Izuku going on blind dates set up by his mother and friends only to have Katsuki pick him up after those dates.

Izuku and his date going out of the restaurant and Katsuki is there looking hella good leaning against his luxury car.

"Hurry up, Deku."
And Izuku was always like, "Oh! Kacchan's here." He will turn to his current date and will introduce Katsuki. The blond would just give a grunt while staring at the date with a glare as they scamper away.
But you know what will make this whole thing better?

Katsuki seducing Izuku's potential partner and once they give in he will bash their hands against the concrete and would stomp hard on their broken skulls until there's blood and brain matter all over.
And he'd just stare at them with pure disgust and hatred.

"Just as I thought, Izuku doesn't deserve anyone who couldn't give their all to him. Fuck all of you. Izuku deserves better than all your half ass commitments and interest."

And he'd feel better killing them.
He'd feel good on how he had saved Izuku's time and heart from all these stupid people he was trying to date.

And he'd feel all that surge of pride in him knowing that he'd always, always, and always would be the better choice for Izuku.
And later when Izuku questions Katsuki if there's something wrong with him on why he couldn't get into relationship and why people aren't interested in him, katsuki would probably tell him he's disgusting bute he'd also whisper how he's the best person there ever is.
Katsuki would whisper how he's loveable, kind, and all things good. And how Katsuki would do anything and everything for him.

Izuku would probably joke that he'll just date him.

And when he does... When he does... Katsuki will kiss him deep and tell him he should.
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