These torture devices were designed to prolong a stress position.

Remember to show your friends who voted for Biden the evidence of the horrors of the regime he publicly plans to appease.

Or is approval of your Biden friends more important to you?
Corporal punishment... Against Uyghur children?
"I haven't seen any creature more humiliated, repressed than us (Uyghurs) in the world. Here, even in the US, there are organizations taking care of, preserving wild animals."
While we were distracted...

Turkey intent on covering up another genocide?
More #Evidence ?
#Evidence ?

Video: Forced-labor Uyghur workers (1/3)
#Evidence ?
Forced-labor Uyghur workers (2/3)
#Evidence ?
Forced-labor Uyghur workers (3/3)
#Evidence ?
From @ErkinSidick
"Forced-labor Uyghur workers. My info tells us that 5.6 million Uyghurs have been detained & 2.1 million Uyghurs transported to Han provinces as โ€œprisonersโ€ since 2017..."
Biden allies tell you the hundreds of testimonies and affidavits of vote malfeasance and election tampering, negligence, and election fraud...

Are all unreliable.

It is essential for communist regimes to discredit the preponderance of witness testimony.
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