In 2011 #PrinceAndrew had step down as UN Trade Envoy over #SaaidGaddafi & #JeffreyEpstein and Timor Kulibayev, the son-in-law of the President of Kazakhstan who purchased the duke's Sunninghill Park home for £3m more than its £12m asking price in 2007.
Dec 11, 2011 Letter to Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent & Federal Environment Minister Joe Oliver requesting changes to: National Energy Board Act, Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, Navigable Waters Act, Species at Risk Act, Migratory Bird Act.
I attended an openhouse regarding GMO's at Guelph University in 2011 and what I saw from Croplife Canada's rep disgusted me. Here is the email I sent to my MP about what I personally witnessed at that meeting.
During Harper's term Clem Chartier awarded Chuck Strahl the order of the Metis Nation. The highest honor in 2011.
But, First Nations are bound to laws No GOVERNMENT can undo because we were blood KIN to the Queen. She can't quash us without quashing herself. This is one of many lines. That's how the Order of Christ worked. My line is of Charles V who links to Queen Elizabeth via Isabella.
We are many many people today, of all colors, all races around the world. Linked by Spice Trade, Slave Trade and trade History from 10 century on. Welcome to the hidden history that binds us all.
Orange Order member Sir John A Macdonald was the first Prime Minster. Orange Order worked with the KKK to repress Acadians and they established themselves in Toronto where there became mayors and politicians. View this film, 52 minutes in for details.
Mr. Ford you have very interesting connections. This thread is just the tip of the iceburg. There is to much content for me to show everything.
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