they got inside the smell of freshly made food welcomed them. There was also something sweet in the air as they also made a cake.

But what caught Katsuki's nose was honey like scent interlaced with a milky scent.
He remembered how his mother always tells him that that's how a pregnant omega smells. They smelled like honey and milk which weave through their real scent.

Midoriya Inko, his mother's friend, welcome them with a huge smile. Mitsuki quickly enveloped the beta on a hug.
"Happy Birthday, Inko, my dear!" Mitsuki happily greeted as she started giving bags upon bags of gift to the lady who was embarrassed by the amount of gift she received from the Bakugous.

Mitsuki pulled Katsuki next to her, "Here's my spawn, Katsuki." She introduced.
Katsuki pushed his mother away with a scowl but the older Bakugou just smirked at him fondly.

"Oh Mitsuki, stop teasing your son." Inko chuckled, leading them to the dining table.

"Nice to meet you, Katsuki, you are a very handsome man." The lady turned to him.
"Thank you, err, Auntie." Katsuki awkwardly replied making Inko chuckle.

Once in the dining hall they settled on their designated seats, story thrown back and forth.

Suddenly, all their eyes went to the person who came in through the kitchen door.

"Oh, Izuku just in time."
Katsuki stared at the guy. He must be around 5'4", soft curly green hairs, long lashes, constellation of freckles on his skin, emerald doe eyes.

The blond nearly choked at the sight of the guy. He had never seen a guy look so beautiful that it was almost unreal.
How in the world can that guy look small and pretty?

"I got you flowers," Izuku grinned walking to his mother to give him a freshly cut bouquet of flowers which Katsuki knew came from the garden.

"Thank you," Inko smiled. Izuku turned to the Bakugous bowing down politely.
"It's nice to see you here, Auntie Mitsuki, Uncle Masaru" He smiled. "Thank you for taking time to come to my mother's simple birthday celebration."

"No problem! I wouldn't want to miss Inko's birthday." Mitsuki replied, grinning.
"Oh by the way, meet my son Katsuki," Mitsuki introduced Katsuki, arms over the blond's shoulder which he pushed away, Mitsuki rolled her eyes. "Brat, this is Izuku, he's the lovely son of Inko! He's also older than you so you better treat him with respect." The lady warned.
"Whatever, Hag," Katsuki retaliated earning a glare. Then he turned to Katsuki, "How old wad he anyway?" He asked as if Izuku's not there.

"I'm 25," Izuku answered instead while he washed his hands in the sink. Drying his hand, he wiped it with kitchen towels.
Izuku took the empty seat next to Katsuki.

The alpha looked at the smaller guy, feeling something unexplainable. In second, his nose picked up Izuku's scent.

Wood sage and sea salt.

In shock, Katsuki stood up, eyes staring at Izuku, completely surprised.
Bakugou Katsuki always had his life planned. How he needed to finish his two degrees in 4 years, he would then intern at Vogue as a fashion editor, slowly working his way and building a name in the fashion industry after 3 years he'll fly to Milan and work there.
He had his life planned. He knew what he wanted and how he'll get there yet as he stared at Izuku with his red eyes, his nose filled with the scent of wood sage, sea salt musked by the smell of milk and honey, Katsuki suddenly felt the weight of his plan slowly crumbling.
"Is there any problem, Katsuki?" Masaru asked, looking worried at his son.

The younger Bakugou couldn't even say a word or do anything, he was just standing there in shock, eyes looking at Izuku.

There was a complete silence that took over them.
"Oh," Izuku broke the the tense atmosphere, awkwardly scratching his cheek. "He's probably uncomfortable because of me."

Katsuki didn't answer.

"I recently found out I am pregnant." Izuku smiled happily, his hand landing on his stomach.
"That explained the smell of milk and honey." Mitsuki smiled at the omega. "But we didn't know you were mated, Izuku."

"Congratulations," Masaru added while Katsuki just looked at the guy, still deep in shock.

He's pregnant.

Oh my fucking god.
"I am not mated," Izuku replied with a sad smile. "Honestly, I don't even know who the father is. I can't remember anything but..." He trailed off looking at his stomach. "I am very excited for my pup. I never thought I would want one but now I am completely in love with my pup."
"It's okay, Izuku. With all the love you and I will give your child, it doesn't matter if you're mated or not or if the dad is there or not." Inko smiled, she turned to the Bakugous chatting her excitement for the new addition on their family.
Izuku turned to Katsuki who was just standing, lost and very much in shock.

"If you want I can wear a scent blocker?" Izuku told him.

The alpha quickly shook his head as he sat down still in complete disbelief. His mind was racing with million thoughts.
Katsuki had been told how strong his scent was. If it was Izuku whom he had a one night stand, the guy must have hurried to leave and didn't bother looking at him but the omega should have at least remembered his scent which was a mix of nutmeg and ginger.
And whenever he sweat, it spikes up. Some people like it others complained about it.

His heart raced in his chest. Katsuki was confused, he doesn't know what to do and how in the world was he to confirm anything.

"Scents never really affect me," Izuku said.
"When I was younger I broke my nose and I couldn't smell anything which sucks because I couldn't taste much as well." He continued.

Katsuki fought the urge to pull his hair with both hands or groan in frustration while he buries his face over his palms.
"Izuku," Mitsuki called the omega. "You haven't been to any doctor right? I would really be mad if you did! Let me take care of you! I am the best obygyne there is!"

Izuku chuckled telling the lady that he was just planning to get a check up.

Katsuki was going insane.
"That would be nice of you, Auntie," Izuku smiled.

"Of course, and since I adore you so much, it will be free!" The older woman grinned.

"Oh no, I can't possibly do that to you, Auntie!"

"It's okay, Izuku," Mitsuki dismissed happily telling the guy to accept it as a gift.
"I am still trying to finish my last semester, that would be a huge help actually," Izuku shyly said. "Thank you so much, Auntie."

"Anything for you!" Mitsuki happily said.

"You can always count on us, Izuku." Masaru added with a soft smile.
This is crazy, Katsuki thought while watching and listening to the whole thing.

"Well, surprisingly I read in books that I should be experiencing some morning sickness and cravings already but my pup was kind enough to spare me of those," Izuku chuckled while Katsuki paled.
"My little bean is just making it easy for me," Izuku added while they started spooning food to their plates.

"That's nice to hear, usually male omegas tend to have awful morning sickness!" Mitsuki said.

Katsuki wanted nothing more but to get up, leave, and scream somewhere.
"Are you sure you don't want to find the father?" Masaru suddenly asked.

"I thought of it but I mean it was kind of an unexpected pregnancy I am afraid that he doesn't want anything to do with the pup and really, I don't know where to start finding him." Izuku sighed.
Suddenly Mitsuki let out a gasp, her eyes shifted to his son, who was pale and sweating.

"Katsuki," she called, her eyes wide and right there and then, Katsuki knew what she was thinking without saying a single word.

The younger alpha took a deep breath.
Okay, he's fucked. He's really fucked.

"What's the matter?" Inko asked when all the chat died down and Mitsuki was just glaring at his son while Masaru rubbed her back trying to calm her down.

"Fuck," Katsuki cursed, he looked at Izuku who looked back to him, confused.
"Three weeks ago," Katsuki's voice was low. Careful. "Did you attend some party?"

Izuku twitched his lips, "I did, my friend Kyouka threw a party with her band."

Katsuki shut his eyes in frustration, taking a deep breath, he looked at the omega who now has his brows furrowed.
"Amalfi," Katsuki said. "Does that sound familiar?"

Izuku's frown deepened.

"It's a hotel." Katsuki supplied and the alpha watched as green eyes blinked consecutively, till it grew wide upon remembering something.

"Oh no," Izuku gasped lightly.
The omega's smell started to sour with distress. His eyes stared at Katsuki's hair. "Blond hair," he muttered. "Oh no," he added, face painted in disbelief, paling.

"Calm down will you?" Katsuki nearly growled. Making Izuku take a deep breath.

"What's happening?" Inko asked.
"I think we need to talk," Katsuki said, his tone was laced with disbelief and defeat.

"Izuku what's going on?" Inko turned to her son who now smelled not just distressed but with embarrassment and fear.

"Hey, you're going to send everyone in panic." The alpha whispered.
"Sorry," the omega squeaked. Izuku pushed himself to stand, "Yes, we need to talk," he then turned to his mother apologizing while encouraging her to eat first while him and Katsuki talked.

Mitsuki and Masaru who understood what's happening better, distracted Inko to give the —
— two of them some time to talk.

Izuku turned to Katsuki, shyly asking him to go to his room. The alpha didn't say anything and just nodded.

When they reached Izuku's room, Katsuki was surprised on how calming the place was. It was definitely saturated by Izuku's scent.
His nest was well built with everything the omega loved.

"Just take a seat anywhere." Izuku said, sitting down on his bed and grabbing one All Might stuff toy, hugging it.

Katsuki used to love that cartoon even when it was a bit older for his age.
"You okay, inviting me over to your nest?" Katsuki grunted, standing awkwardly in front of Izuku's huge nest, hands stuffed inside his pockets.

The omega hesistation but gave a small nod in the end.

Katsuki then just sat on the floor, leaning against the mattress.
They were swallowed by silence until Katsuki cleared his throat, "Did people tell you about your scent?"

Izuku turned to look at the alpha, still hugging his stuffed toy. "Yeah, they told me I don't smell like an omega." His voice was meek.

"You don't." Katsuki confirmed.
"But you don't smell like a beta or an alpha either. You just... I don't know, you're scent is way too fucking unique." Katsuki added removing the part about him not being able to forget his scent and at one point couldn't sleep because he craved it.

Another wave of silence.
Izuku gave a sigh while Katsuki groaned a curse. It was awkward. It was the most awkward situation Katsuki had in his life.

What do you tell the omega you had a one night stand with which you can't fucking remember and now you are both on your way to parenthood?
It was just insane. Everything is just fucking crazy, it felt so unreal.

"Uhm," Izuku swallowed. "Why don't we start with introduction again?" The suggestion was dumb, Katsuki thought but he also was desperate to blow the heavy tension away. "I'll start," the omega volunteered.
"My name is Midoriya Izuku. I'm an omega and I'm 25. I study at UA National University. I'm taking Literature and I am on my last semester. I'm looking forward to work as an editor for Nighteye Publishing House where I interned as well."
Katsuki nodded, he heard of Nighteye Publishing House. It's a huge publishing house that worked with legendary novel authors. They're famous for their historical novels which Katsuki had read before.

"That's a good publishing house," he commented.
The omega's eyes sparkled at his little comment. Izuku quickly bombarded him about how great it was to work for such publishing house and how admirable his boss was. He even told him of the time he met the famous author Aizawa Shouta.

"He's so sleep deprived," he chuckled.
Katsuki had to hold his heart and stop his inner alpha who wanted nothing but to hug, scent, and cuddle the omega before them. Not to mention his happy scent was just so fucking good, he nearly melted.

"I'm sorry! I got carried away." Izuku shyly covered himself, flushed.
"It's fucking fine," Katsuki grunted, relaxing against the mattress. "I don't mind, it's your passion I don't mind listening." He kind of hoped he sounded cool in saying those things because right now, his alpha was just demanding him to impress the omega.
"That's nice of you, to listen to my passion. People usually find them annoying." Izuku laughed softly.

"It's not," Katsuki whispered, beet red.

"It's your turn." Izuku looked at him expectantly.

"Yeah," Katsuki wet his suddenly dry throat. Why the fuck was he nervous?
He had won competitions before which required him to stand in front of countless people and he wasn't an inch nervous but now he's like a fucking elementary student suddenly all shy.

Thank heavens, Izuku had a broken nose. It sucks but at least, he won't smell his nerves.
"Bakugou Katsuki, alpha, 19, I go to UA National University as well. I am currently taking a double degree in Fashion Merchandising and Communications art." Katsuki tried to sound nonchalant about it but Izuku just looked at him in horror.

"You're what?!" Izuku exclaimed.
The alpha furrowed his brows. "What do you mean?"

"Y-your age? How old are you again?" The omega looked at him looking so damn surprised.

"Nineteen. I'm nineteen." Katsuki tentatively answered.

"Oh my god," Izuku placed his face over his palms. "I can't believe this."
"What the fuck are you on? It's not like, I'm a minor." Katsuki clicked his tongue. "Besides age is just a fucking number."

Izuku didn't answer. He was too busy panicking, his scent starting to be off because off it. "Oh no, no, no, no. You are too young, oh my god."
"I am not to young!" Katsuki snarled. "Will you fucking calm down! It's not like I am fourteen and held against my will god fucking dammit."

Izuku took a deep breath, looking at the guy. They were taken by another rush of silence.
"Okay," the omega pulled himself together. "How about this let's run a paternity test to see if you're really blobby's father?"

Katsuki look at him incredulously, "You did not just name our pup blobby."

Izuku gave a pout, "As I was saying—”

"You are calling our pup blobby?"
"Well, according to the books he's more of a dot. I was actually debating of whether i call him dotty or blobby but blobby sounds cuter." Izuku defended.

Katsuki slapped his hand on his forehead. "That's not the issue here! Why the hell are you calling our pup blobby?"
"Because it's cute, I am calling MY pup blobby!" Izuku fought back.

"That's also MY pup! Half of that is my fucking work." Katsuki snapped back.

"We are still unsure of that! You need to take a paternity test first." The omega crossed his arms over his chest.
"Even if I take this damn paternity test I am 300 percent sure that's mine! I didn't spend all those days puking and crying over fucking oranges for nothing!" Katsuki was breathing hard.

Izuku blinked at what he said. "You're what?"

"You're morning sickness, I have it."
"What do you mean?"

Katsuki clicked his tongue, "My folks told me it's Couvade Syndrome or Sympathetic Pregnancy or whatever. It means instead of you having the morning sickness, mood swings, and damn cravings I have it."
"I was actually looking for ways to find you because I want to be part of my pup's life." Katsuki sighed, crinkling his nose.

"How are you sure it's me?" Izuku weakly asked.

"Your scent." The alpha looked at him. "I told you your scent is unique."
Izuku hid his face behind his All Might plushy. "Oh god," he breathed out. The omega them looked over the Alpha, "You are too young to be dragged by this. I would understand if you —,”

"Jesus fucking christ, aren't you listening?" Katsuki rolled his eyes. "I want in."
"I want to be part of my child's life. And so what if I am nineteen? Yes, I don't know shit about this and the whole parenting gig but I can fucking learn all of it. It's my child! I want to be part of his or her life." Katsuki added.

Izuku felt his throat clenched hard.
Soon, he was crying way too moved by what Katsuki said.

"The hell! Why are you crying?" Katsuki panicked.

"You just sounded so sweet." Izuku sniffed and soon Katsuki could feel his own eyes sting and watered.

Soon, he was crying too. "Fuck you," he gritted. Izuku laughed.
"Damn this fucking mood swings. Shit." Katsuki roughly wipe his tears away.

"Okay, I understand that you want to be part of blobby's life." Izuku wiped his tears away.

"Stop calling the pup blobby!" Katsuki glared at him. Izuku just looked at him defiantly.
Silence settled once more between them.

"Marry me," Katsuki suddenly said which threw Izuku off guard, choking in his own spit.

"What?" The omega coughed, pounding his chest.

"Marry me." Katsuki said, eyes burned with intense determination and unwavering resolution.
"Oh god, no, you don't have to marry me to be part of blobby's life!" Izuku quickly explained, hand flailing around.

"I want to marry you. I want my kid to have a family." Katsuki answered. Yes, his life plan which he worked hard was now a dumpster fire but he'll be damn —
— if he doesn't have a back up plan. Besides seeing the omega, smelling his scent, seeing his nest, Katsuki realized how it was not an unfortunate teenage hormonal mistake rather he got lucky.

He got lucky to have been with Izuku that night.

"But," Izuku hesistated.
"We don't even know each other." Izuku weakly said, hands fidgeting.

Both of them knew how much the society cast out unmated pregnant omega. Mostly people never pick them to be their partners they'd be lucky enough if they found someone willing to take them.
"We can fix that, we have a fucking lifetime to get to know each other." Katsuki said, his tone was nothing but certain.

Izuku didn't answer.

"Well, fuck, this shit was out of order but I mean," Katsuki groaned in frustration as he tried to find the right words.
The alpha let out a huge sigh, when a thought came to his mind, he turned to the omega. Izuku just looked at him, confused.

"Take a chance on me," Katsuki said. "Izuku, everything is weird but will you take a chance on me?"
Izuku looked away, his scent started to smell fear. Katsuki was worried but kept his eyes on him.

"Well, you need to know something." Izuku fidgeted. "I actually have a boyfriend." He cleared his burning throat.

Katsuki's jaw dropped on the floor.

A fucking what?
"I mean an ex-boyfriend! I broke up with him the day we, well, we met." Izuku explained awkwardly yet his eyes shone with sadness.

"You see our relationship was long distance for 2 years now. He got into a student exchange program." He added.
Katsuki patiently listened to Izuku while the guy fought his tears and continued explaining. "I didn't mean to cheat on him and I was really guilty about it but when I found out I have blobby I couldn't bring myself to regret what happened."

The alpha sighed.
"Why are you telling me this?" Katsuki asked. He knew Izuku could just hide all of this in his closet and not make himself look bad but the omega still told him that.

Izuku weakly shrugged, "I just wanted you to know that I am not as good as you think I am."
"Well yeah, you definitely shouldn't have cheated on your boyfriend but you are human. And yes it was bullshit to blame the alcohol but it already fucking happened all you are left to do is do fucking better and not repeat the same mistake." Katsuki said, eyes on Izuku's.
All the omega's tears that was held back burst. He started crying hard, burying his face over his palms. He repeatedly said sorry.

Katsuki stood up and moved closer to him. Izuku felt the mattress moved by the alpha's weight. The blond pulled him on a hug to comfort him.
Katsuki held Izuku's shoulders. "How about this," he locked eyes with the omega. "I'll take my chance on you and you take a chance on me."

Izuku's fat tears rolled down anew on his freckled cheeks. "Okay," he nodded.

"Stop crying, for fuck sakes," Katsuki could feel his tears
After Izuku calmed down and washed his face, the two of them talked more about what their plan before they went down stairs back to the dining hall were their parents were now eating cake.

The two sat down as their parents looked at them.
Katsuki cleared his throat. "We're getting married." He announced without batting an eyelash.

Inko who was drinking a water that time, spat it out, choking on some as she coughed hard while Mitsuki rubbed her back.

"I'm sorry, what?" Inko asked—wheezed.
"I'm the father of..." Katsuki trailed, he glanced at Izuku. "... Blobby."

There was silence.

Mitsuki then burst out in hysterical laughter as Katsuki flushed red. "Did you just call your pup blobby?"

"It's not me! That's what Izuku calls the pup!" Katsuki snarled back.
"But blobby is a cute name!" Izuku defended.

"Aww, of course it is, Izuku!" Mitsuki smiled at the omega but gave Katsuki a teasing look.

"I'm sorry, I don't get what's happening." Inko weakly said.

"I am the father of the pup," Katsuki explained.
"I wanted to apologize, Auntie however I can't find in me the feeling to regret what I did. Yes, Izuku and me had been dumb, we had too much drink and we don't know what happened and whatever it was it gave us blobby." Katsuki explained.
"I know you just met me and I haven't proven anything but I wanted you to know that my intention is clear. I want to marry Izuku and take care of him and our pup." Katsuki added. "I'll be honest, I'm still studying though so my parents would be helping me out first."
Inko looked over Izuku worriedly who had been quiet, her eyes then went to Mitsuki and Masaru who had been calmed about the whole thing.

"Did you two know about this already?" Inko asked.

"Well, we knew he had someone pregnant through a drunk one night stand." Mitsuki started
"Katsuki didn't know who it was and his only clue was a scent. And the only reason we found out that whoever it was, he or she was pregnant because Katsuki started showing signs of Sympathetic Pregnancy." Masaru explained. Mitsuki then explained what Sympathetic Pregnancy.
"When Izuku started telling about his situation and when I saw my idiot son silent, pale, and sweating, I had the idea that the one he had a one night stand with was Izuku." Mitsuki added.

The alpha and omega before them turned completely red in embarrassment.
Inko nodded understandingly to what her friends told her. She then turned to Katsuki who was just looking at her, red eyes burned with determination to stand by his and Izuku's decision.

"Katsuki-kun, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?" Inko asked.
Katsuki wanted to groan at the question. What's with people and that fucking question?

"Nineteen," he answered readying himself to defend himself for the upcoming argument of how young he was.

Inko just nodded. There was silence.
Inko then sighed, "Are you sure about this?" She looked at both Katsuki and Izuku. "I wanted to tell you that getting married is a huge step and you can't just back away from it but so is having a child."

The two grew redder in an instance while Mitsuki laughed.
Katsuki held Izuku's hand, "Yes. We are sure."

Their parents glanced at each other.

"So when do you plan to have the wedding." Masaru asked, pushing his glasses up.

"We'll do a civil wedding first before the semester starts." The alpha explained.
"But you are planning to leave tomorrow." Mitsuki said. "Isn't the schedule a bit too tight?"

"We can get married tomorrow, just ask uncle about it." Katsuki explained, Mitsuki nodded. "Because we have to leave to transfer Izuku's things to my place."
"You can both moved to one of our units near UA. We have one that is bigger and have another bed room, you can turn that into a nursery room." Masaru offered.

Inko and Izuku were lost at what's happening but just kept listening.

"Okay," Katsuki nodded.
"We have to have the wedding tomorrow so me and Izuku still has days to fix our place and buy what we need to buy." Katsuki added.

"Okay, give me second let me talk to your uncle." Mitsuki stood up excusing herself.

"Uhm," Izuku turned to Katsuki. "What's happening?"
The alpha looked at Izuku and explained that they will be getting married tomorrow with the help of his uncle who's a lawyer turned judge. He also explained why the wedding needs to be earlier because of how they need to move to a new place and settle in.
"Will we be able to do all of that?" Izuku worriedly asked, hand over his stomach.

"We'll help you with the moving in, Izuku." Inko assured. The omega then smiled to his mother, reaching for her hand.

Masaru then excused himself because he also needed to make a call.
When both the older Bakugou's got back, they then told that they needed to leave.

Izuku and Inko walked them to the door.

"I'll call you later," Katsuki smiled to Izuku who gave a shy nod.


"I'll see you and blobby tomorrow."

Izuku chuckled, "See it's cute."
"It's stupid." Katsuki answered, cheeks red. "But it will do for now."

Izuku laughed softly, "Whatever you say."

The blond ruffled his hair before he went to the car, getting inside. His mom was on a new phone call this time with their favorite restaurant for reservations.
Inko looked at her son, reaching for his hand. "Are you sure about this, Izuku?" She gently asked.

The omega placed his hand over his stomach. "Yeah." He smiled gently. "Don't worry too much I feel like Katsuki is a nice person."

The older Midoriya pulled him into a hug.
"What about Hitoshi?" Inko asked pulling away.

Izuku looked down, at their joined hands. "Mom, I have hurt Hitoshi so much I don't think he'll forgive me." He then looked up to meet the lady's eyes. "He deserves someone better than I'll ever be."
"Besides, Katsuki asked me to take a chance on him and this is me taking a chance on him." Izuku smiled but sadness still filled his emerald eyes. "We also have blobby, so yeah, it's fine. He's a lot younger than I would like but he's capable and determined."

Inko nodded.

( intermission )
This is so sappy i am itching to write something so fucked up after this. I will make bkdk cry. Lol. But as sweet as this is there are dramas ahead cause you know, it's me, zuki. Lol.

Izuku barely slept that night. He knew him and Katsuki rushed a lot of things, maybe he should have convinced the younger alpha to sit down and think more about things.

Katsuki promised him that it will be fine, that getting married is the right thing.
It was the right thing for the two of them and it was the right thing for blobby.

When morning came, he woke up from a call. He sleepily reached for his phone.

"I'm outside." Katsuki's voice came on the other line.

"Aren't we supposed to see each other at noon?"
"Let's eat breakfast." The alpha said. Izuku gave a yawn, rubbing his fists on his eyes, he stood up to look out the window.

Katsuki waved his hand to him which Izuku returned. "Okay, I'll just change clothes." Izuku dropped the call and quickly change his clothes.
After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he went down to meet Katsuki. He never had a chance to really stare at Katsuki but seeing him in white button down, sleeves folded to his elbow, paired with dark grey slacks and chunky Dior loafers, the alpha looked very handsome.
"People once told me that the couple who are getting married shouldn't see each other on the day of their wedding unless it's on the ceremony itself." Izuku teased.

"I have been told that we arent quite the traditional couple." Katsuki smirked back.
Katsuki opened the car door for Izuku, "Get in." He said.

"Thanks," Izuku smiled climbing inside. The alpha shut the door before walking to the driver seat.

"You have a car?" Izuku asked while Katsuki helped him with his seat belt.

"Nah, this is hag's car. Just borrowed it"
Katsuki began driving away.

"Where are we going?" Izuku asked.

"You'll see." Katsuki answered. "Hey, you can't smell right?"

"Nope," Izuku answered. "Can I play music?"


"Thanks," Izuku smiled as he began playing a soft ballad perfect for the morning sun.
"But you still like flowers?" Katsuki asked, his voice was soft and almost giving away how shy he was.

Izuku nodded, "Yes! They're my favorites! It's amazing to me how they have this whole different language going on."

Katsuki nodded.
The alpha then began asking about the language of flower while the omega happily indulge on it, telling him everything he knew about flowers.

Izuku was so happy talking about flowers that he didn't noticed they have arrived. Katsuki parked the car, got out to open the door—
— for Izuku. The omega stepped out of the car and stared at the huge glass botanical garden before him.

"There's a botanical garden in our city?" The omega asked in awe.

"It's new, it will be opened in a month. My auntie from my old man's side is part owner."
"Wow, your family is something." Izuku said in disbelief Katsuki just shrugged.

They began walking towards the entrance.

"Both Auntie and Uncle are in the field or medicine good thing they didn't require you to be in the same field." Izuku said.
Katsuki showed his license to the guard who happily greeted them, letting them in.

Izuku gasped at the beauty of the the place. Flowers and butterflies where everywhere. He could also hear some canary.

"They knew I won't do things I don't want to do." Katsuki shrugged.
The alpha then pulled an orange out of his pocket, began peeling it.

Izuku stared at the guy. "Oh I remembered you told me about orange yesterday."

"Yeah, I am not big on them but I have been eating them nonstop." Katsuki sighed, pushing a piece in his mouth.
"Is it hard?" Izuku asked, voice low, tone careful.

"The cravings?" Katsuki asked popping another one in his mouth.

"Uhm," Izuku bit his lips. "Everything?"

"It's alright." The alpha answered. "I got used to it."
"I see," Izuku nodded trying to scan all the books he read in his mind.

They stopped in one spot of the garden which has a beautiful tables and chair. It also has food served on it.

"We're here." Katsuki said, he lifted his hand offering it to Izuku.
The omega stared at the hand before him, memories flashed before him which he quickly shook off. He smiled holding Katsuki's hand as they began walking towards the table.

It was a simple breakfast with everything Izuku liked.

"I asked Auntie about your favorites."
Katsuki cleared his throat, blush on his cheeks to his ears.

Izuku chuckled lightly at how adorable the guy looked. He doesn't know him that much but he always have this scowl on his face and his cursing was just through the roof but he was all sweet and soft.
"You know you don't have to do this right?" Izuku smiles. "You, wanting to be part of blobby's life is more than enough."

"I know." Katsuki said. "But that doesn't mean I don't want to do this."

"Thank you."

"It's nothing."

They began eating and talking about things.
"Your ex," Katsuki looked at Izuku while putting an orange marmalade on his bread. "What is he like?" He asked carefully.

"Hmm," Izuku took a bite from his pancake. "Hitoshi is a beta. He's smart, logical, and he likes cats a lot."

Katsuki nodded.
"He loves reading novels, I always didn't know what I wanted to do but when I met him, he introduced me to novels and I started loving them." Izuku had this softness in him that Katsuki saw for the first time. The omega then looked at Katsuki with a smile, "How about you?"
"Me?" His brow furrowed.

"Did you date before? I'm sure you did with the way you look and how caring you are."

Katsuki frowned, "I am not caring." He spat out bitterly. Biting from his bread, his eyes locked on Izuku, "I never dated before."
"No way," Izuku said, disbelieving.

The alpha gave a nod. "It's a waste of time, i had things I want to do."

The omega was silent. "I feel bad," Izuku frowned, his hand landing over his stomach.

"Why the fuck would you feel bad?"
"I feel like I am stealing your chance. Your youth." His frown deepened.

"Shut up," Katsuki sighed. "I told you earlier, no one can make me do things I don't want to do in the first place."

Silence swallowed them.
"Anyway," the alpha cleared his throat. "There's a place here that I think you'll love."

Izuku perked up from what Katsuki said. "Really? Let's go there after we eat."

"Nope, you can't yet," Izuku turned to look at Mitsuki who was walking in with Inko and Masaru.
The lady was holding a paper bags with her from designer labels while Masaru had two cloth bag with him. Behind them were people with that were carrying some bags.

"We better hurry and prep the two of you up." Mitsuki smirked as the glam team began setting up.
The next thing Izuku knew he was being seated on a black chair while people put make up on him and style his hair.

He wanted to ask what's happening but Katsuki and their parents were busy prepping up as well, so he was left with no choice but to just accept what's happening.
Once the makeup and hair was done, he was pulled by a stylist to a makeshift dressing room. When he got out, he was now clad in a white lace button down topped with a white designer suit paired with white slacks and white leather shoes. He also have a flower chiffon choker.
Izuku stared at his reflection.

He's getting married, he told himself. He repeated it over and over yet instead of it sinking it, it just doesn't settle well with him.

His hand landed over his stomach.

"Blobby, I am getting married to your dad." He whispered.
The next words barely made out of his lips but managed. "Am I doing the right thing?" He asked.

Izuku got out of the make shift dressing room and was met by the stylist who did some adjustments to his clothes.

His attention went on Katsuki who he suddenly heard puking.
"Calm down, will you?" Mitsuki gently said rubbing his back while Katsuki puked his breakfast out on a bag.

"Shut up, it's not me! It's blobby!" Katsuki growled.

Mitsuki let out a laugh. "I can't take you seriously if you keep calling your child blobby."
"Izuku likes the name so fuck off." Katsuki snapped.

"Okay, that's enough." Masaru got in between giving Katsuki a bottled water. He also handed his son an orange. "I brought some mouthwash you can use that after you eat your orange."

Katsuki just grunts his thanks.
"You look amazing, Izuku." Inko who's also already dressed, held Izuku's hand, smiling at her son.

"Thank you, mom." The omega smiled as he was pulled into a hug.

"You can still change your mind." Inko assured him. Izuku eyed Katsuki who was grumpily eating his orange.
"I will be fine. Me and blobby will be fine." Izuku pulled away. "I mean, at some point i will fall in love with him right? And he will too."

Inko didn't answer.

"We have a lifetime to fall in love with each other." Izuku stared at his mother. Inko gave an understanding nod.
After another half an hour they began walking towards were the ceremony will take place.

Izuku's jaw nearly drop when they got into a what looks like a green meadow filled with wild flowers. There was just a simple wooden arc made of dried wood painted in white.
Katsuki offered his hand to him, with a smile Izuku took it. The alpha guided him in front of their minister.

The ceremony began. It was simple, nothing fancy, but being surrounded by flowers and butterflies made Izuku melt.

Even when the wedding was extremely rushed —
— Katsuki still did his best, didn't settle with a simple ceremony in a judge's office.

"Do you, Bakugou Katsuki, take Midoriya Izuku as your lawfully wedded husband to love, to honour, and to cherish?"

Katsuki grab one ring, he then slowly slid it to Izuku's finger, "I do."
"Do you, Midoriya Izuku, take Bakugou Katsuki as your lawfully wedded husband, to love, to honour, and to cherish?"

Izuku grabbed the other ring, he looked at Katsuki in the eye.

This man was a stranger, he thought

/How about this?/

He gently slid the ring on his finger.
/I'll take my chance on you and you'll take a chance on me?/

"I do," The omega smiled.

The judge announced their union, he smiled kindly, "You may now kiss your partner."

Katsuki gently cupped Izuku's face and the omega nearly panicked —
— only to feel the alpha's soft lips against his forehead. Katsuki smiled, holding his hand, filling the gaps between his fingers they faced their parents who were clapping their hands, congratulating them.

After the ceremony comes the photoshoot.
Izuku thought it would be easy and will be over before he knew it but Katsuki who knew what he wanted requested so much photos to be taken. He would check them and ask the photographer to repeat if he wasn't satisfied.

Once the photoshoot was done comes the paper works.
They spent nearly two hours answering forms and signing things. One, they signed a marriage registry. They also filled out forms to officially changed their civil status. Lastly, they had to fill out forms that would put their status as mated in the Secondary Gender —
— Registration Office. It was important especially for alpha and omega pairs.

According to Katsuki, they would have to finish those papers so his uncle, the one who conducted their ceremony, could file them so their government ids could be changed easily with their new status.
Izuku never thought getting married would be so exhausting.

And they only did an intimate civil wedding what more if they invited their friends?

Katsuki reminded him how he's graduating and would soon work. He said it will better to have all his papers done before working.
Once the papers were done and taken by his uncle. Izuku saw Katsuki take a photo of the field with the wooden arc. The alpha also took a photo of his hand with his ring on it.

"Do you have an instagram?" Izuku asked. The alpha nodded. "Let me follow you!" He excitedly said.
Izuku pulled his phone out and gave it to Katsuki. The guy then typed his username and searched his profile.

Izuku stared at his profile. It was simple his username was just his name. His bio just have his name and his profile was well curated.
"Wow you're profile looks cool!" Izuku smiled at him.

"It also serves as a portfolio when it comes to fashion industry, I have to keep it clean." Katsuki shrugged, typing on his phone.

Izuku shuddered at the thought of his messy feed. "Woah, you have 50k followers?"
"Yeah, I am trying to build the presence, it helps to get connection." Katsuki informed. "I was actually hoping to get it over 100k soon."

The omega nodded, he was starting to slowly understand Katsuki as a person. He knew what he wanted and would always do what is needed to —
— get what he wanted.

Izuku's phone beeped with notification. He saw Katsuki following him on Instagram. Not only that he tagged him on a photo. The omega check the photo, it was the photo of his hand showing his ring and his name was tagged on the ring itself.
Soon, he was flooded by notifications of people suddenly following him. Not only that the photo he was tagged into was flooded by comments in less than a minute

𝗸𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗶𝗷𝗶 bro, what is going on?


𝘀𝗲𝗿𝟬𝗵𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗮 Dude what is this? You never even told us you are dating someone!!

And the comments went on, Izuku quickly turn off the notification for Instagram and pocketed his phone.
Katsuki's phone began ringing with the alpha just turning it off. He turned to Izuku, "Let's go, the old hag made a reservation to our family's favorite restaurant."

"Are you sure it's okay to not answer your friends?" Izuku worriedly asked.

"They're fine."
Izuku gave a muted nod as they began to walk out of the botanical garden. When they got into the car, they removed their coat. Katsuki handed Izuku a shirt knowing the guy was wearing a lace button down.

With thanks, Izuku accepted the shirt and shyly changed to it.
The restaurant was a private one. Izuku kept getting surprised on hiw rich Katsuki was. But given he had two renowned doctors as parents who both grew with old money and he was an only child to boot, it shouldn't have been surprising yet it still gave him whiplash.
Once the whole thing was over, Katsuki drove him home while Inko rode with his parents.

Izuku was staring at his ring. "We're really married huh," he whispered.


The omega turned to him, "are you sure you won't regret this?"
"I won't." Katsuki assured.

"But you are nineteen!" Izuku covered his mouth not expecting to have his voice loud.

The alpha sighed, he stopped, parking on the side of the road. "I think I know what you are feeling."

Izuku frowned.
"You are not taking anything from me. Not my youth or my time or this so called better chances." Katsuki spoke, his tone serious.

Izuku swallowed hard. Katsuki reached for his hand, slipping his fingers between the gaps of his.

"You are not taking away anything from me."
Katsuki pressed his lips on his hand, res eyes staring back at the omega's green ones. Izuku felt something in him not knowing how his scent bloomed more as he smelled please, happy, and a little horny.

The alpha almost lost his composure but managed to maintain the atmosphere.
"In fact, you are giving me things here. You gave me a mate, a husband, and you have given me blobby. Even when I don't like the name blobby." Katsuki whispered.

Izuku held his breath. He could feel his heart on his chest rapidly beating.

"Izuku, I'm okay." Katsuki said.
The omega gave a nod, telling his husband that he understood.

The guy then continued driving. He then dropped him to his place and bid farewell. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay, I'll see you then," Izuku gave a small wave while Katsuki stared.
The alpha looked like he wanted to say something only to end with a tight nod, he then went back to his car while Izuku watch him drive away.

In the solitary of his car, Katsuki thought hard of what happened. He spent days fearing the pregnancy and now he ended up married.
He pulled to the side, he leaned on his seat letting out a long sigh.

He fucked up. He really fucked up his life plan. Placing an arm, he covered his eyes. He barely had any sleep while he organized everything about the wedding. Good thing his parents helped him.
A small chuckle escaped his lips.

Last time he felt he fucked up his life when he knocked up someone from a drunken one night stand but now he felt like he fucked up because he just fell in love with the omega he had one night stand with.
Yes, they're married and they have blobby but he wasn't stupid. He knew the guy was clearly still guilty and in love with his ex boyfriend.

Katsuki sighed, he began driving again. He just need to make Izuku fall in love with him.

They're already married anyway.
What else could possibly go wrong right? He just needed to make Izuku see that he's reliable alpha that despite his age he could be someone he could rely on.

Sleep. He needed to sleep, he thought to himself.

After all he still got a long day tomorrow.

( tbc? )

I could actually end it here now. Idk man. This has been long.

Should we continue this? Or nah? What do you say?

Thank you for reading! 👉👈

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The last three days of Izuku's life was a whirlwind. It started with him and his mom packing his things, him bringing some of his nesting stuff because the one in his apartment were not enough.

Afterwards, Katsuki and his family picked the two of them up to leave.
Katsuki then helped him packed his things from his the small apartment he had been renting for the whole duration of his stay in U.A National University.

Izuku fought to help him but the alpha just made him sit and even gave him one of his orange juice box while he and their —
— parents pack his things.

After three hours, they then moved the things to their new place. It was a pent house in one of those expensive buildings that Izuku, even in his dreams, didn't think he'd step inside.

The place was fully furnished, with an interior well done.
It was modern and neat. Katsuki started unpacking his things, placing them in their bedroom which was enormous. It was bigger than Izuku's entire apartment.

Inko and Masaru started cooking while Mitsuki helped the newly wed couple with the unpacking.
Once everything was out, Katsuki turned to Izuku, "You can start with the nest. I will be outside just tell me if you need help, okay?"

Izuku gave an enthusiastic nod, excited to build a new nest. It had been one of his favorite thing even when he couldn't smell anything.
After an hour, he was done with his creation, he excitedly ran to the living room where Katsuki was sitting with Mitsuki who had been giving him book recommendations about omega pregnancy. He was also eating his oranges.

"I am done!" He happily announce. "Do you want to see?"
"Of course," Katsuki smiled, Izuku quickly grabbed his arm pulling him to their room.

"Wow," Katsuki gasped, his scent bloomed, flooding the place with a happy pheromone. The Alpha felt embarrassed about it.
Turning to Izuku, he saw his expectant look, Katsuki remembered that the guy couldn't smell.

"I love it," Katsuki ruffled his hair. "You did a great job, Izuku." Izuku gave a happy nod at the guy just in time when their parents called their name for dinner.
The dinner was filled with tips and tricks courtesy of their parents. Mitsuki also reminded them Izuku's schedule when it comes to his monthly check ups.

"You have to call any of us if anything happened okay?" Masaru firmly said. It was rare for the man to use that kind of tone
"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Katsuki dismissed finishing his food.

"Also," the older man said pulling a small rectangular box placing it on the table. "Here's your wedding gift." Masaru smiled pushing the box to Katsuki and Izuku.

"Mine would have to wait." Mitsuki grinned.
"Mine as well," Inko smiled.

"What's this?" Katsuki reached for the small box while Izuku thank their parents telling them that they shouldn't have bothered that they had helped them so much by just giving them a nice place to stay.
"Oh hush, let me spoil my beautiful son-in-law and blobby." Mitsuki dismissed.

Katsuki opened the box and found a car key inside.

"If you are done eating we could check the car downstairs. We chose something that would fit you two." Masaru smiled gently.
The night ended with Katsuki buying oranges when they went out to test drive the new car his dad gave the two of them. It was a luxury SUV car which was according to them a great car for a family.

After the said test drive, their parents bombarded them with final reminders —
— before finally leaving.

The moment they were alone, that's when it sank to Izuku on how awkward the whole situation was.

They might be married and they might have blobby but him and Katsuki were just strangers who were connected but a weird circumstances.
"I-I will take a bath now," Izuku spluttered as Katsuki was sitting on the sofa, reading a book and eating his nth orange of the day.

The alpha blushed but quickly gave a nod as he dove deep into the book, desperately hiding his face.
The omega gave a sigh upon closing the door of the bathroom. He stared at his reflection, taking a deep breath he pushed all the thoughts that invaded his mind and just started to prepare for his bath.

It was no use doubting his decisions now, not when they're already married.
Izuku ignored the weight of the ring around his finger as he settled on his warm bath after taking a quick shower.

Letting out soft moans, he allowed himself to enjoy the warm water that seemingly washes the tiredness of the day.

Without knowing it, he fell asleep.
The omega woke up from a loud knocking on the door. He panicked briefly not knowing what was happening until he remembered how he fell asleep on a bath.

"Shit," he heard Katsuki curse from the other side of the door.

"I'm fine!" Izuku shouted, quickly getting up.
Hurriedly, he washed himself and dried himself with a towel before putting his clothes on.

Izuku opened the door only to jolt backward surprised when he met Katsuki who already has the keys of the bathroom in his hand.

The omega let out a yelp as he was about to fall.
Katsuki was quick enough to grab Izuku pulling the guy to him. The alpha was breathing hard, Izuku noted as he felt himself against him.

"Fuck," Katsuki gasped, his arms wrapping protectively around Izuku. His scent soured of fear while his chest tightened.
Izuku swallowed at the sound of Katsuki's heart hammering wild against his chest. Gently he looked at the guy who was towering over him. "I'm sorry," he nearly squeaked. "I fell asleep."

Katsuki didn't answer but just embraced him tighter, hunching over.
The omega nearly flinch as he felt the alpha's nose trickling down the side of his neck.

They stayed like that for a moment before Katsuki detached himself away from Izuku. "I better take a bath." He said turning away.

"Sorry, took me so long." Izuku awkwardly replied.
"No, it's fine." Katsuki didn't look at him, he just grabbed his towel and change, disappearing out of their room probably to use the bathroom from the other room.

Izuku twitched his lips, sitting down on the bed, missing the smell of worry and fear all over their room.
Lying down, he reached for his phone. Yes, Izuku didn't have cravings or morning sickness but since he found out he was pregnant he was always sleepy.

Back then, he could operate with just 2 hours of sleep or none at all but now, whenever he lies down, he slip into slumber.
So when Katsuki got back in their room, he ran the scent nullifier and when he looked at Izuku he was peacefully sleeping, hugging one pillow with him.

Katsuki sighed, settling next to the guy, he gently held few strands of his still wet hair.
Standing, he decided to dry it before, tucking himself beside him. He pulled Izuku by the arm, cradling him to his chest. The smell of wood sage and sea salt filled him, his worries were soon eased, lulling himself to sleep.

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