Random Hot Takes on How and Why (or why NOT) To be a high end SW :

Get real with yourself. Stigma is a thing that is prevalent and we can’t really escape it no matter what “level” we’re on. Don’t delude yourself for a second that being “upscale” will make you immune to (1/
stigma, violence, or worse. It will not.

Evaluate your reasons. Why do you want to be viewed as high end? More income? Ego? Competition? Exposure to experiences that you might not otherwise have? Some of these reasons are obviously valid and some are a red herring. (2/
The money piece. Higher rate doesn’t equal high end. High end doesn’t mean you will have a fully booked schedule. Lower rate doesn’t mean you’re not making money. Never conflate the two.

Ego and competition are NEVER a good reason to brand as high end. Feeding your ego and (3/
engaging in fruitless competition with other businesses in your industry will NEVER improve your bottom line. Worse, it may alienate you from your community and make you seem disingenuous to your clients.

So here’s why I chose to brand as high end, even from the beginning (4/
even when I charged less than 200USD/ hour:

I am not young, I am not slim, and I did not personally enjoy appointments that were full of hot sweaty physicality. Now, that is not to say that I never had sex-focused appointments and I am practically a virgin (5/
or that I am better than anyone else. I wanted longer appointments where I could show off my true talents (making men think they were in love with me and that I was not in this for the sex and/or money, I was practically a girlfriend, and I was definitely not like other(6/
girls). Please understand that it’s extremely important that you never buy into these ideas yourself. It’s literally marketing and client retention.

Basically what I’m saying is that I branded as high end for two reasons. Fundamental laziness and a desire to experience (7/
things (trips, dinners, fancy presents) that I didn’t want to pay for myself.

Please be aware that “high end” clients can be less physically exhausting than regular guys, I can promise you they are often 100 times more emotionally exhausting. They just expect MORE. (8/
Why brand as “High end”? No really why?

I know I teased this is a previous tweet but we as a community need to examine that our obsession with high end branding is a product of internalized misogyny, classism, and stigma against sex workers. (9/
Being high end won’t protect you against dangerous clients or give you carte blanche with LE.

Being high end won’t make you less stigmatized in the vanilla world.

Being high end does not in any way, shape, or form legitimize your business as better than any other SW.
I am of the firm opinion that many (not all, but many) high end workers are not making the bank that lower rate counterparts are. And let us not forget we are all in this to make money.

So here is, in my opinion, an incomplete list of reasons to brand as high end:
The work can be less physically demanding, but not always.
The clients can be more wealthy and have more expendable income, but not always.
You can get prettier, more expensive gifts, but not always.
You can have more expensive experiences. Trips, dinners out, theater. (12/
But not always.
It’s a helluva ego stroke. Not recommended as a valid reason, sorry.
You may attract an older more conservative client.

Here is an incomplete list of why NOT to brand as high end:
It in no way protects you from SWer stigma. We all suck dick for cash (13/
whether we’re in Target panties or Honey Birdette.

The trappings of the brand are expensive as hell to maintain, therefore negatively affecting your profit margin.
It it no way protects you from asshole clients or LE.

If you’re not careful, you will blend in with alllll the other high end workers.
You may attract an older more conservative (read: repulican) client. 15/
So what do you do? Fucked either way, yes?

I suggest throwing out high end branding altogether. It means nothing other than setting yourself up as a pretty bland girl in a sea of pretty bland girls online. I suggest building personality instead. What does that look like?
Designer clothes, Loubs, and Agent Provocateur are not enough to build a brand. These things are easily gotten and are simply props to hold yourself as higher than other “dirty, classless, workers”

It’s an immature line of thinking and isn’t sustainable.

And I’m ALL about sustainability in your business. You should be able to work as long as you want to or need to.

I remember a poll that someone tweeted. “Gents, do you care if your escort wears designer clothes and shoes?” The answer was overwhelmingly no. 18/
Don’t aim to be fancy. Aim to be different. This looks different for each SW.

See, my problem with high end branding is this. Once the norm is having THE bag, THE shoes, THE Vueve Cliquot, you can bust your pretty little ass to buy these things and it may not matter 19/
because every other high end girl does. And in the meantime, you’ve SEVERELY affected your bottom line. Don’t do it.

Pricing too high when you’re not profitable yet. Listen, loves. If you’re not fully booked to your liking, there are two possible problems.

Either youre not advertising enough or your rate is too high. I’m not suggesting undercutting the market or devaluing yourself. I am saying that rates are not and should never be driven by your ego. If you are $600 an hour and you haven’t met your first client yet, you need 21/
to reconsider your rate.

If you are not advertising on all the major sites, you need to be. And I love you very much but don’t let me catch you buying your own Gucci unless your ads are all paid up and you are fully booked. Take it from my experience, this never works. 22/
Please take a moment to consider that many “lifestyle” photos that seem real on escort Twitter could be staged. I did this at times. It’s a marketing move.

Don’t let comparison kill your business before you even get it of the ground.

Also, please consider that by pricing yourself out of market when you are not booked regularly you are leaving money on the table. Which I don’t like to do.

Still want to brand as high end, even though it literally means nothing?

Some tips:

Instead of falling into the high end trap of trying to fit in. Find anything to make you different. Everyone else drinking champagne? You’re a bourbon girl. Everyone else wearing lace? You prefer cotton. Everyone else 5’9” and blonde? 25/
You’re a petite curvy brunette and proud of it. I can’t emphasise enough that business and social media presence will take off as you focus on what makes you special. Find everything unique about you, your looks, your personality, your body, your hobbies, your city that you 26/

Find a classic icon or three and model yourself after them. Paris Hilton doesn’t count.

Base your personality on a classic archetype: Are you a Queen, An Adventurer, A heroine, A Nurturer? A Jester? A Scholar?

I once listed all the top places to eat in my home city. “Fine Dining Guide”, I called it. The last? My pussy. It was funny. It was on brand. It got a shit ton of engagement and bookings.

You may find being high end is a lot more work and money than it’s worth. And remember, it’s only worth it if it makes YOU happy and makes YOU money.

To be high end, you need to cultivate and express three things:
Skill set. Not just sex, although it goes without saying you need to be skilled in everything you offer. Including kink. Cultivate excellent conversation skills. Keep up on current events. Learn basic online and offline etiquette. 29/
Including business, dining, and international etiquette. Understand good quality garments, shoes, food, wine. Learn to waltz and tango. Learn another language. Read the classics and also keep up on pop culture. 30/
Learn about theater. Watch good films, listen to opera and classical music. Finance. Philosophy. Religion. Politics (not just SWer). Both personal and on a grander scale. Yes, it’s a lot of work. 31/
Learn about theater. Watch good films, listen to opera and classical music. Finance. Philosophy. Religion. Politics (not just SWer). Both personal and on a grander scale. Yes, it’s a lot of work. 32/
A word of warning. Don’t lie about any of this. It will come back to bite you in the ass. I once listed french as my second language because I took it in high school and had a businessman fly from Paris to meet me. The language barrier was insurmountable. 32/
We laughed about it but my god I was embarrassed and took that shit off of my website immediately! 33/
Five senses. High end is selling a luxury fantasy that is ostensibly from another time. A “time when men were men and women were women”. I hate that idea but a certain type of man loves it. Your incall should be the best you can afford. 34/
Clothing and lingerie should be in excellent condition. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Clothing should be well-fitted and classically styled. Hair should be in a classic style. Makeup should be understated and classic. In your incall, you can light candles, 35/
have flowers, drinks, and chocolates or fruit. Skin should be soft. (Do you see why this may not be worth it?)

The experience: A lot of my clients have had experiences with other high end workers and have told me that they feel transactional. Hear me out. I know it is. 36/
You all know it’s transactional. But if you want to sell the full on old school courtesean fantasy, you are going to have to sell it hard that you are doing this because you love it and not for money. 37/
You are an escort because you love the lifestyle, you adore men, you love sex, and you know that if you do what you love, the money will come. Vom. But hey, this is what is expected. It is exhausting. Do you see why this may not be worth it? 38/
Still, still want to do it even though it’s exhausting and expensive? Fine. Do your thing.

Final words of advice.

You’re going for a Lady in the streets, slut in the sheets aesthetic. 39/
Only upgrade your brand and props if you can honestly afford it because all of your business and personal expenses are paid and you have minimum 6 months life expenses saved.

Be prepared to hear a lot of clients say “I’m fiscally conservative so I voted for Trump” 40/
and expect you to smile and nod.

Let clients buy you the props. Never pay for them out of your own budget.

Being a professional fancy lady can cause cognitive dissonance as you look at the contrast between your real life and your professional life. Get a good therapist.
Understand that high end doesn’t remove stigma, sanitize your work, or make you safe from violence.

Remember this is business. And businesses need to make money to stay open. Don’t get caught up in your own fantasy to the point that you forget to be profitable. 42/
Don’t shit on lower rate SWers. After all, they may be more financially secure than you, just being a regular old slut. Just hookers laughing all the way to the bank 43/
If you do find success, pay it forward. Either by donating, activism, or passing along your wisdom. Don’t be a shithead. It won’t negatively affect your brand if you’re making five figures a month. 44/END
PS: and you’re going to have to make this all appear normal and natural.

Like you do this fancy ass shit EVERYDAY.
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