Graphs: unravelling Big Pharma economic connections betw/ Gates Foundation, Fauci, Pfizer/BionTech, UN/WHO, Bloomberg, John Hopkins. 

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Addendum 4, #FactCheck
Addendum 5,
Addendum 7: Johnson & Johnson / Covid-19 Research
Addendum 8: Work in Progress - Contrace / Rockefeller / Johns Hopkins / Bloomberg / Deloitte
Addendum 9: World Health Organization
Addendum 10: Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) UK
Addendum 11: Covid-19 / Singapore / Australia
Addendum 12: World Economic Forum - 4th Industrial Revolution Education
Addendum 14: World Bank / Public Health Finance:
Addendum 15: Bloomberg / Johns Hopkins / WHO / Public Health:
Addendum 16: Biden-Harris Covid-19 Advisory Board for Transition Team:
Addendum 17: Salesforce - Biometrics - Human Capital Management
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