Last week, while we did not have an official #GOPCThread, we did take time to thank all the many groups, organizations, and individuals that we are thankful for helping to fulfill our mission to improve the communities of #Ohio through #SmartGrowth strategies and research
This week, we are dedicating our #GOPCThread to those things we have as an organization have on our wish list for 2021. These goals as an organization involve critical policy goals and legislation we would like to see enacted at both the state and federal level…
…and will be central to our work over the next 12 months. While much of this is not new, and has been part of the work we have focused on for the past year, a new year always presents new opportunities to build on past momentum for a stronger future #GOPCThread
Congress still has not acted on a new stimulus deal, and there is still time for something to pass before the end of 2020. As we are headed into uncertain times with COVID cases getting worse and the economy on edge, it is important for federal lawmakers to act now #GOPCThread
Congress needs to provide more federal funding for state & local governments, including extending the arbitrary spending deadline for CARES Act dollars and allowing local governments to use their funding to plug budget holes #GOPCThread
We also strongly encourage Ohio policymakers to carefully think through the consequences of disrupting traditional revenue sources for our local governments. Kneejerk changes to Ohio’s tax code could have devastating & unintended consequences for our communities. #GOPCThread
Federal & state assistance to support public transit agencies is also desperately needed. @OHNeedsTransit & Ohio’s 63 transit agencies have provided critical services to Ohioans throughout the pandemic & need support to continue to provide that assistance #GOPCThread
And we strongly urge @GovMikeDeWine and the Ohio Legislature to maintain $70M/year funding for Ohio’s transit agencies in the upcoming ODOT budget. We know funds are tight, but transit connects essential workers to jobs and Ohioans to medical care #GOPCThread
Along with financial support, Ohio’s transit agencies need long-term @USDOT & @FTA_DOT regulatory and operational changes like those recommended by @SmartGrowthUSA & @T4America #GOPCThread 
As millions continue to be impacted by the loss of work & income + with winter upon us, it has never been more critical for lawmakers to step-up & provide rent assistance to keep people in their homes. @SenSherrodBrown has been a leader on this effort 
Ohio policymakers should also allocate additional state-managed dollars to rent assistance. 1 in 4 renters in Ohio believe they are at risk of eviction in 2021. Ohio will need an all-hands-on-deck response to housing insecurity #GOPCThread
…& the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act. NHIA calls for the creation of a new federal tax credit that will produce new equity investment dollars for the development & renovation of 1-4 family housing in distressed urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods 
Recently, mayors from 8 major cities including #Youngstown, #Dayton, #Columbus, & #Cincinnati, wrote an op-ed calling for a “Marshall Plan for Middle America”, outlining the need for crucial federal investment & intervention. We support all their points 
While we recently wrote a blog about the progress made in the past three years with #OpportunityZones, there are still important regulatory reforms that can be made to ensure they work for cities #GOPCThread 
A national community retrofit program to encourage private investment, such as renewing sec. 198 of the #IRS code, a tax incentive for brownfield reinvestment, will be critical to assisting communities invest in new eco. opportunity post-COVID #GOPCThread 
Closer to home, Ohio lawmakers can further this effort by passing legislation GOPC has championed to provide a dedicated source of funding to the #CleanOhio revitalization fund to clean up brownfield sites throughout Ohio #GOPCThread 
GOPC also supports a cross-agency technical assistance program by partnering with @USDA, @EPA, @US_EDA, and @HUDgov to help small communities effectively tap into any future federal funds. Likewise, state support for capacity building within state/federal agency… #GOPCThread
…fund disbursements will help local governments build capacity, develop a plan for multi-year fiscal sustainability & provide guidance on how best to fulfill community priorities that improve quality of life & local economic competitiveness #GOPCThread 
2021 promises to be a time of new opportunities and at the same time, new challenges as we continue to recover from the impact of COVID-19 and what it has done to our economy. But if leaders at the state and federal level come together, we know we can do great things #GOPCThread
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