Day 1 - New Year
Day 2 - Billionaire bum
Day 3 - Paternity fraud
Day 4 - House Rent
Day 1 - New Year
Day 2 - Billionaire bum
Day 3 - Paternity fraud and #snowpose
Day 4 - House Rent splitting
Day 5 - Olamide and 70% Yoruba.
Day 6 - Democrats ossof and warnock win, creating a democratic majority

- reports of Kanye and Kim divorce

- Trump supporters and police clash in Washington DC

- Don Davis' mum continues her fight against Deeper Life Bible Church for assault against her son.
Day 7
- Elon Musk surpassed Jeff Bezos as the richest man alive $190 Bn
- $BTC #BITCOIN reached ATH of 40k
- El Rufai attacking a political opponent with legal prosecution for attempted adultery
Day 8,
- #BussItChallenge is viral
- Ighalo to leave Manchester United at the end of January
- Crypto continues bull run, like Pamplona.
Day 9 (9 Jan 21)
- Trump suspended indefinitely from social media sites,
- Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 Boeing 737 plane with 62 people feared to have crashed in Indonesia
Day 10 (10 Jan 2021)
- Nothing noteworthy happened today in my opinion.
Tell me what you think.
Day 11 (11 Jan 2021)

- #EndSARS hero and activist, @simplyEromz returned to court today,
- Aisha Yesufu dragged for saying you need permission to practice homosexuality
- Bitcoin and other alt coins lose over 20% ending their bull run. #Bitcoin
- #stingymenassociation trends
Day 12 reporting a few hours late.

12/1/21 palindrome day
- Man Utd top of the league for the first time in 3 years.
- Black box recovered at Sriwijaya plane crash site
- Mo Abudu was dragged for copyright Infringement by journalist, Tobore Ovuorie, for movie “Òlòtūré”
Day 13 130121
- Ednut said he "made" Speedy Darlington so Darlington cursed him
- RIP Dele, it was found that a formerly missing Dele Bandele had committed suicide
- Museveni blocked social media in Uganda because #WeAreRemovingADictator
- our leader, FK Abudu returns to her seat
Day 14 140121
- #UgandaDecides as @HEBobiWine tries to unseat a Dictator #WeAreRemovingADictator
- Samsung releases S21 family.
Day 15 150121
- #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay trended with #LekkiTollgate #EndSARS , even pigeons refused to fly

- #UgandaDecides2021 is drawing comparisons of Desmond Eliot and Sowore to @HEBobiWine

- James Brown v Bob Risky
Day 16 160121
- #UgandaDecides2021 they sha declared Museveni winner
- valentine gift ideas ripping through the TL
- EPL Double week started today and football twitter drowned out the rest of the news today.

Tell me, what else happened today on these streets?
Day 17 170121

- RIP David Ntekim-Rex 🕊, on a sad note, foremost tech talent robbed and shot dead in Lagos (video).
- #LIVMUN THE 20/21 EPL "El Clasico" ended 0-0
- Mesut left Arsenal
- other trivial things happened but RIP David
Day 18 180121
- Ozil to Fernabache,
- #EndSARS trends because of RIP David
- Seyishae drags hubby for invading her privacy
- @Femi_sorry drags pro brexit UK govt with facts
- NDLEA seized 22k coke in ABV, got new boss Buba Marwa
- Attack on Titan trends #AOT
Day 19 190121
- NIMC deadline draws near for NIN linking with phone numbers but Nigerians make light of the situation
- #Eth and #BTC are rallying up again, with ETH nearing its ATH
- A tanker exploded in the GTB area of Abeokuta today
- what else made a splash today?
Day 20 200121
- Biden is 46th @POTUS #Inauguration
- Trump pardoned everyone and their mama
- FG vs Ondo SG over Fulani hiding kidnap victims in Ondo forests
- Erica went to Ghana, Ghana trended
- Osibanjo wants to lift 20m Nigerians out of poverty in 2 years with 5k each
Day 21 210121
- @potus lifts visa ban on Nigeria
- Pelumi Tolulope family dispute on clubhouse
- mortgage discussions on house ownership
- #BURLIV 0-1 Liverpool’s first defeat in 68 home matches (W55 D13) since April 2017, 3 years, 273 days ago, 2nd after Chelsea’s 86 in 2008
Day 22 220121
- Sunday Igboho said he was going to expel Fulani from Ibarapa town
- Thiago Alcantara jokes
- Bitcoin down to $29300
- Doyín Okupe's son is gay, father tries to pray the gay away
Day 23 230121
- Gas explosion in Agbor, Delta state, many dead. Gen. hospital didn't have staff or equipment to care for the wounded
- Larry King dead
- FG v Yoruba continues over the Fulani, FG's favourite babies
- Bernie Sanders inauguration memes continue to win the Internet
Day 24 240121
- FG v Yoruba continues over Fulani herdsmen, Miyetti Allah reportedly demanded ₦100 Bn from FG to stop kidnapping and raiding
- Adamu Garba weighed in (sensibly) on the Fulani herders violence surprising the twitter community
- more Thiago idea Street ball memes
Day 25 250121
- Frank Lampard sacked as Chelsea coach, Tuchel tipped to replace him
- what is happening in Orlu? Nigerian Army, Eastern Security Network, Fulani are being thrown around, details are still sketchy, but the situation is really bad with many dead and properties lost
Day 26 260121
- Buhari sacked service chiefs, picked replacements
- pregnancy is getting such bad PR on account of how difficult it is for women
- Shiite (?) skirmish in Abuja, details unclear
- Lawyers are suffering from poor pay, overall poor Labour laws being discussed
Day 27 270121
- Reddittors from r/wallstreetbets are buying $GME Gamestop stocks at unreasonably high prices just to prove a point against melvin capital and point 72 ventures
- 5 minutes into kidnapping, #silhouettechallenge trends
Day 28 280121
- Robinhood, Reddit run on wallstreet continues, Robinhood betrays retail traders, disables $GME, $AMC retail trading while hedges are still on it.
- #SilhoutteChallenge continues amidst salty hot takes like sodium and gomorrah
- even FT can't cleanse TL of stocks
# 29 290121
- RIP Cicely Tyson (1924 - 2021)
- Zlatan blocked Cuppy alleging she didn't pay him their gelato collabo
- stocks, #silhouettechallenge head on my shoulders, still trending, some creeps trying to remove filter.
- $DOGE leads crypto rally, Elon Musk causes $btc rush
# 30 300121
- @Funabynature + Tomi engaged,
- happy birthday @fkabudu
- RIP DJ Babus,
- misogyny v misandry, Uloma v Odanz
- Northern elders asked SG to provide ranches, as if Northern SG provides shops to Igbos, so Biafra trended
- what else happened today?
# 31 310121
- details of Messi's 4 year contract leaked, revealed to be equivalent to Bernabeu renovation.
- not a lot really happened today, Timaya said nobody should compare him to Duncan might, Football Twitter footballing, crypto currency etc
- What else happened today?
# 32 010221
- February is here, happy new month
- Elon Musk clubhouse session yesterday broke the internet
- DJ Cuppy sued Israel DMW over the Zlatan thing
- Adamu Garba threatens Northern secession
- #EndUniabujaOppression
- Aisha Yesufu v Nnamdi Kanu over ESN
# 33 020221
- @HQNigerianArmy handshake 🤝 brutality, this time, against #EndUniabujaOppression
- MC Oluomo wrote a book
- Paternity fraud on the TL again amidst obligatory disgusting takes.
- @JeffBezos stepping down as Amazon CEO
- #MUNSOU 9 - 0 trust football Twitter
# 34 030221
- is it worth ending a friendship over forgotten birthday? ✂ TwitterNG investigates
- Igboho V Ooni in more Yoruba v Fulani drama
- Peter Obi trends for offering government 63% discount for covid vaccines
- vasectomies and agenda
- Zamfara bandits media conference
# 35 040221
- This thread of funny tweets had the tl in stitches
- Kano Hisbah arrested a non Muslim barber for cutting non Muslim hairstyles, also a @PoliceNG officer for buying beer
- former service chiefs nominated as ambassadors (for immunity maybe)
# 36 050221
- 2021 theme should be paternity fraud, this time, Dapo and Jumoke
- Spillover Eke & Efe Rise saga
- CBN directs banks to block crypto #Bitcoin so #EndSARS Trends
- Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala the only runner for WTO top job as South Korean Yoo drops
- japa discussions afoot
# 37 060221
- Buhari voters remorse and Fall out discussions over the FG crypto ban, obligatory stupid takes
- Zero tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation
- Mr Biggs nostalgia
- thanking Football Twitter for the TL cleanse as usual.
# 38 070221
- Thiago Alcantara "idea ball" teasing meme of Nigerian Street soccer origin is global
- Segalink voted to reopen Lekki Toll Gate #EndSARS , spinning dust on clubhouse
- @ProvidusBank closed virtual account services, PiggyVest, others adjusted
# 39 080221
- Vendors dragged on Twitter today because of a tasteless reply FisayoLonge gave to a customer. Kai collective brand was spared, only CEO caught flak
- Elon Musk Tesla bought $1.5 Bn $BTC pushing it to ATH 43k
- #OccupyLekkiTollGate trends
- what else happened today?
# 40 090221
- CACOVID's BUA slings mud over vaccines politics
- #OccupyLekkiTollGate v #DefendLagos + violent threats especially against Igbos/IPOB
- Joey Akan lies about #EndSARS
- Pantami declares BVN illegal, only NIN valid
-Ikorudu Bois up for Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award
# 41 100221
- thread
- Lol Frosh remanded in Ikoyi prison for domestic violence
- Bolt Driver and passenger dragging themselves on the TL, accusations and counteraccusations
- MDCN paid HOs 86k as salary for January
- What is Lori Iro?
# 42 110221
- Banks are closing people's accounts because of CBN directives on crypto
- Israel of DMW apologised to DJ Cuppy over that Zlatan thing
- Lateef Jakande ti ku
- NURTW factions are fighting in Lagos
- Crypto still rules the airwaves
# 43 12022021 palindrome day
- Banks are moving mad still, all day outage + outright blocking of some accounts
- Northern governors are justifying AK-47 use by Fulani herders
- Lagos police fully kitted for tomorrow's #OccupyLekkiTollGate #DefendLagos #EndSARS
- #VoteFelaKuti
# 44 130221
- #OccupyLekkiTollGate police in full gear, @mrmacaronii, others arrested, police ignored the street violence from NURTW factional clash yesterday
- #EndSARS trends
- Fulani v Yoruba clashes in Ibadan Sasa market
- curses rain on Murtala Mohammed on deathiversary
# 45 140221
- valentine is here, gifts and love pon the TL, bae reveal and more
- @wetalksound drops #LOFN4
- #OccupyLekkiTollGate protesters released #EndSARS
- Miyetti Allah vows vengeance on Yorubas
- Football twitter sunday
# 46 150221
- Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is the DG @WTO, first woman + first African there.
- Bashir Ahmad, allegedly appointed to a juicy petroleum job, SW BMC APC in the mud with ponmo ati boli for their effort
- @simplyEromz #FreeEromz in court today, adjourned again #EndSARS
# 47 160221
- #BeLikeNgoziChallenge Ankara trends in honor of @NOIweala former detractors congratulate her
- #uefachampionsleague football is back with #BARPSG
- More Bashir DPR drama as Gazette provides alleged employment letter
- Ignoring shepeteri Twitter Vivian Rora drama
# 48 160221
- Ash Wednesday, Day 1 of Lent
- Invictus Obi bags 10 yrs
- so cold in Texas there's outage, cue in Nigerian memes
- Terrorists kidnap students from GSC Kagara, 3 days after the Minna kidnapped travellers #SecureNigerState
- FK, Odun, Dami, Davido make #Time100Next
# 49 180221
- Orlu air raids
- Mars gets a perseverance rover #Mars2020
- what else happened today?
Holy shit I totally missed the Millennials v Gen Z thing. Adding it here.
# 50 190221
- $BNB ATH at $348 on #Binance
- Sheikh Gumi paying house calls to terrorists
- Gen Z v Millenials spillover
- Hope Uzodinma boasts about inviting the army to deal with ESN in Orlu forests
# 51 200221
- Benin Republic said they want to cooperate with Nigeria, news carried it as readiness to join Nigeria
- Army Seizes Shekau's Farm, how is he comfortable enough to farm
- Liverpool loses Merseyside Derby at home, cue Thiago bants.
# 52 210221
- A Nigerian Air Force NAF201 jet, B350 aircraft crashed at Abuja, 7 reported dead
- #14Headies 2021 niggas, nobody forgot or forgave Desmond Elliot
# 53 220221
- Banky and Adesua announced their son today, goodwill everywhere
- red day on the crypto market. Blood everywhere
- Bobby Shmurda free. I personally don't know why his incarceration was popular
- Rochas Vs Uzodinma,
- Daft Punk broke up, tears everywhere
# 54 230221
- Tiger Woods suffered leg fractures in a car accident
- Terrorists with heavy arms are now getting documentary style image laundering in Nigeria, see @daily_trust
- Spotify is in Nigeria for ₦900 a month.
- Gen Z v Millenials continues as musicians quiz
# 56 250221
- omo nothing happened today o
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