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Izuku found out the hard way his father was a royal prince that had been exiled. He remembered being quite wealthy up until his 8th birthday, but it gets a little fuzzy when he attempts to recall anything prior to that.
Paparazzi swarmed his downtown apartment, making it virtually impossible to accomplish menial taste and get to his car parked out front. He couldn’t even bother to venture outside to place his forgotten parking pass on the dashboard where he
could spy the parking tickets piling up by the dozen.

The media warmed in compassion for Izuku growing up outside the palace like his cousins, but the emerald haired student couldn’t care less about the crown princess and her snooty siblings.
He lived a wonderful life, royal or not.

The money would have been nice though. Maybe then he would finally be able to remove the duct tape holding his sink together and get a functioning faucet.
It wasn’t until King Katsuki Bakugou, ruler of the neighbouring empire, showed up at Izuku’s that the newly acquainted royal understood his fate. Izuku neglected to inquire the purpose of the blond’s visit as he reverted into shock the minute he opened the door.
He’s royally fucked! He knew it the minute he saw that playful glint in the blond royal’s eyes as he passed the threshold into Izuku’s quaint apartment, carrying a bouquet of lavender coloured flowers with sprinkles of white clovers accenting the piece like distant stars.
Is… is King Katsuki trying to woo him?

“Are you trying to ask me out on a date…?”

Izuku questions the taller man handsomely styled in an ebony suit with an elegant, indigo shawl wrapped around his left shoulder, flowing half way down his back where Izuku can imagine a
kid would tug on just for fun.

The blond pauses, allowing the bouquet of flowers to rest on the barren counter.

“Do you not remember me?”

The king questions breathlessly, a hint of sadness lingering on his expression as Izuku crosses his arms and leans against
the stainless steel fridge.

“Have we met?”

“When we were kids, you don’t fucking remember-”

“I don’t remember much from my childhood,”

Izuku quickly explains, knocking his head against the metal fridge with a subtle frown.

“Don’t bullshit me!”
The blond erupts in a fury of frustration and furrowed brows. His palm squeezes the stems of the bouquet, causing the stalks to crunch under the pressure.

“I’m not trying to-”
“People like me don’t get forgotten, don’t you remember those times by the palace lake? Throwing your old hag of an aunt’s tiara off the dock during the spring garden party then my mother threw us both in the water to go get it,”
Katsuki sews together an image of countless fun childhood memories- he could feel how the water would chill his skin to the bone, causing shivers to plague his miniature frame to the point his lips transition to a brilliant shade of violet and blueberry.
“Auntie Rosie’s tiara? The one with the lavender gems?”

Izuku questions partially with his mind racing to fill in the blanks in his deteriorating memory. He never was the best at recalling facts, especially when it had to do with the royal family.
“You remember!”

The blond gasps and somehow still manages to appear confident and collected in his bout of hysterics.

“No- I remember my Aunt’s tiara, mostly.”

A silence overcomes the both of them. Neither attempted to speak or even move as the sound of crinkling
foil echoes in the small apartment. Katsuki removes his grip from the flowers and leans against the counter coolly.

“You… You don’t remember not knowing how to fucking swim? You don’t remember me dragging your useless body from the water?”

Katsuki steps up to Izuku and
attempts to corner him against the fridge, but the emerald haired student ducks the minte the blond placed his hand on the steel behind Izuku’s head. Katsuki twitches in frustration at the sight of Izuku skirting over to the skin, hands gripping the counter edge as
he stares at the taller man with his big, innocent eyes.

“I don’t, okay?! Pardon my tone, your majesty, but I think it’s time for you to leave.”

Izuku snarls, eyes narrowed at the blond from across the tiny kitchen. Katsuki visibly sags against the fridge and his fists
clenched into a fist by his hips, the several rings along his fingers turn the skin surrounding them white as Izuku shuffles with unease.

“You damn fucking Deku,”

Katsuki snarls to himself, yet Izuku gazes intensely at the blond.

“What did you just call me?”
The smaller of the two questions Katsuki almost breathlessly. The blond glances up briefly.

“What? Deku?”

Izuku stares into the crimson eyes of King Katsuki, yet nothing registers other than the clear memory ringing through his mind. He could smell the
distinct scent of fresh air, the taste of unsalted water and the sensation of water encapsulating his entire frame. The image of a waking surface lurks above him and a silhouette of a person- no, a boy; hair the same colour as the glittering sun above.
Warm hands pull him to the surface as if he weighed nothing at all, dragging him ashore where dirt taints his freckled skin and stems of lily pads lay wrapped around his ankles.

Izuku gasps, hands coming to cover his agape mouth as the recognition finally snaps into place. He couldn’t believe he forgot about Kacchan, his beloved Kacchan that he cherished and followed recklessly. The blond had been a few years older,
tall and bright, with a sense of intelligence the other children didn’t possess. Izuku was enamoured with the future king and he likes to think that Katsuki was enamoured with him too before the blond left to go back home where his arranged marriage awaited.
Within a matter of seconds, a pair of warm, strong arms were wrapped around him, securing him to Katsuki’s broad chest. Izuku could hear the blond’s rapidly beating heart and he leans into it, cherishing the moment with his precious Kacchan.

It felt… so right.
Later that night over a candle lit dinner, Katsuki explained everything from breaking off his arranged marriage, to his father dying leaving the blond on the throne at the age of 19. Royal law of Katsuki’s country prohibits him from seeking a relationship with
those unacknowledged by the public, leaving Katsuki to sit in turmoil, watching Izuku from afar until the moment Izuku’s heritage hit the press.

They got married shortly after that and to Izuku’s smug surprise, his Aunt Rosie attended his wedding. The queen looked visibly
uncomfortable as Izuku walked down the aisle, being led by his mother’s new husband Toshinori. Izuku looked more grand than she ever did on her wedding day with glittering jewels, brilliant white layered fabric, and extravagant flowers for his bouquet.
The arrangement of hydrangeas and clovers were an odd assortment, but they quickly grew popular as soon as the new queen was seen climbing out of the carriage with the flowers in hand, wrapped in lace and an emerald satin bow.
As Izuku and Katsuki, his handsome husband, leave the grand cathedral, the blond leans over and whispers softly into Izuku’s ear.

“What do you think Aunt Rosie’s face looked like when she found out I did it?”

Izuku brings his hand to cup Katsuki’s cheek as the
blond pepper’s a sweet kiss onto his freckled cheek.

“I’m sure she wanted to stick daggers in your eyes, my love.”

“Oh? I’m sure I can leak that to the press too,”

Izuku shakes his head with a giggle and turns to kiss his husband fully without a second thought.
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