// 365 days with #yourlovev
/ day 1~
last year's 366 days had me feeling anxious because i felt like i had to do it and i felt like a failure every time i missed a day? i'm trying to change so many things this year, let's add this as an additional task for me
ps. osamu yokonami is so cool
/ day 2~
i've watched 2 movies today and met up with the people i love, it's a good start of the year - to do something you rarely have time for and to hang out with someone you're close yet far from. i'm feeling excited and happy about this year so far, i hope i'm not fooled
/ day 3~
good day, good day
/ day 4~
i've decided to start doing my own and my mum's uni homework in advance since i'm still on holidays to avoid drowning in deadlines later on but it's safe to say i work best under pressure rather than when i have 3 months till my essays need to be emailed?
/ day 5~
as my winter holidays coming to inevitable end i'm more and more scared of what's coming in 2021 and the amount of changes and obstacles i'm gonna have to overcome if i want to be a better person. i wish i could find a way to stop doubting myself and my abilities?
/ day 6~
i keep moving forward but it feels like i'm stuck in one place? no matter where i go there's always end point, i'm always coming back to where i started and so all the work seems pointless. it's the experience we gain from trying that counts in such situations, right?
/ day 7~
did i forget about this thread yesterday no was i too busy to go on twt yes did i do anything important yesterday no way absolutely no anyway good morning i guess
/ day 8~
ah just when i think life gets better it brings me bad news and i have to wonder where did i go wrong and how can i fix it all without hurting anyone and most importantly hurt myself
/ day 9~
i'm happy :)
/ day 10~
i'm not :(
/ day 11~
so i was thinking a lot about things that bother me these days and i decided to just let it go? i'll take action tomorrow morning when i wake up and i will do my best without stressing myself too much. just... let it be? we never know if we flop unless we try
/ day 12~
my plans keep failing huh but i refuse to give up :) cheer up, me
/ day 13~
still trying to figure out what i want in life whilst everyone keeps telling me it's too late for me to change a thing
/ day 14~
coming on twt feels like an obligation these days cuz i gotta retweet something, gotta update this thread and only then i can go back to enjoying life huh
/ day 15~
it's been snowing for like three days non stop, i'm so in love with the weather and life
/ day 16~
pretty sure taehyung has nothing to do with the way i see the world but he is definitely the main reason why i always look and hope for the best
/ day 17~
i like it when i need to close the school in the evening and i'm all alone, it's cold and the snow sparkles, i like it when i get a short break at work and win toys in claw machines, like listening to music on a bus, coming back home to drink coffee and read in bed
/ day 18~
i whine a lot about my work just because complaining is part of who i am but i rarely mean it and actually am so happy with my life because there's always a thought deep inside that things could've been worse. and my job? i love children so much, i'm so lucky
/ day 19~
so yeah
/ day 20~
if i put you first, life doesn't seem that bad. if i think of myself second, worries don't look that threatening
/ day 21~
taehyung in green >
aka something little but also so big for me that's keeping me from feeling down
/ day 22~
no matter the circumstances i'm glad that i'm actually very happy with myself as a person, with my actions, thoughts, knowledge? life might not be the brightest at the moment but in the end, when i'm left all alone, i'm still wondering and staying curious and excited
/ day 23~
it's gonna be fine, it's gonna go so well in near future. we're all gonna be happy at one point, right?
/ day 24~
not at everything falling apart around me and i thought life finally reached its peak at clowning me huh i come home and try to immerse myself in things i love the most to escape my own brain and it's not really working out lately
/ day 25~
since luck is on my side today, i wonder what the rest of the week holds for me because it's never perfect and there's always something terrible happening after good news? expect the worst, hope for the best
/ day 26~
i'm very happy today
/ day 27~
looking for a safe place to hide
/ day 28~
work is so tiring but there are lots of happy moments waiting for me when i get back home ah i'm so happy
/ day 29~
i'm very happy today! it's been a long and tiring day but it was full of fun. omw home i won another tiny plush bear hehe and i saw a young couple with a child and the mother was carrying the father on the sleight instead of their child which made me laugh a lot
/ day 30~
this is the last time i'll be taking about my 8th anniversary with bts on this account but yeah lol haha damn it was a good day!? even though i was at work i still managed to have fun with the kids and just overall i loved it, i'm so happy and grateful
/ day 31~
so happy and grateful each and every day of my life because we both exist in the same universe
/ day 32~
it's officially that time of the year when i start messing up my thread because the day no longer corresponds with the date lol everything else is fine? i guess
/ day 33~
thank you for being my home and bringing me peace whenever i feel worried or scared of something
/ day 34~
i forgot to update this thread yesterday because my granny came over and i spent time with her instead of being online ehh
/ day 35~
you are the prettiest man in the universe and i really really adore you
/ day 36~
i'm so busy i don't even have time to think of what to write ugh officially emotionless and empty
/ day 37~
i've been overloading myself with work lately just to escape the reality and now that i'm paying consequences i'm wondering if i actually like my job or if i forced myself into thinking so. but i guess it's fine to... question life decisions sometimes? it's okay
/ day 38~
/ day 39~
i miss you
/ day 40~
miss you even more !!!
/ day 41~
i feel fulfilled, i always feel like i could've done more by the end of the day but doubt i'll ever be satisfied if i keep living this way. i'm proud of myself. i did well today
/ day 42~
i wish for all the happiness in the world to spread around you and people you love and care for
/ day 43~
just came back from partying with my old school friend i aven't been in touch for a year and we've been friends for like 16 years and i'm once again thinking how i cannot live both real social and social media lives... there's only time for one thing and that's sad
/ day 44~
life would've been much easier if there was more understanding between people i love and care for and me. if there was place for listening and actually hearing what others have to say, if people got rid of their prejudice and looked at others with their eyes wide open
/ day 45~
thank you
/ day 46~
i'm tired of people around me, like, tired of their bullshlt and tired of the way they act. tired of people complaining and asking for advise and help and then not listening. tired of people talking behind each other's backs and pretending like they care ah
/ day 47~
last year for my 366 days thread i thought it'd be cute to restrict myself a bit and wait for the last day to say that i'm in love with kim taehyung but this year? day 47 i'm so lucky i'm in love with him ok bye
/ day 48~
i'm very happy today ✨
/ day 49~
i'm in love with you endlessly ! you're the only one and i'm happy you're here, happy you exist and happy i can reach out to your music and your beautiful words whenever i feel down
/ day 50~
life's been quite nice for the past two days and i'm very happy but the reality is that i just postpone the bad things and issues i need to get fixed. i try to make myself busy to avoid responsibilities and it's working very well ah :/
/ day 51~
my twt account is dead and so am i on the inside
/ day 52~
i've made lots of great memories in past few days but i'm still worried about the responsibilities i'm not fulfilling... bittersweet but i'm enjoying life? it's really cold here and it's snowing daily which makes the world more beautiful. it's hard to not enjoy life
/ day 53~
i've watched seven episodes of the Death Note with my mum today and i'm quite excited she loved it. i asked her to watch two episodes knowing she'll get into it afterwards and she indeed kept asking me to keep going until it was late at night. i'm happy ☺️
/ day 54~
it's a federal holiday in here today and i'm usually off work on wednesdays so basically i've got 2 days off and i'm just drinking and singing bangtan? the flat is clean, fridge is full of food i made... it's time for fun? every day is a holiday if you want it to be one
/ day 55~
you are the most beautiful moment in my life and i hope this moment lasts for a long long time
/ day 56~
i hope all the worries walk past you and you sleep peacefully. i hope you never get to worry about anything and the universe treats you well
/ day 57~
i love you lots
/ day 58~
i also just want to be happier
/ day 59~
i'm feeling better than yesterday and it's quite confusing since nothing has changed in my life? life is confusing and so are emotions and feelings. but i'm just glad i've got some energy to keep going now
/ day 60~
look at me keeping up with this thread for 60 days straight omg feeling proud of myself xoxo
/ day 61~
my heart's a stereo, it beats for you, so listen close, hear my thoughts in every note
/ day 62~
i enjoyed my day off lots, watched movies, drew pictures i won't ever show anyone because of how poor my drawing skills are, cleaned my flat, cooked some meals in advance. i like having free time, i feel like i'm being very productive
/ day 63~
i'm so proud of you
/ day 64~
i'm so happy today
/ day 65~
i came home from full day of work with 91% of my phone charged which just shows how little free time i had ah but i feel satisfied with my day and i feel happy
/ day 66~
i'm so proud of you !!! i wanna sound fancy and act like i've always knew your time will come, but in reality... i could never imagine... and each and every step you take since your debut is something i'm unbelievably proud of. every song, every performance... thank you
/ day 67~
it's one of my favourite times of the year when we're all collectively spreading love and joy over min yoongi's birth and i cannot be any happier. such a wonderful time, such a beautiful life when all of you are in this world alive and happy
/ day 68~
i will love you forever !!!!!!!
/ day 69~
i'm so proud of you and of the person you are today and so thankful for everything you do and so happy you are here
/ day 70~
i'm proud of you 💜
/ day 71~
daily reminder to the world that i'm absolutely in love with kim taehyung
/ day 72~
another day passed another reason to smile found
/ day 73~
love you and proud of you endlessly 💜
/ day 74~
i fell asleep so fast after work yesterday, i forgot to tweet for this thread... still trying to get myself back together after the sleepless granny night, it's not going well so far but i'm trying ><
/ day 75~
i had such a wonderful day, i worked a lot and went for a walk in the park with my friend in the evening. it was a little scary because it was late and the park was dark and empty but we talked a lot and had few cups of coffee from vending machines. lovely day ahh
/ day 76~
i love you
/ day 77~
life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on life goes on
/ day 78~
i'm doing so many things these days and it makes me excited although i'm still feeling like i'm wasting my life ? no matter what i do, it's like i'm not doing enough?
/ day 79~
i worked really really hard today so that i don't feel guilty having fun afterwards. i went out with a friend around 9pm and now that i'm home it's 4:30am? we've been to so many places and had so much fun ah i love life ! i've got work in like 4 hours though... :/
/ day 80~
life is so beautiful and i love it so much like the idea of life and the way it keeps going no matter what but i also feel guilty for being happy and i also constantly feel like there isn't enough time to enjoy life ah i want to be... more free? i want to love life more
/ day 81~
i wish days were longer, the sun shone brighter, people had reasons to smile daily. i wish for you to be happy, wish the same for myself, wish it for everyone
/ day 82~
/ day 83~
life is like a roller coaster these days and it feels like i'm constantly rising and falling hard with no seat belt on
/ day 84~
i'm so happy and proud of you
/ day 85~
waking up around 4-5am is a torture but it's nice to see the empty streets and hear the first birds sing
/ day 86~
i'm so happy today
/ day 87~
i came home from work and for some reason i'm so happy? the town looks so beautiful in the evenings and suddenly i'm in a good mood.i'm making taiwanese noodles, singing really loud and drinking red wine. i should be tired after work but i'm so full of energy? i'm happy
/ day 88~
/ day 89~
i worked a lot today and then went food shopping. i'm rewatching a movie called Pawn Sacrifice now and building a miniature japanese house. i've got a few things i need to do which are quite important but my head is full of other things ?
/ day 90~
the more i live the more i think about how much i love you even though i cannot explain or word beautifully reasons to why i do. it's been years and the love keeps growing meeting no limits and expanding to the eternity
/ day 91~
thank you 💜
/ day 92~
my love for you makes days brighter. if i can love someone this much then perhaps one day i will learn to be in love with the world and to love myself equally and life will become complete and well balanced
/ day 93~
/ day 94~
i love you (:
/ day 95~
the prettiest man
/ day 96~
i drank something weird yesterday with co-workers that i practically blacked out and now i cannot remember anything? i think it was home made wine which turned out to be something that didn't taste like wine at all ahhh and i cracked my phone screen yesterday... sad
/ day 97~
exactly a month till my 24th birthday and i'm still in search of happiness and satisfaction going back and forth jumping from law to medicine and then to urban studies and psychology. the world is so interesting and there's so little time to enjoy and study it...
/ day 98~
cheers to many more years by your side, to all the smiles and happy moments, to all the achievements and all the ot7 love, to bangtan and to you only 💜
/ day 99~
/ day 100~
i'm too tired to function properly and i'm devastated that i'm working on the 17th and will miss bangbangcon ah i don't wish for many things in life but i want to be able to work less and enjoy life more, be able to watch things with other army, have free time
/ day 101~
i try my best to be a better person and i promise to continue working hard ah but it do be hard sometimes lol
/ day 102~
Cosmonautics Day is one of my favourites and so i went out for a walk with my mum after work. we came back around midnight and even though i'm super exhausted i'm also very happy. i wish we could walk more but we've already walked for hours and i've got work tmr 😭
/ day 103~
i was so tired yesterday evening and i still am... and i never wake up before midday on my day off but i woke up at nine today... i think it's because i had a nightmare. i either see nightmares or remember nothing from my dreams :(
/ day 104~
i'm sorry
/ day 105~
thank you for being my home, my only peace and my brightest light
/ day 106~
i think you are the most wonderful, beautiful and talented man alive and i'm really really proud of you and everything you do, everything you are, you used to be and everything you're gonna be
/ day 107~
i love you 💜
/ day 108~
i'm so tired and work never ends
/ day 109~
/ day 110~
all i can say is i'm tired, i'm scared for tomorrow, i need money and i love you. i'm also having wine and ice cream for dinner x
/ day 111~
i'm very much disappointed in my actions today and i feel like i could've done better but... i know or at least i want to believe that i'm doing my best. i always look at you and think of you whilst making decisions and it makes me feel less scared
/ day 112~
/ day 113~
i'm so happy so excited feeling so wonderful and looking forward to next week ahh and i love you
/ day 114~
i had a headache yesterday and completely forgot about this thread ah hi
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