At a fan meet, an anti started screaming : HERO DEKU SUCKS.

izuku is used to this but Katsuki wouldn't and would never be.

Katsuki : YEAH HE SUCKS!



Katsuki : MY FUCKING DICK EVERY NIGHT! ASSHOLE *shows middle finger*

Izuku : *an inch close to killing*
Fan : Hero Deku, do you think maybe we could fall in love one day? *Blushes*

Izuku : I—

Katsuki : I think you could fall.

Fan :

Katsuki : Fall with your face on the ground after I kick your ass.

Izuku : Kacchan... Please *face palms*
Fan : Hero Deku what's your type when it comes to women?

Izuku : I —

Katsuki : He doesn't.

Izuku :

Fan :

Katsuki : His type is me.

Izuku : Kacchan.

Katsuki : Lying is fucking bad, shitty deku.
Fan : Hero Deku, I saw your photoshoot with Hero Shouto! You look amazing together 😍

Izuku : Th—

Katsuki : *pulls out a bulk magazine of him and izuku in the cover* You clearly haven't seen this.

Fan :

Izuku :

Katsuki : Here I'll fucking give you a signed copy.
Fan : Hero Deku to your hand is so big, is it okay if I touch it?

Izuku : Su—

Katsuki : *Feral noises*
Fan : Hero Deku here, I bought this for you *gives a limited rare All Might merch*

Izuku : Oh g—

Katsuki : Huh?! I gave the same thing on our 5th anniversary! That was two years ago! Beat that, extra!

Izuku : *glares at Katsuki*
Fan : Hero Deku, I would do anything to marry you.

Izuku : Th—

Katsuki : No the fuck you won't!

Izuku : Kacchan stop it.

Katsuki : Hah!? We're already married you shitass, that's a crime! i'm gonna sue you!

Izuku : *strangled noises*
Fan : Hero Deku, I am willing to be your mistress.

Izuki, sweating : I—

Katsuki : Hah!? Wanna go at it??

Izuku, mad : Kacchan be nice.

Katsuki : I am nice! If I'm noT, i have blasted her already which I FUCKING DIDN'T.
Fan : *blushes* Hero Dynamight, I love you

Katsuki : First, it's Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight

Fan :

Katsuki : Secondly... *Stares at Izuku*

Izuku : What?

Katsuki : Aren't you gonna say something?

Izuku :

Katsuki : She just said she loves me! Your husband!

I rarely close this kind of thread because i was thinking that i could just come back to them and add more tweets

This is me not closing it but i wanna promote my kofi lol which is 

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