Want to know what will happen in the next few years ?
Just Read the Plan :
( Extracts from "COVID 19: The Great Reset" )

Published in June 2020, by Klaus Schwab, Founder of
The World Economic Forum:
Yes, this same World Economic Forum:
First, Klaus really want you to understand that what you call "normal life" is something you will remember and talk your children about:
For this new industrial revolution, you'll have to do some efforts. The "war narrative" will ease this:
Of course, this radical change need a social shift.
Our Brave New Youth will help:
Mass migration is unavoidable:
As usual, the pandemic and demography will disturb the environnment:
Meet your contactless and tracked new life:
Universal income needed to face the huge jobloss:
Middle class & small businesses will have to give up:
Yes. There is maybe a risk of dystopia. Black Mirror ?
You'll trade your privacy & freedom for safety, thanks to your fear:
Physical distancing will persist after the pandemic:
Remember, all this was published in June 2020.
And according to the Deutsche presse agentur, The Pandemic and Great Reset association started in January:
I love your clothes, Klauss:
And a huge thanks to @faitsetdocs for all the work !
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