[yoonmin au]

Min Yoongi might be the god of the Underworld, but everyone is more terrified of his seemingly adorable companion.

For a good reason.
from these two prompts
— hades!yoongi
— slightly nsfw though mostly just shameless flirting and innuendos
— fluffy yoonmin against the world
— yoongi is whipped
— family issues
— tbh there isn't much plot just self-indulgence
Someone has left the portal open.

At least, that's what Yoongi has been told. The god himself wouldn't know—he barely leaves his office during the day if ever at all.
"Then close it," Yoongi says without looking up from the stack of paperworks on his table, a little confused as to why his guards are telling him this trivial piece of information.

"Already did, Sir," says one of the guards. "But we have a little issue."
Yoongi cocks an eyebrow. "An issue?"

The two guards glance at each other and nod. One of them gulps before delivering the information. "There's been an intruder."
The sound of papers rustling suddenly stops, leaving the room completely silent. The guards stand still as Yoongi looks at them with his sharp, feline-like eyes. "An intruder?" He takes off his glasses and pinches the corners of his eyes. "Fuck, it's way too early for this shit."
Yoongi gets up from his seat with a groan, stretching his neck. He reminds himself to be more careful with the locations of their portals; he can't have random humans accidentally slipping into the Underworld just because one of his subordinates forget to lock the door.
"Well, bring them in, then," he orders the guards.

The two men excuse themselves and leave the room. When they return, Yoongi is even more puzzled than he was before.
The intruder doesn't seem at all bothered with the guards' arms linked around his own. In fact he takes it as a friendly gesture. A wide, seemingly genuine smile is plastered across his face, reaching all the way up to his crescent-shaped eyes.
He doesn't know what he was expecting, but clearly not this.

One nod from Yoongi and the guards leave the room again to give them a little privacy. Once the door is shut, Yoongi walks around to pay the intruder a careful attention.
Pretty is what comes first to Yoongi's mind. Delicate comes next. The young man is clad in pastel pink and blue, a color Yoongi doesn't see often on plebs. He must be a man of a certain status, perhaps even from a noble family.

"Like what you see?" the intruder teases, smirking.
"How did you get in here?" Yoongi ignores his question.

"Didn't your minions tell you? The door was wide open."

"And you thought it was a good idea to enter just any door without knowing where it would lead?"

The intruder shrugs. "Just needed a place to go. Anywhere would do."
Yoongi lets out a long sigh. The paperworks are already giving him enough headache, and now this? At least he means no harm. Just a random runaway kid, probably. "The guards will show you the way out."


"No?" Yoongi cocks an eyebrow, perplexed.
"I like it here," the intruder looks around, smiling. "I'm staying."

"Oh no you're most definitely not." Yoongi doesn't like the sound of it. Not one bit. "Do you even know where this is?"

"No, but anywhere is better than where I'm from."
Yoongi stares right into his eyes. "It's literal hell, kiddo."

To his surprise, the intruder's eyes light up in excitement. His wide grin makes a return as he scans around the room, finding everything fascinating. "Looks like a regular office space to me."
Yoongi rolls his eyes. He can't believe he has to explain how hell works to an outsider. "Contrary to popular belief," Yoongi sighs, "there are plenty of paperworks to be done. Someone has to keep track of the souls coming in and decide who goes where."
"So where do you torture the bad ones?"

Yoongi shakes his head vigorously. "I don't."

"You... don't?"

"Not part of my job."

"But I thought you rule this place."

"I put things in order. I don't go around torturing souls—that's someone else's job."
There is a slight glint of mischief in the intruder's eyes. Yoongi was hoping he could discourage him and make him leave, but the boy seems even more intrigued now. "Do you happen to be... recruiting?"
Yoongi is so close to kicking him out by force, if only he's not so easy on the eyes. He blinks once, twice, looking at the boy with innocent eyes and so not innocent intention in confusion. Why anyone would willingly offer to stay in the Underworld is beyond him.
"Tell you what," the boy says again. "I'll make you a bargain."

Yoongi scoffs. As if he's in any position to make one.

"Give me the job, and I'll give you the best blowjob you'll ever get."
Yoongi chokes on his own spit, coughing violently. The intruder smirks. "Are you out of your mind?"

"Oh come on," the boy rolls his eyes, slurring his words. "I've seen the way you look at me way too many times before. They all want the same thing."

"A blowjob?"

It might be the thousands of years of pent up frustration, or simply the intruder's pretty face and sultry voice and coy act, but Yoongi can't deny one thing: he wants him. After all, what good is being a god if he can't get what he wants?
"Fucking fine," he grits his teeth. "But you'll behave. And listen to my command."

The boy inches closer and closer to where Yoongi is standing, a cheeky grin plastered across his face. He puts a finger on Yoongi's chest and drags it down slowly, his eyes never leaving Yoongi's.
"That's what I do best, 𝘚𝘪𝘳."

Yoongi shudders under his touch, blaming himself for being such a virgin. He might be immortal, but he can already tell this boy is going to be the death of him.
"I didn't quite catch your name." Yoongi's breath hitches. The human's warmth feels foreign to him. In a good way.

"It's Jimin," he leans in to whisper in Yoongi's ear. "But you can call me Darling."
Yoongi hates the Olympians. Instead of actual deities, Yoongi likes to think most of them are snobs and bullies who enjoy playing god more than they do their actual job.
Alas, he has to meet them every few years to discuss heavenly matters, although the summit usually ends with a dispute and flying objects, and Yoongi would sneak out and use Holly as an excuse to leave early.
This time is no different. The moment Athena threw Dionysus' wine on his face, Yoongi took it as his cue to leave.

As he enters the portal back home, he imagines Holly's faces and cuddling her to sleep and—

What the fuck.

What the actual fuck.
The entrance to the underworld is adorned with at least fifty different flowers, and Yoongi is, well, he is baffled, to say the least. His mouth hangs agape as he walks inside, through the corridors, and sees more flowers, as if it's possible.
He left for half a day and someone decided to revamp his entire crib into a fairy's lair.

"Hello, Darling."

Yoongi recognizes the owner of the cheerful voice straight away. He turns around to see Jimin standing there with the sweetest smile on his face.
"Like what I did to the house? A personal touch."

"You—" Yoongi looks around. "This was you?"

Jimin curls his lips. "Obviously. I'm going to stay here for a while, so I better make it homey, don't you think?"
Something about the look in Jimin's eyes tells Yoongi he doesn't accept any other answer than a yes, so Yoongi simply nods.

Something appears from behind the door Jimin came out of. A three-headed creature with short, curly brown fur runs across the hallway and towards them.
Yoongi's face lights up at the sight of Holly, but the dog stops right next to Jimin, and Yoongi's smile drops.

"She likes you," Yoongi deadpans.

"She's adorable," Jimin giggles. "We were playing catch just now."
It stuns Yoongi how at ease Holly is around a stranger, and a stranger around Holly. She is not exactly the friendliest dog, not even to the guards. But somehow she listens to Jimin, and is even comfortable enough to snuggle on his chest.
"You have something on your cheek," Yoongi notices once Jimin has walked closer.

"Oh, this?" Jimin brings his thumb to his cheek and wipes the red splotch off of it. "It's nothing. Just blood."

Yoongi frowns. "Were you hurt?"
"Aw, are you worried?" Jimin's gaze softens for a split second before the mischievous glint returns. "It's not mine. Had a little too much fun at work today." He brings his thumb to his lips, licks it clean and hums.

"Bad guys?"
Jimin rolls his eyes. "The worst. Child abusers. Lucky I'm done with them for the day."

"Well, good news is they're stuck with you for the rest of eternity."

Jimin smirks, leaning closer towards Yoongi. "Are you saying you want me here forever?"
Yoongi looks away. "I'm saying you're fit for the job."

"Well, let me just tell you this," Jimin leans impossibly close, so close that Yoongi can feel his breath fanning his lips. "It's not the only job I'm fit for."
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Jimin wasn't kidding when he said he's going to give the best blowjob of Yoongi's life. Yoongi has been a writhing mess since Jimin decided to go down on him a few minutes ago, gripping the hand rest of his chair like his life depends on it.
Jimin licks and sucks and bobs his head like he hasn't been fed for years. So eager, so hungry for Yoongi's cock. Something about the way he maneuver his tongue doesn't feel human, but Yoongi is not complaining.
What sends Yoongi over the edge, though, is the sight of Jimin taking all of his length in with no hesitation whatsoever, and it was then Yoongi realized: the man has no gag reflex.

"Shit," he grits his teeth, sucking in a sharp breath.
Getting the reaction he was expecting, Jimin smirks in satisfaction. His eyes are tearing up, but it doesn't stop him from looking at Yoongi's lidded ones.

Yoongi's hips buckle up, and Jimin lets him, feeling the god's cock fucking his throat raw.
A guttural groan slips out his mouth, and the vibration is all it takes for Yoongi to come undone.

To no surprise, Jimin doesn't pull away even as Yoongi convulses on his seat, his whole body going limp.
He swallows hard, wipes the drop of cum off his swollen lip and sucks it clean.

Like a good boy.

The god of the Underworld has millennia worth of memories, but he's pretty sure this sight will be the one that will haunt him for millennia to come.
But then, Yoongi hears the cutest little sneeze, and he can't help but burst into laughter.

"Don't laugh at me." Jimin pouts. "It's cold."

"It's literal hell." Yoongi chuckles. He zips his pants back up and holds out his arms. "C'mere."
Jimin fits perfectly on Yoongi's lap, like it was made just for him. His face fits just right in the crook of Yoongi's cold neck, and although there is no blood coursing through his veins, Yoongi feels like warmth and comfort; he feels like home.
"Thank you," Yoongi whispers in Jimin's ear.

"For the best blowjob ever?"

"For coming into my life."
The news spread like wildfire.

It all started when Hermes dropped by and instantly noticed that the place had undergone a major redecoration, and it doesn't take a genius to realize it wasn't Yoongi's doing.
The answer to Hermes' question presented itself as soon as he stepped into Yoongi's office, which now looks more like a greenhouse. Jimin was playing with Holly on the floor, his laughter filling the room as Yoongi went through paperworks.
"You got a new pet, I see," Hermes blurted out.

Jimin stopped giggling and the room fell silent. Even Holly didn't dare to make a move. Yoongi just sat there with his mouth agape, looking at Hermes like he was the biggest idiot to have ever existed.
A shiver ran down Hermes' spine as Jimin's eyes pierced his, completely devoid of the warmth they emitted just a few seconds ago.

"I would be careful with my words if I were you."
Jimin's voice was cold and hostile, almost venomous, somehow telling Hermes' instinct to take a step back.

Just before Jimin was about to slit Hermes' throat open, Yoongi broke the tension. "Jimin-ah."
"Yes, Darling?" The change was instantaneous. The warmth in Jimin's eyes returned and his voice was oozing of honey.

Interesting, Hermes noted.

"Let him breathe; he's just a little shit."
Reluctantly, Jimin tear his gaze off Hermes, rolling his eyes before he continued playing fetch with Holly.

Hermes didn't even realize he had been holding his breath until he gasped for air the moment Jimin let him go.
"Hermes, this is Jimin," Yoongi introduced. "Second in command and," he cleared his throat, "the love of my life."

Jimin couldn't hide his smile, couldn't stop himself from grinning from ear to ear. Thankfully, Hermes wasn't looking.
To be precise, he didn't want to catch another glimpse of Jimin in fear of being eaten alive. Not even when Jimin is the single prettiest thing he had ever laid his eyes on. And that's something, considering he sees Aphrodite on a daily basis.
"Is he, you know," Hermes whispered to Yoongi's ear, so quietly that it was almost inaudible, "a demon?"

"I can hear you," Jimin cooed. Hermes' eyes widened as if he just got caught red-handed. Something about Jimin was... unsettling, to say the least.
Yoongi chuckled. "He's human. I'll spare you the details."

"He's... terrifying," Hermes mouthed.

"A little," Yoongi admitted, watching Jimin rubbing Holly's belly with heart eyes. "But look at him; he's such a dear, isn't he?"
Of course, Hermes begged to disagree. But something told him that it isn't wise to go against Yoongi in front of Jimin, so he kept his mouth shut. At least, until he had left the Underworld.
The next thing they know, the rumor about Hell's new demon has reached the world of the living, and even the heavens. But while demigods and smaller deities are apprehensive about Jimin's existence, the Olympians are just relieved Yoongi's finally getting laid.
"About damn time," Athena says. "Man's been a virgin for way too long."

"You should see him, though," Hermes says. "Yoongi said he's human, but I haven't seen any human with a soul as corrupted as his."

"Corrupted how?"
"Let's just say I'd rather be punished by Zeus than by him."

Athena laughs. "Oh please, you're such a drama king sometimes."

Hermes doesn't laugh along, as if afraid Jimin could hear him and come for his ass. That's how Athena knows he wasn't kidding.
"That bad?" she asks, a little more timid this time.

Hermes shudders as he recounts his little visit to the Underworld, recalling how the screams were way louder than ever and how they're all probably Jimin's doing.

"Go pay them a visit. You'll know what I'm talking about."
[This part onwards has been commissioned]

additional tags:
— mention of physical and sexual abuse
— mention of domestic violence
— mention of suicidal thoughts and attempts
Jimin is no stranger to hell.

Growing up with a stepdad and two stepbrothers, he’s had his fair share of punishments. Or, as they would call it, “lessons”. Not that stepfathers are inherently bad; he just got the short end of the stick.
In fact, that is why Jimin is excellent at his job, despite being an outsider and completely new to this field. He knows exactly which buttons to push, how to torture a soul without landing a single hand on it.
After all, Jimin knows best that the worst punishments are not always physical.
Of course he dreaded being locked up in their backyard shed for an entire day without food nor water, or having his calves beaten so brutally he wasn’t able to walk properly for weeks.
But what he hated the most, what truly made him consider taking his own life every other night, was being perceived as an object. A thing made for pleasure.

Everyone said Jimin is blessed with pretty features. Jimin thinks it’s a curse.
It’s hard to walk around in the comfort of his own house when wherever he went there would be at least a pair of hungry eyes following him—or to be precise, his ass. They were just waiting for nighttime, for Jimin’s mother to fall asleep.
And every night, Jimin would pray for the door to stay closed, but every time, he only ended up praying the sun would rise sooner as tears rolled down his cheeks.

The worst tortures are incessant, and that’s exactly what the afterlife has to offer: eternity.
Going to the Underworld has been the best decision Jimin has ever made. It’s his playground now, with millions of souls of the wicked at his mercy and the god himself at his disposal.

Which is why he doesn’t understand why Yoongi is so pressed on sending him back to the ground.
“You want me out of here?” he pouts.

“No, Minnie—” Yoongi tries to find the words to say, “That’s not it. You know I love having you here. Just… don’t you miss home?”

Jimin’s eye twitches, his shoulders tensing up. “Home? This is my home.”
“What about your family? Don’t you think they’re looking for you?”

Jimin scoffs. “Maybe. They must be going nuts without their little sex doll.”
Yoongi opens his mouth, but nothing comes out. A sharp pang of pain hits his chest and spreads down to his stomach, making him feel sick. It feels like someone had just stabbed him with a dull knife and twist it, letting it bleed.
“God, Minnie, I’m so sorry,” is all he manages to say. He doesn’t say what he’s sorry for, but Jimin knows it’s for letting him stay in exchange for pleasure. Of course Jimin didn’t blame him, not one bit. He didn’t know better.
Still, it feels nice hearing an apology addressed to him, even if it’s not from the guilty.

Yoongi leans back on his seat, scratching the back of his head so hard Jimin is pretty sure he’s going to draw blood if he had any.
Jimin shrugs, but his chest feels heavy. He thought he’d be indifferent now, but the memory seems to be etched way deeper than he thought.

He hates it.

“C’mere,” Yoongi says, leaning back on his seat and patting his lap. “Sit with me for a minute.”
Jimin assumes his usual position, snuggling himself in the crook of Yoongi’s neck. His heartbeat slows down, the knot in his chest slowly unravelling as he inhales more and more of the godly scent.
“I won’t hurt you, I promise,” Yoongi whispers. He can feel a tiny smile forming on Jimin’s lips against his neck. “I’ll keep you safe. No one can hurt you here. Not anymore.”
Jimin pulls away after a while, straightening his back while keeping his arms draped around Yoongi’s neck. “So I can stay here?” he asks.

“Stay,” Yoongi looks up, straight into Jimin’s starry eyes, “for as long as you wish.”
“I’ll think about it.” Jimin looks away, smiling coyly.

“Do I have to beg?”

“Of course.” Jimin smirks. “I want you to want me more.”

“I don’t think that’s humanly possible.”
Jimin aligns his nose with Yoongi’s brushing the tips together. “Lucky for me, you’re not human.”

Jimin knows there is no turning back, no saving his soul from damnation, when home feels like hell, and hell feels like home.
The last time Athena came to visit Yoongi, there was a war between the gods. Everyone picked a side: Zeus’ or everyone else’s. Well, everyone, except for Yoongi, which was why the goddess of war herself was sent to the underworld to talk to him.
“You didn’t show up,” Athena said. “Why?”

Yoongi shrugged. “I don’t like violence.”
Her entire life, Zeus had painted Yoongi to be the bad guy. The devil himself. But it was on that day that Athena realized, her uncle is the least problematic of the bunch.
A little antisocial, perhaps, but it’s not a crime to stay cooped up in his basement with his three-headed puppy, especially when the rest of his family was trying to bite each other’s head off.
This time, however, Athena isn’t here to see Yoongi. She just wants to see what kind of human would volunteer to become his lover.

Yoongi almost cursed out loud when he saw his niece in his study, sitting on his chair with her legs on his desk, showing up unannounced.
“Didn’t your father teach you to knock?”

“Unfortunately,” Athena says, “he’s only good at making children, not raising them.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Feet off my desk,” he commands. “Why are you here?”

“I heard you found yourself a little human lover.”
“Well, more like he found me.” Athena frowns, not entirely sure what Yoongi means by that. “Never mind, long story.”

“Where is he?”

“Why’d you wanna see him?”

Athena looks up, pursing her lips. “Curiosity.”

“Killed the cat.”

“But satisfaction brought it back.”
Yoongi groans, muttering something under his breath.

“Look at you all protective,” Athena smirks, leaning forward against the desk. “Now I’m even more curious.”

“Mind your own damn business.”
“Oh but it is my business, uncle,” Athena cocks an eyebrow, “when there’s a new member of the family.”

Yoongi’s shoulders tense up. For a second, panic flashes in his eyes. Athena seems to pick up the slight change in his expression and smiles.
“So it is true,” she taunts. “You made him immortal.”

“And if I did?”

“Bit rude not to introduce him to the rest of the family, don’t you think?”

“Oh fuck off,” Yoongi scoffs. “As if any of you lots give a shit.”

“I do.”
Perhaps Athena has gotten better at spitting out straight up lies, or perhaps she really is genuine this time. Either way, she manages to change Yoongi’s mind.

“Fine,” Yoongi finally says. “I’ll let you meet him, on one condition.”


“Help me hunt some bastards down.”
additional tags:
— graphic violence
— just disgusting
One of these days, Yoongi swears he’s going to whoop Athena’s ass for her lack of manners.

She has shown up unannounced, again, only this time, it’s in the middle of the night. “I didn’t know you have a bedroom.” She looks around, registering the new environment.
Yoongi puts down the book he was reading, rolling his eyes. “It’s new.”

“Why do you even have one?” She frowns. “You don’t need sleep.”

“Yeah, but he does.” Yoongi glances to his left, making Athena aware of Jimin’s presence under the duvet, sound asleep. “Keep it down.”
“So you just… sit there until he wakes up?” her voice lowers at once.

Yoongi shrugs. “Pretty much.”

Yoongi was about to retort when he heard the sheets rustling and felt the duvet moving. Both he and Athena hold their breaths, afraid to make any noise.

“Darling?” Jimin rasps, rubbing his eye. “What’s going on?”
“Shh, baby, it’s nothing. Go back to sleep.” Yoongi coos. He glares at Athena, who immediately puts on an apologetic smile.

“Sorry, Your Majesty, didn’t mean to wake you up,” she says.
Jimin murmurs something incoherent, his hands curling into a fist, punching the air. The sight is so adorable Yoongi is tempted to kick Athena out this very moment and cuddle him back to sleep.

But he knows Athena didn’t come for nothing.
“I’ll be right back.” He kisses the top of Jimin’s head. Perhaps not such a good idea—the powdery scent of his hair only makes Yoongi more reluctant to leave. “Try to get some more sleep, kay?”

Jimin nods faintly, his eyes still closed, and Yoongi slips out of bed.
Athena seems to get the message, leaving the room at once; Yoongi follows suit.

Once the door is shut, he shoots her another deadly glare. “This better be important.”

“Wouldn’t come if it wasn’t,” she says. “I got ‘em.”
Yoongi’s eyebrow rises in interest. A smile creeps onto his lips. “Where are they now?”

“On the highway to hell.”

Yoongi doesn’t like violence, he really doesn’t. That’s what his lackeys are for.
People might think they would handle the paperwork while Yoongi does all the torturing, but in reality it’s the other way around. He hates having blood on his hands, even though technically speaking, souls don’t bleed.
Until he saw the look in Jimin’s eyes the other day, the way they darkened at the mention of his family, and heard the way Jimin spoke of them—like they’re pure filth—and it awakened something inside Yoongi he didn’t know existed.
Yoongi might hate having to resort to violence, but he discovered that love is more powerful than hatred, and dear all that is holy does he love Jimin.

“Well, my job here is done,” Athena says, turning her back and walking away. “Have fun.”
As soon as the goddess disappears from sight, Yoongi heads straight to work. On the highway to hell is just another way of saying they are sent straight to Tartarus without passing the river nor facing judgement.
It’s hard to even say they died, for not only their souls, but also their bodies are brought to hell, as per Yoongi’s request.

The god has determined their fate the moment their crimes slipped from Jimin’s lips.
It’s been a while since Yoongi had gone to Tartarus himself, the deep abyss where the titans are imprisoned and the wicked are tormented. Or as he’d like to call it now, Jimin’s playground.
The air in the dungeon is unlike anything Yoongi is used to. It smells of everything rotten and the atmosphere is heavy with dread. Yoongi wonders how Jimin can stand spending so much time in here.

But he’s not here to do a sanitary inspection. Not today.
His eyes land on the newcomers, the three souls purposefully set apart from the rest, and something inside him snaps.

Forget keeping his hands clean. He might have stayed out of the war, but this is a battle he won’t let anyone else fight for him. Tonight, he’s out for blood.
Yoongi’s gaze darkens as he takes his time observing the pitiful men kneeling in front of him. Oh the things he’d do to them, and he has all the time in the world to make them suffer.
A sneer forms on Yoongi’s lips as he brings his face closer to the stepfather’s, looking directly into his fear-filled eyes.

“You messed with the wrong bloke,” Yoongi hisses.
The man tries to retort, but Yoongi has their mouths stitched at once, earning his first screams. Blood trickles down their chins, and Yoongi spits on it.

“Show me your hands,” Yoongi commands. When none of the men moves, Yoongi twists their arms and brings them forward.
“Rule number one: when I ask you to do something, you fucking do it.”

The thought of these hands being on Jimin makes Yoongi’s blood boil, so much that he didn’t even realize he’s scorching them until he heard their muffled screams.
But even after he realizes that, he keeps on going.

He takes his time, controlling the fire enough so that it would melt the skin off but not the bones. No, he’s not here to destroy them; he’s here to take them apart piece by piece, and he’s doing exactly that.
Burning and slicing every inch of their skin while he lets the vultures feed on their insides and the maggots filling their holes.

Yoongi can’t hear anything over their deafening screams and the rush in his ears. Not until—

“What are you doing?”
Yoongi turns around to see Jimin standing behind him. His sleepy eyes widen in horror as he recognizes the three men chained to each other, even though their faces have been reduced to nothing but raw flesh and blood.

He would recognize those rotten souls anytime.
“Baby…” Yoongi panics, trying to cover Jimin’s eyes but Jimin swiftly avoids his hand.

“Yoongi, are they—" Jimin gulps, his eyes not leaving the men. “Are they… my family?”
Yoongi sighs, knowing that there is no use lying to him, so he raises his eyebrows in confirmation. Jimin’s expression is unintelligible. His face is straight, but all sorts of emotions are pooled in the depth of his eyes.
“Are they… dead?” Jimin asks again, his voice still inscrutable, which makes Yoongi wonder if he did the right thing. Maybe Jimin don’t even want them here. Maybe he never wanted to see them again. “Yoongi?” he asks again.
“They are,” Yoongi answers promptly. “I’m sorry I couldn’t do much while they were alive. It’s not my territory up there. But now we have an eternity to—”

Before Yoongi could finish his sentence, Jimin has already pulled him closer, his hand gripping on Yoongi’s shirt.
“You did this for me?” he looks at Yoongi fondly. Yoongi nods, and Jimin’s gaze softens even more, reminding Yoongi of Holly's eyes. “That is the single nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

Yoongi chuckles. “Dragging your family to hell?”
“Yeah,” Jimin brings his lips closer to Yoongi’s ear and whispers, “That is so hot of you.”

Jimin lets go of his hand around Yoongi’s neck and walks towards the three men kneeling on the ground. One by one he steps on their scalding thighs, eliciting ear-piercing shrieks.
Yoongi can tell he’s enjoying this.

“Yoongi?” Jimin calls, his voice was sweet as honey and yet Yoongi feels a shiver running down his spine. “Be a darling and wait for me upstairs, hm?”

It wasn’t a request; it was a command. Yoongi’s job here is done.
“I’ll see you at dinner?” Jimin nods, and Yoongi leans in to kiss his forehead, whispering one last thing, “They’re all yours, baby.”
Yoongi walks away with a smile, knowing Jimin would sleep soundly from now on. From the distance he hears a crack, followed by a shriek, and Jimin's cackle echoing in the dungeon.

“It’s lesson time.”
— 끝
i forgot to write the end note cos it was 5 am and i hadn't slept skdjskdj

it started as a mindless comment and somehow turned into a full fic with a commissioned part as usual because i have 0 self-control. thank you everyone for reading and see you in another universe!
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