🚨🚨 @DrewGriffinCNN DM me immediately please.
You highlighted a @JasonLSullivan_ op from SIX MONTHS ago.

That account was suspended SEVEN TIMES by US because we identified it as the most dangerous QAnon Twitter account.

Please read this thread about who was running that account and why: https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1330626779493453824
To be clear. The account “E” was supposed to take over for “Q”. We stopped it on Twitter but it is currently regrouping under EWillHelpYou on white supremacist trash fire Parler.
Also, @JasonLSullivan_ is currently operating his QAnon larp under the account @OzRestored
. @DrewGriffinCNN follow me back. That was the best TV hit I’ve seen yet on QAnon. You have the disinfo process right and are starting figure out the right players.

This is who was running @FollowThe17 aka “E”. Let’s do this.
. @donie @JohnAvlon
This is the network I told you about three months ago. It’s still operating and incredibly dangerous.
Here you go. https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1339284043855056896
GUYS. The account you highlighted in your show yesterday used MY TV to TAUNT YOU.

You know where to find me 🤷‍♂️ https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1339578489133957120
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