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Yes Bank’s additional Tier 1 bonds, written off. Lakshmi Villas Banks Tier 2 bonds, written off. Understand what & why of ATI and Tier 2 bonds in this thread. (1/n)
'Floating Rate Funds' - A case for debt investing in the current interest rate situation (2/n)
Fixed Income investment strategies

It’s a misconception that FD, RBI Bond, PPF etc have no risk. The reason we don’t see the risk in them is because for us, risk ONLY means loss of capital. (3/n)
Index Funds v/s ETFs

While index funds and ETF’s look similar, there are multiple differences you need to keep in mind before investing in either of them. Let me highlight the important ones (4/n)
Physical Gold v/s Digital Gold v/s Gold ETF v/s Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) (5/n)
With Kotak launching its International REIT Fund of Fund NFO, it is worth revisiting our old thread on Real Estate Investment Trust ( #REIT). The Idea is to educate readers on REIT & share our view on the Kotak #NFO (6/n)
Alpha is not fund return – index return (excess returns over benchmark), that’s called active returns and not Alpha. Alpha means excess returns over ‘minimum expected returns’ from the fund (7/n)
Parag Parikh Long Term Equity fund will be introducing 'covered call strategy' in the fund. This can be a game changer for the fund in a market that does not steeply go up or moves up gradually or stays sideways or even falls (8/n)
There seems to be a fair bit of confusion amongst investors on what’s happening in arbitrage funds. Let me explain the arbitrage space and how it works with MFs. (9/n)
What was the NBFC package by RBI all about and will it help MFs? (10/n)
I am afraid that media reporting that FT investors will receive money around the average maturity of the fund may not really work that way. Reports say, if FT Ultra short is 0.62 years Average Maturity, pay back will be roughly 7-8 months, I doubt! (11/n)
RBI announced 50k cr Liquidity to the MF industry through banks. How does it work? (12/n)
What is Long Term Repo Operation (LTRO) (13/n)
What are #perpetual #bonds (perps) / additional tier 1 capital bonds (14/n)
What and how of the National Pension Scheme (NPS) (15/n)
Liquidity is fueling the stock market rally says everyone. What is this liquidity? How does it get created? How does it fuel stocks, commodities? (Thread) (16/n)
In this #IPO frenzy market, lets talk about some basics around
-Allotment process
-IPO Funding
-Grey Market (17/n)
In such a low interest rate scenario, what if I tell you, there is a product, which pays 8.5%, tax free, default risk free & also gives you deduction under 80C, would you invest?

Follow this thread on EPF v/s VPF (18/n)
Markets at 40 PE and yet not falling. How do valuations actually work? A basic premier on valuations for retail investors (19/n)
A basic primer on the banking sector, demystifying commonly used terms,
Wholesale Banking
Net Interest Income (NII)
Cost of Liability
Advances Growth
Gross v/s Net NPA
Capital Adequacy Ratio
Net Interest Margin (NIM) (20/n)
A basic primer on the Indian Paint sector

With the listing of Indigo paints, JSW entering the paint sector & now Grasim announcing to invest 5,000 cr in the sector, lets explore,
-Company (21/n)
Immediate take aways from the budget 2021 for the tax payers and investors (22/n)
A primer on 'Investing in Debt Mutual Funds' for retail investors.

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The what, why and how of the new 'Retail Direct' announced by RBI to allow retail investors to directly invest in the G-Sec market (24/n)
What is currently happening in the Debt markets?

- RBI announcing 14 days variable reverse repo
- Government talking about 12L cr of borrowing
- RBI announcing 20,000 cr of OMO

Lets demystify! (25/n)
After writing on Banking & Paints, this thread focuses on the 'Logistic Sector'.

This thread covers,
- Macro
- Business Model
- 3PL & 4PL
- Valuation (26/n)
Why increase in Bond yields is creating panic in the equity market?

Also, how does Gold generally react in such times? (27/n)
Trying a YouTube video instead of a thread this time.

Topic - Invest in Passive at market bottom & active strategies at market top.

Video Link - (28/n)
Personal Finance 101 - All my learnings from the mistakes I made & see investors make. (29/n)
Not sure of how will the Debt mutual funds react to the change in valuation rules of AT1 & Tier 2 bonds and what should you do? (30/n)
A primer on small saving schemes (31/n)
What are covered bonds? (32/n)
A primer on InvITs (33/n)
Should you invest in the Wint Wealth ‘Covered Bond’ product offering 10.25% for 23 months? (31/n)
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