Once there was a small kingdom, flourishing in all the riches and fame. The young King, Bakugou Katsuki, worked tirelessly for the kingdom to help it prosper. He was always so stressed out that sometimes he would lash out on his closest companions. Worried about his health,
These companions search for a way to ease their King's stress.

On their journey, they had stumbled upon some information about a young feathered creature known as the Nightingale that sings all the worries and stress away.

When they heard about such a news, the group of-
Comrades set out to the enchanted forest, in search of the so-called Nightingale.

Searching far and wide, throught the proximity of the forest they searched and searched until they became exhausted. They were just about to give up, when they heard the sweetest sound hum nearby-
As they chased to see the source of the sound, they were mesmerized by the beauty who sontinued to sing, easing the hearts of the companions that have searched tirelessly.

His shiny wings and mop of forest green curls and emerald eyes immediately enraptured the group. His sweet-
Voice echoes through the forest as the small lake to the approaching insect all stop to listen to the beauty's voice. His milky white, freckled skin begins to shine under the glistening sun. When he stopped singing, time had begun to move again.

"Sir Nightingale, we need your-
Help! Your voice has soothed our hearts but our King has been troubled," one of the comrades speaks, his spikey red hair and crimson eyes meet the bird's gaze.

Worry forms in those bright eyes as he sees the rest of the group give grim looks.

"I see, and you all wish for my-
Song to heal his troubled soul?" He asks.

The group nods, their eyes shining with innocence and purity. The Nightingale agrees to come, happily. He was willing to help anyone in need.


The group returns to their King's side. He was so busy that he did not notice that they-
Had even left. When they explained where they had gone, the Blonde was intrigued by such a story and asked where is said bird. They lead their King down the hall and into his office, where a gorgeous bird stands in the middle.

Immediately, the young ruler's breathe caught.
Such beauty and grace, it was love at first sight. When the being smiled, it was as if the sun shined in the room, when it sang, all the King's worries disappeared, and when it let the King rest his head its lap, he was truly resting as if nothing else mattered.

It became a-
Routine for the two to spend time with each other. The both of them wrapped together, falling deeper in love with each other.

The Nightingale even gave his name, Midoriya Izuku, something he wasn't allowed to say unless it was someone he truly loved. And how madly in love he was
With the young King. He had heard about all feats and successes and had always wanted to meet him, but never knew which direction to go to. It was as if Fate brought them together when he met the King's companions.

Some time later, the King had asked for the being's hand in-
Marriage. Many were happy to have the young bird's presence nearby as they were also soothed by his singing. Izuku accepted the hand that was outstretched towards him.

"For you, my love, I will be anything you want," he said, his emerald eyes shimmered under the sunset.

Be mine," the King responded, his eyes full of love and adoration.


On the night of their wedding, Izuku and Katsuki embraced each other and dreamt about their future together.

That night was not their only night of happiness, for they lived happily ever after.

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