I'm a linguistic descriptivist not a prescriptivist, but I lament how "front running" has been in the popular lexicon reinterpreted to mean "anticipating someone's future action and acting before it is finalized" and not "misappropriating information you had a duty of care over."
Because the popular ethics conception that makes "front running" an *accusation* rather than a mere description hinges on that misappropriation to decide that the front running is actually bad.
Like, nobody says I'm front running Ruriko's Thanksgiving plans by going out to the store to buy the ingredients she will be cooking.
"You are breaking the no subtweeting rule."

Darn it I am.

You cannot front run a newspaper. You don't owe the newspaper anything as the subject of a piece. They're a multi-billion dollar corporation; their business problems are their own issue.
If they are continually slower to market than their subjects are, well, best of luck with that then, fellow capitalists.
You might object "But Patrick, if subjects don't respect this nebulous non-duty sorta-kinda-handshake to not scoop the papers writing on them, then they will not the opportunity to tell their side of the story to the press."

Which, uh, is plausibly something someone cares about.
I would note that journalists have a storied set of norms for "What magic ritual phrases do you have to invoke so that we keep a thing you tell us private, kinda private, or semi-sorta-almost private, and if you screw up this ritual or our mood changes then YOLO its not binding."
For example, "This is competitively sensitive for us and I would get in trouble for telling you." "I understand." is like the canonical "I didn't agree to shit. You might have perceived that, but that's on you."
(The magic words, which again are non-binding, are approximately "Before we start talking, I need you to agree this is off-the-record." "I agree this is off-the-record." "Great. Blah blah blah.")
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