New Year New Thread. For those of you who liked my #SpookySeason thread, I welcome to you to #Horror365!
An entire year of horror movies. One movie rec a day for the entire year. No particular order. Just a horror movie I like every day for a year. I hope you enjoy it.

A new favourite for me. Friends introduced me to this one during 2020. I especially love it for how it plays with the gender binary, and because it just oozes style all over. I hope you check it out!


On the surface this vampire film is about addiction. It becomes a fascinating film that explores moralism, definitions of evil, and trauma.

Great performances by Taylor and Walken. Plus some bi-kryptonite and homoeroticism.


A film about the toll trauma can have on a person, and the catharsis of combating it.

Go into this one as blind as you can, you will appreciate not knowing what to expect.

(Be aware the childhood trauma theme can make it hard for some.)

4. THIRST (2009)

This South Korean vampire movie is called THIRST for a reason. It is one of the most erotic vampire movies available, and that is certainly saying something.

It’s not all sex though, as it focuses on a conflict of faith. An amazing film.


One of the bleaker films I’m going to recommend, is also one I suggest going in blind for.
A very dark, scary story with great performances from Hirsch and Cox, as coroners trying to explain the mysterious death of a young girl.

6. MS. 45 (1981)

This film comes with some pretty heavy trigger warnings.
One of the definitive films of the rape revenge genre, it is intense, bloody, and cathartic.
Beautifully shot and beautifully acted. It’s well worth a watch.

7. RINGU (1998)

Also known as The Ring, this Japanese horror film is responsible for spawning a true icon of horror.
Comparable to Freddy, Jason, Michael, et al, Sadako has had numerous sequels and even a crossover.
Check out the amazing movie that made her!

8. RAW (2016)

This French Extremity film explores the coming of age of narrative corporeally. A cannibalism film that discusses puberty, sexuality, identity, and all the other horrors of becoming an adult. All while being very gory and fascinating.

9. BIT (2019)

One of my more recent faves. BIT has everything I want in a vampire film. The queer and trans rep alone gives this awesome flick an advantage.

Throw in great style, great acting, and great fun, and you’re on to a winner.

Everyone needs to see BIT.


My favourite zombie movie. This punk rock horror film is the perfect blend of scary, funny, and even sexy.

Nihilistic in ways only the 80s could bring, this horror comedy is always a great way to spend your time.


An example of a sequel (or in this case prequel) being better than the original.

An excellent ghost and possession story, which keeps things simple without being boring.

12. NOROI: THE CURSE (2005)

One of the best found footage films I have ever seen. A slow burning, scary film that builds on its own lore exponentially.

This film has some moments that genuinely got me, and as a desensitized horror fan that’s a big deal!

13. WE ARE STILL HERE (2015)

One of my favourite ghost stories. Violent and gruesome. This film (which was filmed near me btw!) has a stark beauty to it that I absolutely love.

Brutally melancholy, this film is beautiful and must be seen!

14. KING KONG (1933)

The original king of the monsters. Predating Godzilla, King Kong is an icon of horror, sci fi, fantasy, and American cinema in general.

A pioneer across multiple genres, if you haven’t decided to watch it yet you’re missing out.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror

This fun punk horror comedy is one of the better recent entries to the genre I’ve seen.

Following the exploits of a band who recruit a monster as their roadie, this film is a road trip comedy full of gore and music.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
16. THE SHINING (1980)

One of the more controversial items on my list of recommendations, for good reason.
THE SHINING stands out to me as the best King adaptation.

A story of isolation and paranoia. Just throw in some ghosts for good measure.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
17. JU-ON: THE GRUDGE (2002)

Another staple of Japanese horror. This story of inconsolable rage speaks to me. Kayako is justified in her anger but now she is cursed to be angry forever.
And that her anger effects the whole house?đź’‹đź‘Ś
Check it out.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror

Today’s rec is a classic. One of the Universal monsters, Gill-man might not have quite the following Dracula or Frankenstein has, but he’s got presence.
A true matinee movie monster, he’s simply cool.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
19. COLD FISH (2010)

An intense thriller about the corruption of greed, wealth, power.

In true Sion Sono fashion, this film transcends into a spiritual mess of violence and perversion. A fascinating take on the “good guy turns bad” tale.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
20. THE WITCHES (1990)

THE WITCHES is a great gateway horror movie that you can show your kids.
It’s not explicitly gruesome, but it is scary, both visually and thematically.
Angelica Huston in particular is a reason to watch.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror

Today’s rec is one of Jackson’s best films. A horror comedy about a killer ghost that only Micheal J Fox can see, it features some great performances. Including one of Jeffrey Combs best. A really wonderful enjoyable film.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
22. CEMETERY MAN (1994)

Today’s film is a nihilistic, erotic horror comedy. Francesco Dellamorte is the custodian of a cemetery in which the recently deceased return the first night they’re buried, and it is only he who protects the world from them.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
23. WILLOW CREEK (2013)

Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, you might be surprised to find this is one of the best and scariest found footage films ever.

A film about Bigfoot, it’s also great for horror fans looking for more cryptid movies.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
24. GOZU (2003)

One of Miike’s more bizarre movies, to describe Gozu is almost impossible.
A psychosexual, gross, incredibly dark horror comedy. It follows the life of a Yakuza after he accidentally completes a hit.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
25. HIGHWAY TO HELL (1991)

A recent discovery for myself, this horror comedy by the director of DROP DEAD FRED is just as fun and weird.
A sort of modern take on Dante’s Inferno, this literal trip to hell is all kinds of bizarre. Well worth a watch.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
26. FREAKED (1993)

Today’s another dark horror comedy, this time by Alex Winter.
In which an incredibly vain actor becomes the victim of a mad scientist hell bent on making the best freak circus ever.
Filled with great make up and hilarious jokes.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
27. HOST (2020)

Maybe the only good thing to have come out of a global pandemic. This is one of the most genuinely scary movies in recent years.

Combing the isolation of quarantine with a haunting, HOST manages to do new things with familiar ideas.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror

Such a brilliantly simple concept executed in a perfect way. A pioneer of special effects, this surprisingly scary concept is brought to life through a mix of practical effects. It’s a great horror adventure.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
29. WEBCAST (2018)

Found footage, WEBCAST combines great inspirations from the genre with modern technological concepts. Two students essentially live streaming their investigation into the disappearance of a family member.
Scary as it is clever.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
30. ALUCARDA (1977)

This Mexican horror is a loose adaptation of Carmilla, with some Dracula thrown in.
Add some acid horror visuals, a lot of nunsploitation and devil worship, and you’re on your way for a hell of a movie.
Tina Romero is amazing too.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror

A hilarious horror comedy starring Linnea Quigley and OG Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen. This is a movie of boobs and blood. A film with a genuinely good sense of humor, and chainsaws and horror go hand in hand.

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror

Better than the first Prom Night by a long way. A ghostly revenge film that is a lot of fun, with one of the best, most underrated/underseen horror icons of all time.
Watch it and you will love Mary Lou too!

#Horror365 #365DaysOfHorror
33. EVENT HORIZON (1997)

With great cast, that includes Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill, this film is essentially The Shining meets Hellraiser, in space.

Blending psychological isolation horror, hell itself, and gore, this film is a perfect storm of evil horrors.

34. EXCISION (2012)

A psychological horror filled with imagery reminiscent of Jodorowsky by way of Barker.

A nihilistic look at mental health, life, and relationships. Beautiful in its bleakness.

Trigger warnings with this one, so check the parents guide first.

35. SOCIETY (1989)

One of the more bizarre entries on this thread. SOCIETY is a ridiculous but fun horror comedy about the class divide.

Its message is unsubtle and it’s not exactly the best film about it, but it’s so over the top that it’s fun.


Often cited as Zombie’s best, this is a horror about community and the feminine.

Like many of his movies the cast is full of horror legends, all giving it their all too.

Throw in themes of witchcraft and music and you’re onto a winner.

37. AUDITION (1999)

Described as both a feminist masterpiece, and exploitation trash. All I know is that it is one of the tensest movies I have seen. It is certainly gruesome, but the heart of this film lies in the horrific minds of its characters. Check it out.

38. THE RANGER (2018)

A modern day punk slasher movie that screams ACAB.
There’s a lot of heart and charm in this movie, as it homages the 80s horror and punk era with love. Yet it still manages to put a modernized twist on it all.

39. THE NEW KIDS (1985)

A recently orphaned brother and sister move to a nowhere town to help their aunt and uncle run an amusement park.
James Spader leads the gang that terrorizes them and the town. Spader is absolutely the reason to watch.

40. GRINDHOUSE (2007)

A double bill by two popular directors. DEATH PROOF by Tarantino and PLANET TERROR by Rodriguez. Combined with the fake trailers by guest directors, like Wright and Zombie, and this becomes event viewing homaging one of the best eras in horror.

41. CRIMSON PEAK (2015)

A true gothic romance, this film is absolutely beautiful. A tale of love, sadness, murder, and ghosts, set in an old English manor. It's the kind of film Vincent Price would have loved to be in.

42. CREEP (2014)

It starts off as a heartwarming and sincere adventure, if not a little awkward.
It takes a dark turn pretty quickly however, and you realize people aren't always who you believe they are.
A found footage film that really utilizes the guerilla style.


Another found footage film today. This time as a ghost hunting reality tv show. But what happens if for once, those ghosts turn out to be real? Reminiscent of House of Leaves by Danielewski in places, this has some genuinely scary moments.

44. GET OUT (2017)

One of the scariest horror movies of the last decade, and a searing indictment of Obama era white liberalism in America. A genuinely great film that will make you also reflect on yourself, and the world around you. Well worth watching.

45. VALENTINE (2001)

What better day to rec this amazing slasher? It plays with tropes and does interesting things, while still feeling familiar enough to be comfortable for long time horror and slasher fans.
With a great cast and characters, this one will be a fave.

46. ICHI THE KILLER (2007)

Adapted from the manga, this film is bloody in ways that only Takashi Miike can be. A story of psychological torture, sadomasochism, yakuza, sex workers, and everything in between. This film is gross, tense, funny, and charming all at once.


A brilliant satire on toxic masculinity, this film also becomes a satire of pop culture that puts focus on the killers in horror movies. A brilliant character study, and darkly funny. Better than the book in many ways, this is a must watch.


A true classic, this film helped to propel both a career and a genre. A tragic story of science gone too far. This film has been part of the zeitgeist forever. Even if you haven't watched it yet, you recognize it. So why not check it out?


One of the best comedies ever. A mocumentary style film about 3 vampire roommates living in New Zealand. Darkly funny, surprisingly touching, the whole film just hits perfectly. And if you love it it has two spin-off tv shows too!


The introduction of icons and the building blocks of a studio, this film has a major role in history. Freddy has become part of the zeitgeist like Universal monsters before him, and is a recognizable part of culture. A must watch.


A deceptively smart horror film that goes far deeper than you would have ever expected. On the surface it is simply a great zombie film. Yet it is also a brilliant critique of American life, the Cold War, and domestic racism.

52. SAW (2004)

A (mostly) single room horror thriller. Despite the era of horror it's credited with starting, this film is not that gory, relying instead on near Hitchcockian levels of tension. The acting and direction emphasize a well written script. Check it out.


More an 8 hour movie than a series. This found footage epic utilized the medium in new, fascinating ways that many tried to replicate since. Easily found on YouTube, it is responsible for the popularity of Slenderman. Scary and watch worthy.

54. ONE MISSED CALL (2003)

Takashi Miike’s story of killer voicemail might sound silly, but what we get is a genuinely scary movie. The idea of hearing your own future death, and not being able to prevent it?
Reminiscent of RINGU, this film makes phones scary.

55. TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016)

One of the best zombie movies ever. A high tension, action packed, close quarters film. There’s a lot of great characters and you care if they die. It also works as a great entry point for South Korean cinema. Everyone should see it.

56. US (2019)

This Twilight Zone inspired Horror has some genuinely scary concepts and imagery. This is one of the better examples of the evil doppelgänger story.
Lupita Nyong’o is scene stealing as both hero and villain, in a dual role that is awards worthy.

57. THE WITCH (2015)

A bleak and beautiful tale of supernatural religious terror. Robert Eggers weaves American folk horror in such a way that is truly stunning. One of the most beautifully shot horror films in the last decade. Absolutely watch worth.

58. HALLOWEEN (1978)

The day he came home may not be the first slasher, but it is a major factor in their popularity. Responsible for many of the tropes we see today, and a franchise that is still going strong. HALLOWEEN is one of the major icons on this thread.

59. JENNIFER’S BODY (2009)

This excellent queer horror didn’t gain the popularity it deserved until later. Now a cult classic, more and more people are discovering this gem. Megan Fox is a horror icon thanks to this movie. Watch and find out why!

60. CURE (1997)

A creepy murder mystery which crosses the line from psychological thriller into paranormal horror. Hypnagogic, like many of Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s horror films. It draws you in, in almost hypnotic ways.


Possibly the best film Roger Corman ever made. One of Vincent Price’s greatest roles. A tale about the evils of the rich, and their activities during a pandemic. You can imagine how incredibly relevant this film feels today.

62. RAVENOUS (1999)

One of my all time fave films. A darkly funny horror tale of cannibalism, it is an incredibly homoerotic story of the wendigo myth. With stellar performances by Robert Carlyle and Guy Pearce and perfect direction by Antonia Bird. I love this film.

63. HAUSU (1977)

One of the craziest horror comedies you’ll ever watch. As darkly twisted as it is hilarious, this film is filled to the brim with unforgettable imagery.
A haunted house movie like you’ve never seen before, HAUSU/HOUSE is essential viewing.

64. THE DEVILS (1971)

When I preplanned this thread back in Nov. I didn’t expect this to be on everyone’s timelines today.

It’s convenient that it’s on Shudder now because I highly recommend checking out this perfect tale of religious insanity. Just go watch it!


One of the true classics. Genre defining in many ways, the influence of this film is still felt today. It spawned an icon in Leatherface and the franchise continues to grow, but it all comes back to this original masterpiece.

66. HAUNT (2019)

A modern take on the slasher genre. A Halloween themed movie. A thrilling jaunt through an extreme haunted house. Filled with interesting killers, and relatable victims, this film plays with the tropes in fun ways that will feel fresh to horror vets.

67. 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE (2016)

One of the tensest films of recent years. Claustrophobic in extremes, we feel trapped in this. To make matters worse, John Goodman is absolutely terrifying as our “savior” who goes between calm and rage on a coin flip.
A great film.


Playing with the very idea of sequels. While the first is presented as an pilot of a reality tv show, this is presented as an investigation of the pilot. Very meta and fun. Not the scariest film on the list but a good time.

69. GREEN ROOM (2015)

A spectacular horror thriller, with a terrifying performance by Patrick Stewart.
An anti-nazi, punk movie where the horror of these characters is their realism.
An intense film from beginning to end, this is one hell of a ride.

70. Doctor Sleep (2019)

From one of the new masters of horror comes a controversial sequel to one of the most well well loved horror films of all time.
Flanagan simultaneously makes a sequel worthy of the book and of Kubrick's original film. A true instant classic.

71. MANDY (2018)

Not just one of the best horror films, but simply one of the best films ever made.
Every frame is captivating, every performance amazing. This film is simply satisfying to watch and everyone should do so.

72. DRACULA (1931)

A true icon. So engrained in the cultural consciousness, that people who haven't even seen this film will do an impression of Bela for a "Dracula Voice."
The impact of this film is so far reaching, it resulted in decades of success for Universal.

73. THE NEON DEMON (2016)

A modern take on vampirism that uses some fascinating visuals. A critique of the beauty industry. It is one of the more divisive films on this thread, no matter how you feel about it, it will cause a strong reaction.

74. SCREAM (1996)

When you perfect the slasher there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s satirize every trope you’re partially responsible for making.

That’s exactly what Wes Craven did in this darkly funny meta slasher that is loved by horror fans everywhere.

75. PULSE (2001)

Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s tale of isolation in a super connected world is depressing and terrifying in equal measure.
For those of us who are often online, it can feel like we are totally alone in a room full of people.
This film captures that feeling.

76. SHROOMS (2007)

In honor of today, how about an Irish movie about indulging. Everyone gets thoroughly wasted in this movie. I don’t like to use the word “underrated” but I think this one is more fun than people care to admit.

77. THE EXORCIST (1973)

So scary that it was originally banned, this films is one of the staples of the horror community. Filled with now iconic scenes, characters, and tropes, this films influence can be felt still throughout the entire genre to this day.

78. HELLRAISER (1987)

A personal all time fave. This film redefined gothic horror in the medium. Filled with atmosphere, dread, eroticism, and blood. Every character is iconic, and the film is infinitely rewatchable. An absolute must see.

79. THE DESCENT (2005)

A magnificently claustrophobic horror movie where you will find yourself holding your breath.
This film is high tension from start to finish, and gives little in respite. Perhaps not for the faint of heart, but definitely a horror staple.

80. THE LOST BOYS (1987)

This very 80s punk vamp take on Peter Pan is by far and away one of my fave vampire movies of all time.
With an iconic performance by Kiefer Sutherland, and an amazing soundtrack, this film attained cult status for a reason. Be sure to watch.

81. EVIL DEAD (2013)

Despite recognizable elements, this remake of the 1981 Classic is its own beast.
A much more serious take, this film explores mental health, and does it in stylish ways.
If you’ve skipped it because it’s a remake, it’s time to change that.


Horror for fans of Rube Goldberg machines. Starring horror’s favourite son, Devon Sawa, this film kicks off one of the most fun franchises of all time.
Gory and funny, this film was an instant classic which everyone should check out.

83. RUBBER (2010)

If you had told me one of the best movies of 2010 would be about a sentient tire that kills, I wouldn’t have believed you.
I would have been wrong.

This gore filled horror comedy is honestly genius. Filled with meta commentary and good humor.

84. I SAW THE DEVIL (2010)

This brutal tale of serial killers and revenge is almost cruel in its execution.

Featuring some of the best performances by Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik, it is relentlessly intense, but very cathartic in the end.


A breathtakingly beautiful reimagining of the Phantom story. This rock and roll epic has one of the best soundtracks ever in horror. Combined with elements of Faust and Dorian Gray this movie is a love letter to gothic horror.

86. TUSK (2014)

When a podcast host is kidnapped it quickly turns out that is the least of his problems.
Obviously this film by Kevin Smith is a comedy too, but it’s so disturbing you could be forgiven for forgetting that at times.
Should be watched by horror fans.

87. THE VOID (2016)

Reminiscent of 80s horror films, THE VOID is a practical effects leaden cosmic horror film. Think Junji Ito and H. P. Lovecraft. Think John Carpenter.
If you like 80s gorefests, you'll enjoy this movie.


From the director of MAD MAX and BABE: PIG IN THE CITY comes this raunchy tale of 3 women and their boyfriend, the devil.
This film is more horror fantasy than pure horror, and is funny too. An all star cast you can’t go wrong with.

89. DEATH SPA (1989)

Today is a fun one. This film encapsulates the 80s.
With its focus on health culture, the burgeoning computer age, and dubious politics.
It is ridiculous, but in that fun way that many cheesy 80s movies can be.
Bonus points for Ken Foree too.


A found footage movie set during the latter days of WW2. A group of Russian soldiers are tasked with finding a secret Nazi lab experimenting with Frankenstein's journal. It's as crazy fun as it sounds, and well worth checking out.

91. CREEP 2 (2017)

A great sequel that plays off of the expectations set by the original. It is simultaneously self referential while doing entirely new things.
You’ll be surprised by how much you just don’t see coming with this one. Great for fans of the first.

92. SEVERANCE (2006)

A horror comedy that came about in that moment of popularity created by SHAUN OF THE DEAD. This film follows an office retreat, that just so happens to be at a typical horror style cabin in the woods.
A slasher comedy filled with gore and laughs.

93. MAGIC (1978)

By Richard Attenborough, starring Anthony Hopkins. A psychological thriller, about a magician who brings a ventriloquist dummy into his act to spice things up. Life takes a dark turn when the line between puppet and master blurs dramatically.

94. DREAM DEMON (1988)

If Ken Russell made A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET it would probably look a little something like this film by Harley Cokeliss.

This film is almost ethereal, with a greater hypnagogic quality than NIGHTMARE itself. An underseen gem comparatively.

95. VFW (2019)

A gruesome action horror filled with brutal kills. A group of veterans are besieged by junkies when they choose to protect a girl.
A fun film with an Expendables like ensemble cast and a cool aesthetic. Great for 80s fans.

96. BLACULA (1972)

The name might be a little silly on the face of it but this film is legitimately good. William Marshall is great as Blacula, and is as memorable and charming as Lugosi and Lee. Cool and stylish. Highly recommended!

97. FREAKY (2020)

Today’s film is a wonderfully queer positive horror comedy that is equal parts FREAKY FRIDAY and FRIDAY THE 13TH.
Filled with brilliant performances and trope bending takes on the genre, this recent film is an instant classic any horror fan can love

98. TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D (2013)

One of the more fun entries in the TCM franchise. A direct sequel to the original, which expands on the story in a fun way.
It also stars Alexandra Daddario which is of course a plus.
Underrated fun in a great franchise.


One of the classics. A slasher that didn’t quite breakout the way it deserved. The Miner should be up there with Jason, Micheal, Freddy, et al. But unfortunately we only have this and a remake.

Be sure to check this one out.


If you know with DeCoteau you know what to expect.
When 3 geeky girls get possessed during a seance, they become deadly sex starved succubi.
Hilarious, sexy, and deadly, Linnea Quigley steals every scene she is in too.

101. THE BEYOND (1981)

Fulci’s take on the haunted house is one of the scariest recs on this thread.
A gateway to hell, hidden in a hotel, has reopened and there may be no escaping it now.
Filled with terrifying imagery, a great score, and genuinely scary story.

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