It strikes me that if you’re asking “the industry” to make sure it remembers there is life to theatre outside of London, you’re probably more guilty of not recognising that than “the industry”.
“The industry” is not the write-ups, it is not the DCMS, it is not residents of one city looking inwards. It is not one lot of happy workers blithely ignoring everyone else.
I think my point is that I don’t believe the people up and down the country on the front line of our industry, and vital to the local/regional/national theatre ecology, do not need to be advocated for by some imagined body of “London Theatre”. As ever, I am happy to be wrong and
probably am. I’m not out to be controversial here. I absolutely understand the issue with funding and how London appears to be/is unfairly advantaged in that. If I’m honest, I don’t know enough about those kind of things. What I mean is that in all the places I’ve been fortunate
enough to work in, I’ve never felt that anywhere outside of London has felt forgotten about by “the industry”. Because they *are* the fucking industry.
There’s a typo in one of these tweets- I dont believe they need to be advocated for.

I’m just clarifying that before I delete this thread.
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