Trump Pardons Thread 1/26

#ThingsWeShouldThankTrumpFor - General Flynn's pardon. It was an epic blunder that will damage Trump more.

Let's do a thread about Trump's pardons.

YES he's going to pardon his kids, and try to pardon himself. What does this all mean?
Trump Pardons Thread 2/26

Trump was always going to pardon his kids (& Jared Bonesaw Boy) & some closest to him from his past before politics (Hope Hicks) & some he trusts most in his political life (Stephen Miller). This was inevitable

He will also try to pardon himself.
Trump Pardons Thread 3/26

While Trump WILL attempt to pardon himself (possibly in more ways than one), it WILL NOT PREVENT Trump from going to prison in 2021, for the rest of his life. Because he has committed STATE crimes that a President cannot pardon. They START with NY taxes
Trump Pardons Thread 4/26

When Trump pardons people - and he will - it MAY mean that a given CRIMINAL escapes justice - but the CRIME will not be hidden. A Pardon always legally indicates ADMISSION OF GUILT. And that criminal CAN be forced to testify on that crime
Trump Pardons Thread 5/26

So first.. As Trump pardons (at least some) people, it will help us discover the RANGE of crimes that happened

Secondly, it is impossible for Trump to pardon everyone. So some WILL do time

Thirdly, some crimes he cannot pardon (state crimes)
Trump Pardons Thread 6/26

Fourthly, anyone pardoned can be subpoenaed to testify (and Joe Biden's Attorney General will enforce such subpoenas, while Bill Barr didn't) - where they cannot 'plead the fifth' because they've been pardoned, & they cannot lie, else they to to prison
Trump Pardons Thread 7/26

Fifthly, because the Trumpomobsters CONSPIRED to do crimes together, there will ALWAYS be new crimes uncovered & new criminals that Trump has NOT pardoned.

Sixthly, Trump pardons will be tested in court. Some are highly likely to fail to be withheld
Trump Pardons Thread 8/26

Seventhly, even if by some miracle EVERY other Trumpomobster escapes justice, we want the Crime BOSS to rot in prison. That is Trump. He CANNOT avoid Rikers Island Prison in NY, because of his gargantual tax fraud over decades. Tax crimes never expire
Trump Pardons Thread 9/26

Eighthly, we DO want those nearest Trump to ALSO be convicted. As we know, Don Jr, Ivanka, Eric etc were petty criminals & tax cheats long before 2016, in New York State. Trump cannot pardon those crimes either. They WILL all receive prison sentences
Trump Pardons Thread 10/26

I said Gen Flynn pardon was a mistake. What do I mean? Trump pardoned him too early. It messes up the extent of Trump pardons, the scale of them. Let me show how & why

Remember a pardon involves ADMISSION of GUILT, & you cannot hide behind 5th Amendmt
Trump Pardons Thread 11/26

Flynn lied to Pence. Flynn lied 2x to FBI. He admits guilt accepting pardon

Congress HAS to investigate these lies by NATIONAL SECURITY Advisor about RUSSIA

Flynn cannot ignore Congressional subpoena, because Biden's Attorney General WILL enforce it
Trump Pardons Thread 12/26

Flynn cannot plead the 5th. He cannot lie. If he lies after 20 Jan 2021, the Pardon by Trump will not shield him, and Flynn goes back to prison. Flynn will tell truth of Trump & Russia treason - in an OPEN CONGRESSIONAL HEARING
Trump Pardons Thread 13/26

Why do we KNOW this? The Mueller Report. Bill Barr has redacted parts of the Report. Barr did NOT redact it to protect Flynn. Barr's job was to redact any criminal evidence ABOUT TRUMP. We Know Mueller's own words saying, he could not exonerate Trump
Trump Pardons Thread 14/26

We have NOT seen the redacted parts of Mueller Report.

But the Federal JUDGE in Gen Flynn's case HAS SEEN the UNredacted full Mueller Report - and HATES the TREASONOUS crimes Gen Flynn was involved in. The Judge SAID SO officially in WRITING.
Trump Pardons Thread 15/26

Now that Trump has pardoned Flynn, Flynn has to tell the truth about THAT TESTIMONY he gave UNDER OATH to Mueller. It is ABOUT TRUMP.

If Flynn lies, he goes to prison. If Flynn CHANGES HIS STORY compared to sworn testimony to FBI, Flynn goes to prison
Trump Pardons Thread 16/26

So Trump is ALWAYS screwed by this stupid pardon of Gen Flynn. Bill Barr did not redact the Mueller Report to protect Gen Flynn. A Federal Judge has seen the unredacted Report & found TREASON

Trump was DIRECTING Flynn, and now pardoned a Traitor
Trump Pardons Thread 17/26

Gen Flynn is REALLY SMALL FRY compared to crimes by Pompeo, Mnuchin, Bill Barr, DeVos etc. But Trump made a TACTICAL error, by doing this pardon NOW, two months early. WE can help PRESSURE Trump to NOT issue MANY Pardons but only a few
Trump Pardons Thread 18/26

Because Trump pardons involve criminals doing crimes that benefitted Trump, it is CERTAIN that at least SOME of his pardons will be tested in courts. That takes years, & goes to SCOTUS of course. Remember, Trump will sit in PRISON while this happens
Trump Pardons Thread 19/26

The MORE Trump issues pardons to Trumpomobsters, the higher the likelyhood is that some of them are overturned.

Separately the MORE a given pardon involved a crime that benefitted Trump PERSONALLY, the more likely it is to be overturned
Trump Pardons Thread 20/26

ANY pardons by Trump will MESS UP the task to get all involved to justice. All Trumpomobsters (Ivanka, Jared, Pompeo, Mnuchin, Barr, Giuliani, #LeningradLindsey, Matt Gaetz etc) HOPE for pardons. We should try to put pressure to MINIMIZE their number
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