Something I've never done across all my rewatches of Eupho is document why this show means so much to me. This thread will be me breaking down each episode so I can truly solidify my reasons why this series is the most important piece of media in my life. Let's get to it 🎶😚🎶
S1 EP01

Everyone seeks new beginnings at some point, but doing so isn't straightforward. Kumiko is at a crossroad considering her future in band and what she wants out of it. While she's yet to find her answer, she able to stay true to herself instead of being someone she isn't.
S1 EP02

The series establishes Kumiko's apathic nature and the conformity engulfing the band. It's hard for people to express the full extent of their motivations, but those who can break that stigma will have much more fulfilling experiences, no matter what side they choose.
S1 EP03

This episode plants seeds for several character relationships. The distance between Kumiko and Mamiko, the way Kaori and Haruka look up to Asuka, and how Kumiko starts to see a new world through Reina. All of these are set up to grow into something beautiful later on.
S1 EP04

The tension in the band has dissipated and replaced with unity. Everyone has come together with a desire to achieve something great, leaving no member behind in the process. Growing as a group is a feeling like no other, and the series captures those first steps so well.
S1 EP05

Showing off the fruits of your labor is a liberating feeling. Kitauji silences the naysayers with a stellar first performance. Kumiko begins to grow out of her apathy towards music and learns to appreciate her new environment that inspires her to improve with each day.
S1 EP06

The pain of putting so much into learning a skill and not seeing results is a crushing feeling that most people wouldn't understand. As an eager novice, Hazuki detests half-baked efforts and sincerely wants to know what it's like to get good at something she loves doing.
S1 EP07

Realizing changes need to happen to make you happy is difficult, but this series respects the decisions the characters make for themselves without dismissing any side. Aoi and Haruka find the courage to walk their own paths that they feel will lead them to fulfillment.
S1 EP08

Reina's unwavering resolve opens Kumiko's eyes to a world she never could imagine alone. Chasing that blinding yet beautiful vision of self-actualization and seeing it eye-to-eye changes her forever. The series weaves the essence of its characters together so masterfully
S1 EP09

Every character knows what they want out of the audition. They all have a few brief moments to prove to themselves that they are capable of achieving their goals. Putting yourself out there like this is so frightening, but all of these characters come out better from it.
S1 EP10

Everyone has their way of coping with failure, but seeing how people with good hearts do it is truly, well, heartwarming. Natsuki and Kaori don't take their failures out on anyone. Instead, they use it to encourage their friends or as a way to pick themselves back up.
S1 EP11

Music can't lie. It's a method of self-expression that lays a player's soul bare. When Reina plays after Kaori, the band is speechless, unable to voice a decision. Only the people who were true to themselves were heard. Such a raw and bold display of character nature.
S1 EP12

Being able to hold yourself to your own standards is incredible, but when you fail to meet them, it's the worst feeling imaginable. Kumiko experiences every emotion in this episode. Her moments of reflection and acceptance allow her to grow into a completed character.
S1 EP13

A euphoric performance from Kitauji, culminating the growth of so many individuals who came together to accomplish something truly special. This series teaches us to embrace these experiences that allow us to become better people. Take a bow S1. You were incredible.
S2 EP01

This first episode uses every second to preface the new aura of this season. It's made clear that S2 will cover more tender themes compared to S1, specifically the experiences we have with the most important people in our lives. A perfect start to an incredible sequel.
S2 EP02

Obstacles that stop you from feeling fulfilled slowly eat away at Nozomi and Mizore. Their hesitation distances themselves from each other. It may not seem like much to the people around them, but the weight of this silent conflict is immense and so delicately depicted.
S2 EP03

Everyone approaches their goals with different attitudes, but understanding what you want out of them is what's most important. Without goals, it's easy for your experiences feel hollow. Some of the characters know exactly what they want, and some are still searching.
S2 EP04

Communicating your feelings, whether it be verbally or some other way, is needed in healthy relationships. This episode finally lets those special connections breathe, giving amazing character moments to all 4 Minami Quartet members. I love all of them so much 😭
S2 EP05

This series serves as a beautiful reminder to be proud of the things you've accomplish. That raw feeling of fulfillment from putting yourself out there is incomparable. Everyone's anxiety turning into a jaw-dropping uncut performance is pure catharsis. Bravo.
👏 🥇👏
S2 EP06

Negative emotions can be overwhelming, and so we avoid them, but a gentle solace can be found when we make peace with them. Taki looks to his late wife inspired to make his dream a reality and share it with others. Kumiko ingrains that sentiment into her moving forward.
S2 EP07

Finding the drive to do what you love is so difficult, but so eye-opening. When Asuka's conflict disrupts the atmosphere, Haruka finds the strength within herself to keep the band together and inspire them to also rely on their own strengths. What a badass moment.
S2 EP08

Our past experiences can give us the clarity we need to face our current struggles. We should always acknowledge what shapes us into our present selves. This episode captures that nostalgic feeling perfectly in how it nudges Kumiko and Mamiko in a healthier direction.
S2 EP09

"I love that piece. It's so warm, and it's strangely kind." These words describe what this series is to me so perfectly. Getting our feelings across to the people we care for, knowing how much it can save them in their darkest times. There is nothing else like this show.
S2 EP10

Your passions are never meaningless. They're the most important things that make us who we are. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. This is my favorite single episode across all anime. I'm left in shambles every time I watch it. An absolute masterpiece.
S2 EP11

Reina represents what it means to be strong and passionate, but even she has cracks in her armor. Losing sight of her goals makes her feel uneasy, but she swiftly seeks out how to properly get back on track, leaving no room for doubts. The nationals are waiting for her.
S2 EP12

Never be afraid to let the most important people in your life know how much they mean to you. The band will have to wait a year for another chance at nationals, but Kumiko settles her lingering regrets with Mamiko in a heartwarming reconciliation. This show man 😭
S2 EP13

New beginnings will always come, but the end of something special always stays with us. Kumiko faces Asuka one last time and embraces how they've made each other better people. A flawless finale to my favorite series. I'll never forget how warm it sounds 😊
And with that, my most recent rewatch of Eupho comes to a close. This series will always be special to me in ways I can never fully express with words, but I think I set a solid foundation. Eupho means the world to me, so if you read anything in this thread, thank you so much <3
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